Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Night Obama Lost...and God Bless Quebec

Imagine it's election night in the United States. And the worst has happened.

Sarah Palin managed to fool everyone into thinking she was a good debater, after Republican operatives planted a small radio receiver in each ear, so they could tell her what to say.

And Bristol and Levi's shotgun wedding was such a hit.

Everyone forgot about ...um...EVERYTHING.

And John McCain managed to convince everyone that the financial meltdown was the fault of a few greedy carpetbaggers, instead of the slash and deregulate policies he has spent his whole life defending.

So this happened.

Now imagine it's election night in Canada.

And repeat after me: God bless the Québécois.

For resisting Great Pig Leader's slimy courtship. And doing the right thing for the right reasons. Killing culture is just plain wrong. And so is child rape.

Now I know that so many English Canadians harbour such warm feelings for the Québécois that it's not always easy to say thank you....or merci. Or hail Gilles Duceppe as the saviour of Canada. Wot?

Or just say we LOVE you.

But I've got Sébastien. So I'll say it for you.

Lucky me eh?

Lucky Canada....


P.S. Now that Sébastien has left the room..... I can tell you how SURPRISED I was to see that the Con Jean- Pierre Blackburn is losing in the Saguenay where hunky comes from. Since just about everyone in the region is descended from 14 families.

And there are so many Blackburns in the Alma area.

I can't IMAGINE how he could lose...

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