Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stephen Harper: The Puppet and the Dummy

Well hang me kangaroo down sport. Or throw another Con on the barbie.

I always knew that Stephen Harper was George Bush and Karl Rove's puppet. Their little stooge bum boy.

But who knew he was John Howard's DUMMY?

A Conservative campaign worker has quit over damaging revelations that a major 2003 speech by Conservative leader Stephen Harper, then leader of the Opposition calling for support for the Iraq war, copied almost word-for-word a speech just two days earlier by Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

Can you believe that? A Canadian political leader delivers the most important speech of his career, on a matter of life and death. And he copies it from a doddery old racist and George Bush poodle ......in AUSTRALIA?

Never in the entire history of our country has a political leader sunk so low. Or crawled on all fours through the gutter of treachery. I'm just stunned.

And confused.

Is it really possible to be a poodle of a poodle of a poodle? Is that a chihuahua or what? Are these RepubliCons even Canadians? Or just wannabe Amerikans....or Aussies? Huh?And if so can they be ARRESTED for working for a foreign power?

But never mind. We don't have enough prisons. Yet. And I have an even better suggestion.

From now on can we call Stephen Harper Great Kangaroo Leader......or MATHILDA.....like we used to call Stockwell Day DORIS?

And follow Bush/Cheney/Howard's puppet wherever he goes....or hops....or bounces.

And sing this song for him....

And the TV cameras?

So Canadians can be reminded once again that if Stephen Harper had been Prime Minister of Canada our soldiers might still be in Iraq. Fighting and dying and being mutilated in a crazy criminal war.

Reminded too...that Great Kangaroo Leader takes his marching orders from the international neocon conspiracy, NOT from the people of Canada.

And the sooner we can expel this nasty Chuckie dummy from power. Like the turd that he is.The sooner Canada will be Canada again.

And the SAFER we'll all be...

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sassy said...

... poodle of a poodle of a poodle

haha, Simon, best line ever!