Monday, September 08, 2008

Harper and the Politics of Personal Destruction

Well fan me with a feather. It seems that kinder, gentler, not so nasty, hockey daddy, cuddly wuddly Great Stinky Pig Leader says his opponents are going to attack him personally.

Sob Sob. Isn't that AWFUL? Poor little fat thing. Is that a strong leader or a WIMP?

As if he had any right to complain, after the way his RepubliCon thugs have demonized Stephane Dion.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he expects to be on the receiving end of nasty, personal attacks from opposition parties during the election campaign.

But judging by the pre-election ad war, it’s Harper’s Conservatives who are likely to prove most adept at demonizing their opponents.

For almost two years, the Tories have kept up a barrage of negative radio and television ads against Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, depicting him as weak, indecisive, “not a leader,” and “not worth the risk.”

Most ads have been accompanied by an unflattering photo of Dion shrugging his shoulders — a gesture that makes him look clueless and ineffectual.

Look I admit I'm not a huge fan of Stephane Dion. I'm afraid he's a lousy politician, and a disaster in Quebec. But he's an intelligent, honest, decent man. A much better human being than the weird psycho Stephen Harper will ever be.

And what these Cons did to him is disgusting.

It's the worst case of political bullying I have ever seen. And as everyone knows I HATE bullies of any stripe. I don't know why so many Canadians would think a bully is a strong leader. That's PATHETIC.They should be ashamed of themselves.

I also don't know what makes RepubliCons so foul. What makes their attempts at humour so ugly and so cruel. But it's got to be in their genes.

Check out this old picture of Young Republicans picketing a Democratic Convention at a time when thousands were dying of AIDS.

See what I mean? Are these Cons humans, or freaky MONSTERS?

When I was in high school I used to defend the nerds from the Conservative Club from being attacked by bullies. Now I almost regret it. Now I don't know what to think.

What I do know is that Stephen Harper and his foul RepubliCons brought the politics of personal destruction to Canada. Straight from the fevered mind of the disgusting Bush porker Karl Rove. They have poisoned our country with their piranha politics, and turned our Parliament into a filthy heaving pig sty.

And that when the fate of my beautiful, gentle, tolerant Canada hangs in the balance.

Canadians have had more than 30 months to test-drive Conservatives.....They know, or should, that the party stands four-square with picket-fence families and is making a loose federation even looser. It favours military solutions over diplomacy, beliefs over science and wedge politics over consensus.

The direction is clear, as is the choice facing voters. They can opt for more of the same and Canada will accelerate along the path now leading it away from much of what defined it for most of the last century. Or they can force the pendulum back toward the centre.

The hypocritical Con goons better not complain about getting a taste of their own bitter medicine. Because they deserve to drink it by the GALLON. Chug. Chug. Chug.

The young people of this country want their country and their future back.

The progressive side may be a little battered these days, but we're on the right side of history, and in the end we will prevail.

So cheer up everyone.

No matter how long it takes, Canada WILL be Canada again.

And the bullies WILL be beaten....

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Beijing York said...

Love this cartoon, especially the bubble, Cry me a river you freaky bully. First ear to ear grin of the day and it's past 5:30.

Canada's family man was busy hanging out with a middle class family today. Puke.