Friday, September 26, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Fainting Faithful

OMG. I can't believe my eyes. I'm staring at a headline screaming "Harpermania!"

*Groan* As if the latest Nanos poll wasn't bad enough.

But it gets WORSE!!!!. According to the story Great Nice Pretty Ugly Leader is making the faithful faint.

Stephen Harper is making more people feel faint.

After a supporter fainted at his morning announcement, two more hit the ground at his evening rally.

Can you believe that ?

I just couldn't. Surely I thought it had to be Jason Kenney, who I recently found out is known as Mr Curry in a Hurry because of all the ethnic banquets he attends. To buy votes and stir up anti-gay feelings.

Standing in the corner pulling this kind of stunt.

Fanning the fumes and flooring the faithful. To make his Master look like a God.

That was until I saw the video of Brother Harper in action....

Now I'm just stunned. Or SHOCKED like that poor Con supporter.

I mean I knew Stephen Harper was religious fanatic.

But this is even MORE ridiculous...


Note to the Con faithful. Please don't forget to pick up some of Brother Harper's Miracle Spring Water.

It's straight from the Athabaska River. So once you've drunk your fill. Yum. Yum.

You can always put it in your car...

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