Monday, September 15, 2008

Storm Watch and the Real Victims of Hurricane Ike

Well it was quite an exciting weekend....for a while. As reports that the remains of Hurricane Ike were about to slam into into southern Ontario.

On the beach the paraboarding boys waited for the wind to pick up.

While on another beach two lovers prepared to face the elements together.

I was excited too. Last time a big storm hit Toronto they had to call in the army. Would it be the navy this time?

But in the end it all drizzled out.

And we all went home.

Which I admit was a little disappointing. But just as well because the LAST thing we need now is something to distract us from the real victims of Hurricane Ike. The people of some of the poorest countries in the Caribbean.

Like the people of Cuba where the storm has damaged or destroyed homes schools and hospitals. And wrecked tourist resorts and a large part of the sugar cane harvest that they depend on for currency.

And above all the desperately poor people of Haiti. Who have nothing and now have even less.

Not that we really know how bad it is. Because most of the media coverage has focused on the storm damage in the U.S. The richest country in the world.

Where no small angle wasn't worth pursuing...even as millions of other people in other countries go hungry.

Oh well. At least there was this...

In the midst of tragedy and despair.

You gotta laugh at something...

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MB said...'s really too bad Geraldo didn't get washed out to sea...