Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Harper, the Hidden Agenda, and Opus Dei

It has become fashionable in Canada to dismiss claims that Stephen Harper has a Hidden Agenda. Or even pooh pooh it.

But of course nobody can rule it out completely, because Harper has never had the majority that he would need to implement it.

And one of the most troubling things about Canada's RepubliCon government is the number of religious fanatics it has in its ranks, including the former leader of Focus on the Family Darrel Reid.

And of course Great Angry Leader himself. Who attends a church that Sarah Palin would attend if she lived in Ottawa.

So I found this story really disturbing.

Bloc Quebecois Gilles Duceppe has seized on the revelation of a Tory candidate's membership in the controversial, ultraconservative Catholic sect Opus Dei – some of whose members practice self-flagellation – to further breed fear among voters that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are right-wing, religious zealots.

Now I have nothing against Conservatives torturing themselves or whipping themselves into a frenzy.

But do we really want these kind of religious fanatics in our government? The Conservatives say they didn't know about her background. But as the public face of Opus Dei in the province, how could they not?

The Conservatives also say Stephen Harper wouldn't criminalize abortion, or go after gay people, or allow the Christianists to brainwash our kids. But with a majority who would stop these religious fanatics from holding one free vote after the other, and turning back the clock to the Middle Ages? If they get a majority who could trust them with ANYTHING?

Whether Harper get that majority or not will depend on whether Canadians trust him. The more we can expose their hidden agenda lurking in the shadows.The more those doubts will grow.

And the better we shall stop them.


Omar said...

Any new found love for the Harp-man since he came out in Winnipeg yesterday stating he would "choose to be a fruit?" Is this pandering to the gay community a winner for the Conservatives?

Simon said...

Hi Omar !! Are you kidding? I practically vomited. Didn't you see how he avoided the question? He was specifically asked what VEGETABLE not fruit he would be. I'm not surprised tho...because if you think about it he would probably have to answer a mutant rutabaga... :)