Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Blogging Cons and the Gay Stooge

OMG. Fan me with a feather. I'm having a horrible nightmare. And no this time it's not Great Pig Leader grunting in the dark, dreaming of his majority. Or all those other scary monsters. It's all those gay CONSERVATIVES !!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!

First I find out that John McCain's Chief of Staff is a closet queen.

Now I see the Blogging Cons are going crazy over the case of a gay stooge.

Can you believe that? WTF? How come the Big Blue Bong didn't say a rosary for me? Just kicked me off her blog. Holy Caramba. If this keeps up I'm gonna have to turn STRAIGHT.


Although I wonder what part of Chrissie's deranged writings these Cons liked best?

Was it really the part where he suggests we all arm ourselves? Like Five Feet of Monkey Shite with her magnum and her tambourine.

Or the part where he says socialism has "castrated" us and made us "effeminate." Because he's a Manly Manly Man and we're not.

Or this part....

"What I found [my fellow gays] to tolerate is promoting promiscuity, drug usage, and prostitution."

Hmmm....you know there is only one thing worse than a gay closet queen.

And that's a gay stooge who hates us..... as much as he hates himself.

I really don't know what to say. Except that the Cons are crazy hypocrites and homophobes.

Chris Reid is a self loathing wingnut wanker.

And of course, that when it comes to Manly Manly Men, Gay Pimp is the man for the job....

*Gasp*. That was HORRIBLE. Chris, Chris, was it good for YOU?

Is a Gay Pimp better than a Gay Stooge?



P.S. Seriously though....if Great Pig Leader gets a majority...don't blame us. Eh?

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