Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Battle for Canada and the Divided Left

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I took this picture the other day at the CNE Airshow.

It's a Spitfire. The little fighter that helped hold off the Nazi hordes during the dark days of the Battle of Britain.

When I saw it, and heard the sound of its engine, it gave me goosebumps.

I ran to the end of the runway and jumped up and down and waved at the pilot as he came in to land at the island airport.

But then that sinking feeling returned. I couldn't help thinking about the Battle for Canada that is about to begin.

About our dark days. And how desperate is our situation.

You know speaking about of the things I love about our big, tough but gentle, young country is that we build really good bombers that put out fires.

Instead of ones that kill people. I'm proud of that. It symbolizes in a small way the kind of Canadian values I believe in, and I think most Canadians do as well.

But if Stephen Harper ever gets a majority that kind of Canada will be just a memory. He wants to destroy the power of the central government, so he can turn this gentle tolerant country into a right-wing jungle..... or another Amerika.

And what really upsets me is that Harper and his foul Cons should even have a chance to do that. If the centre-left was united instead of divided, the Cons would be CRUSHED.

So I feel like Dana.

So many on the progressive side seem unable to understand that times have changed. In a more polarized country....where the Liberals have lost their grip on Quebec.... a united right will always have an advantage over a divided left.

While we squabble, and play partisan games, and fragment the message, and divide the vote, they laugh all the way to power.

I think the left should have seen this coming long ago.

But now it's probably too late.

Anyway....when we got back from the beach S├ębastien said he liked this picture the most.

The moment when the air cadets headed out for their part in the show, the little propeller plane towing the glider. And a flock of Canada geese rose up to join them.

He said that was REALLY Canadian. And good sign too. Like the geese had decided to throw in their lot with the kids because they were the future of Canada.

But then he would. That's why I love him I guess. I wish I could be optimistic like that.

But if we're talking symbols...

What I see is my beautiful country hanging by a thread.

And I blame EVERYONE....

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