Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Elizabeth May and the Great Green Protest

I was playing ball hockey late last night and got a lovely black eye. So when I started reading one of my favourite blogs this evening, and saw that it had turned green, I thought I was going blind.

But then I saw it was just a colourful protest.

The idea is brilliant, and the outrage is justified. But I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see the progressive blogosphere fighting itself today, instead of celebrating the sight of Great Pig Leader being forced to apologize for a pooping puffin.

Because some things really are PRICELESS.

I believe that Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton owe everyone an explanation. But I also have an idea to try to move things ahead.

How about the leaders of the progressive parties go back to the Sicilian consortium and say that they have changed their minds? They want Elizabeth May to take part in the debate. And if Stephen Harper refuses to participate too fucking bad.

They can put up an empty chair, or a cardboard cutout of Great Pig Leader. And the leaders in the studio can ask him or the chair these kind of questions:

(1) Mr Harper, you and Sarah Palin share the same kind of church, and presumably the same kind of religious views, so will you solemnly swear that you will not criminalize abortion if you get a majority? Like your church and so many of the wingnuts in your party want you to do?

(2) If you are such a Strong Leader why are you afraid to debate Elizabeth May? Why did you shut down Status of Women office all over the country ...and remove the word equality from its mandate...the moment you came to power?

And do you really hate women that much....or is it just because your church says they should be "servants?"

(3) Why are you planning to privatize medicare, destroy the CBC and the NFB, and blow Big Oil all the way to Texas?

(4) Why should Canadians trust you with a majority, or believe anything you say, when you've broken just about every promise you ever made. And lie about EVERYTHING?

See what I mean? That way instead of painting ourselves, we can turn Harper green. Like the juicy fruit he says he is.

Except that this green would be more like the colour you turn just before you VOMIT.

At the very least Canadians would look at that empty chair and think what a wonky wimp. What a weak leader. What an asshole.

Jack and Gilles missed a great opportunity to embarrass Harper. He bluffed them ......and they fell for it like saps. They should recognize their mistake and correct it. And then everyone should move on.

So we can focus all our fire on Stephen Harper.

Because whatever our small differences he is our common enemy.

The RepubliCons MUST be defeated....or prevented from getting a majority.

And every day counts....


P.S. As for those progressives who are threatening to spoil their ballot...all I can say is get serious. This isn't about you it's about Canada...


Beijing York said...

Another great post. And funny.

Scott in Montreal said...

Don't worry Simon. I was a busy beaver yesterday and I made sure to take a moment to give Peevey Stevie his due.

PeterC said...

Personally, I cannot believe that puffinpoogate is still in the news. So what? I, too, am saddened by how partisan the left has become. I guess the conservative wedges are in place.


Simon said...

Hi Beijing york !! Thanks a lot. I was in a school play once called the Lion in Winter. And this moment when King Henry turns to his wife Eleanour....who he has locked up in a castle for years...and says something like "I don't understand why after everything that has happened to you keep on smiling." And she replies: "It's my way of registering despair..."
I know what she means... :)

Simon said...

Hi Scott!!! Call me psychic but I knew you would. You do know I'm not criticizing you or anyone else.
Just expressing my frustration that we should all be in this situation.I NEVER could have imagined what's happening in Canada AND the U.S. It's an absolute nightmare.
BTW I LOVE the new look of your blog. Very cool and...um...very green :)

Beijing York said...

Oh god, what a tragic response is ever there was one, hers not yours. But yes, I understand how you feel.

This is the first time ever that I am taking a completely non-partisan stance on an election. My only goal is to defeat Harper and his party.

Simon said...

Hi Peterc !! yeah I can't believe how we are still scrapping with each other even as the ship is sinking. And you're right about the wedge strategy. Harper can say anything and the left gives him four responses which totally confuses everyone, while the crude simple Con message comes through clear and loud. As for the puffin poo story it's all part of tearing down enemies and degrading government. My only consolation? It's even worse in the U.S. where they are spending all their time talking about pigs and lipstick....
It's madness I tell you... :)