Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Know Something is Terribly Wrong....

When a political candidate's Canada.... is attacked like this.

Driving to doorknock a poll in Milton, I passed miles of trashed election signs – arterials accordion-folded into uselessness, hanging off stubby broken stakes or tossed in the ditch. As I mentioned the other day, my campaign is the only one which has any signs up across the riding, the product of hard-working crews of volunteers. Now, garbage.

Back in the campaign office a few hours later I went to update comments on this blog, and found it being assaulted with negative and taunting messages, all from the same IP address....Research showed them all coming from the headquarters of the Peel Regional Police.

What is going on? What craziness is this? Or should the question be... is anyone SURPRISED?

I'm not blaming the Conservatives for this sick vandalism, because we don't know who did it. But Stephen Harper and his RepubliCons have been working for years to turn politics in Canada into a jungle. With their neverending attack ads, their bullying, and their Big Lies. Now you don't just defeat your opponent you try to destroy them.

Now the flying monkeys are coming home to roost.

And the shadow of evil is everywhere.

Photo Tom Hanson CP

But is Great Angry Nice Leader paying a price for this? Not at all. He's laughing all the way to a majority. Even his shite smells like roses.

After extending our mission in Afghanistan like a good fat chickenhawk, and arguing that we must stay the course, he suddenly changes his mind because it's costing him votes in Quebec. And now he is posing as a peacemaker. Huh?

The nasty little attack monsters that he raised in his own image cause a poopy stink?

No problem. He spanks one of them, reinforces his phony image that he's above that kind of dirty stuff. And now he's lecturing the Liberals....on how to behave. Wot?

His reckless orgy of vote-buying handouts and tax cuts, has left us on the verge of a deficit, as a global recession threatens to engulf us? Don't sweat it. Great Bingeaholic Leader says he's the man to keep us safe, because he knows what he's doing, and Dion might spend us BANKRUPT.

Stop!!! My head's exploding. Is this an Orwellian nightmare or what?

And you know what the really scary part is? So many Canadians believe this sinister bully's bullshit they seem prepared to give him a majority, so he can change this country beyond recognition.

I don't know why this is happening ? Are these Canadians stupid or naive, greedy or shortsighted...or just indifferent ? I don't know if it's too late to do anything about it.

But I do know some things.

I love Garth Turner's fighting words.

I mention these things not because I want any sympathy, but rather because it’s time we took this country back. Those who seek to gain or keep political power through threats, intimidation, smears, bullying and anonymous acts of vandalism need to be stopped.

Canada is worth fighting for. Bullies are bastards.

And it sure is a MAD world...


Graeme said...

Who knows what's wrong with Canadians. They're more bothered with how Rogers priced the plan for the iPhone than they are with this country going down the shitter because of a Conservative government. Oh, but they'll go on at length about how George W. Bush needs to be stopped.

I'd rather eat poison than vote Tory.

Anonymous said...

Hey Simon -

I hear Sweden is nice.


A Eliz. said...

I feel sick..I guess Garth does not feel too well now. Yes, Harper will ruin this Country..too bad the press does not tell the truth..if we know about Harper, the Press knows, and they are not saying one word.One would think they would worry. It is their job to tell us the the "real story"

PeterC said...

Just remember, people haven't voted yet, save the despair for the day after if it is needed. For now, be true to thine own self.

Simon said...

Hi Graeme...I wish I knew. I think it's because life is so good for most people in this country, and our minds so consumed with buying things and North American trash culture that we can't imagine something really bad happening in Canada. If they don't wake up an soon it's going to be a real shock....

Simon said...

Hi Bri Bri !!!

Yes...but it's sooooo cold. If I have to go into exile isn't there a nice progressive warm trpoical island somewhere? :)

Simon said...

Hi Lizt...yes it is sickening isn't it? And it comes after some other criminal acts in a riding where some nutbars scrawled ant-Liberal slogans and cut car brake lines. And you're right our dumbo media is USELESS. They all but elected Harper last time, and they seem unable to tell us the bigger and REAL story...

Simon said...

Hi Peter...good point. Sometimes I can't help it...especially when I see the progressive side fighting itself like the ridiculous May/Buckdog affair. But I'm trying not to add fuel to that fire, and will encourage everyone to work as hard as we can to try to stop Harper. It's just so frustrating and so scary...