Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Does Harper Want to Kill our Troops?

I'm not a big fan of the war in Afghanistan. I just support the troops...and my friends... and hope they can get out of that miserable place alive.

But I have to admit I was shocked by this.

Canada will withdraw the bulk of its military forces in Afghanistan as scheduled in 2011, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper pledged on Wednesday, saying the Afghan government "at some point has to be able to be primarily responsible" for the country's security.

Now I don't believe anything Great Pig Leader says. He lies about EVERYTHING. If the Pentagon whistles he'll run right over and lick their balls.... like he always has.

And I know why he is doing it. Because the Afghanistan war is starting to hurt him in Quebec. The place he is counting on big time to give him a majority.

But what do think the Taliban will make of this? You don't think those ignorant savages might believe it's because they got lucky recently?

And if they focus their attacks on our troops ....and kill even more of them...they might make us pullout even SOONER ?

I do.

What a criminally irresponsible thing to do. Is there ANYTHING this monster won't do for a majority?

Way to go Taliban Stevie !!!

Your treasonous foulness disgusts me....

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