Monday, September 01, 2008

By Their Words You Shall Know Them

Kory Teneycke, Stephen Harper's Minister of Propaganda and Disinformation, on why the next election will probably result in another minority government:

"Conservatives should be marked by realism and the knowledge the Liberal party is one of the most successful parties ever – more successful than the Communist parties in Russia and China and more enduring than Fidel Castro."

So we should all relax and not worry.

Even though EVERYONE knows that Stephen Harper is going after a majority so he can change Canada beyond recognition. Even though Harper's mentor Tom Flanagan says an election is part of Harper's plan to DESTROY the Liberal Party.

Political economist Tom Flanagan, a University of Calgary political scientist, Harper mentor and former Conservative campaign manager, compares Harper's goal in destroying the natural governing party with the Punic Wars, in which the Romans defeated Carthage. In an analysis in the Globe and Mail this week, Flanagan writes Harper is trying to push the once mighty Liberals, now cash-strapped, into "a financial pit they can never climb out of."

Now ask yourself what kind of people would compare the Liberal Party of Canada to the Communist parties of Russia, China and Cuba? What kind of people would seek the total DESTRUCTION of a Canadian political party?

What kind of totalitarian right-wing sewer....or petri dish .... did these freaky monsters spring from? And are they really just sleazy Canadian Cons ......or reptilian RepubliCons?

You know it's bad enough wondering whether you're going to die from some bug on a ham sandwich that you ate a month ago.

But having this foul alien strain of RepubliCon bacteria infecting our body politic, and poisoning our democratic discourse, really is the limit.

What's a bad ham sandwich compared to Kory Teneycke's baloney? Or Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan's sinister Con jungle?

The stench of diarrhoea ... or fascism.... is overwhelming.

If Canada is going to be Canada again.

It's time for a total RECALL...



P.S. Red Tory demolishes some of Teneycke's other absurd arguments


Anonymous said...

listeria seems to be not just a bacterial disease, but a way of life for some. so we get to wait and endure all the fall out until the neo-roman empire falls. it's hard waiting.

Simon said...

Hi scout !!! yeah it's a long wait. The good news is that the neo-con era is drawing to an end. It's just like everything else these days the wave of change and modernity takes a while to get to Canada....