Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Anti-Christ: The Sequel

A while back I wrote a post where I wondered whether Sarah Palin's extraordinary ability to fascinate the American people ...dazzle and terrify them at the same time... was due to the fact she was The Anti-Christ.

Since then I've received quite a few e-mails from American readers asking me whether I REALLY think that The Barracuda is the Queen of Darkness. Like they do...

Now I admit that I have been too busy in the last few days tracking The Lard of Darkness Stephen Harper, to keep up with what's going on across the border. But from what I have seen the signs are OMINOUS.

She's the biggest celebrity in America, but reporters can't ask her any questions... like she has a FORCE FIELD around her. A lot of women find her appealing. Even though she's a deranged Christianist who would ban abortion. Hypnosis or ... EXTRAORDINARY POWERS?

Then there's the disturbing story about how The Chosen One treats her enemies.

Is that DEMONIC or what?

And finally there is the even MORE troubling video (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED) of what happened to a poor guy who dared to cross her path...

Notice that she wasn't wearing her extremely popular glasses.

The ones that make her look like a carpenter...from Mars. So now you know...when she takes them off...... DUCK or run for your life !!!

Look I still don't know if Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ. The one Americans have been waiting for FOREVER.

But is that the sound of an Anti-Christ urinal flushing....or the sound of America going down the toilet?

The madness continues.

And time is running out...

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