Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Greens, Nader, the Parrot and the Beagle

At first I was glad to see this poll today. What more can an Anyone But Harper supporter ask for? Progressive parties are gaining ground.

The New Democrats and Greens appear to be gaining while Conservative support is slipping in the federal election campaign, a new poll suggests.

The Reform RepubliCons are bleeding out of majority territory. And Great Nice Pretty Leader's makeover is RUNNING.

Respondents who reported positive impressions of the Tory prime minister were at 47 per cent, down from a peak of 53 per cent in the Sept. 8-11 period.

Negative impressions of Harper climbed to 45 per cent, up from a low of 40.

Which is reassuring. Maybe idiocy really does have its limits. Because I never understood bully love. Or how people could love a man who is trying to destroy the power of government.Even if it means our food is poisoned.

You vote for them. They KILL you? WTF?

But here's the problem. Try as I might I can't help wondering whether the Greens are going to end up playing the same role Ralph Nader did in the American election. When he handed Florida and the election to George Bush. And now seems determined to do all over again.

Running for the Ecology Party....sound familiar?

And talking to his parrot...

Ralphie. Ralphie. Pretty Polly. Pretty Polly. Who needs a parrot when we got a hawk like Palin?

Just like who needs a spoiler in a Canadian election like this one? One that could give Stephen Harper a majority the size of a mountain, and kill the Canada we love FOREVER.

And force me to make my Great Escape. Not like Steve McQueen on his motorcycle because we all know how that ended.

But more like Sofia.

The beagle...

Awwwwwww. Woof. Woof. Isn't freedom wonderful?

Which is why although I support all the progressive parties, I'll be voting STRATEGICALLY.

Because the road to hell....or a Harper majority.... may be paved with good intentions.

But I don't wanna go there....

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