Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Archbishop, the Order of Canada, and the Pedophile

The other day I noticed that the Catholic Archbishop of Montreal had decided to return his Order of Canada to protest against Dr Henry Morgentaler's nomination.

Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte says he cannot remain in the same prestigious club as the man who fought for abortion rights in Canada.

"My initial reaction was that they are cheapening the Order of Canada by giving it to someone so questionable..."

I didn't pay too much attention at the time , because as everyone knows the campaign to get people to return their medallions has been a miserable flop. The flood that never happened.

But then I started to wonder why the anti-choice fanatics weren't making a bigger deal of Turcotte's decision to return his bling. Even Lifeshite buried the story.Their reaction was so muted it was almost as if they were trying to HIDE something.

So I did a little digging and discovered it was all because of this guy....

Phillippe de Maupéou, a Montreal priest who pleaded guilty to molesting an 8-year-old girl stroking her breasts and her private parts...and making inappropriate gestures towards another.

And how the Archbishop reacted when de Maupéou finished serving his community sentence last month. By rewarding him with a $60,000 bursary to study law in Ottawa.

And declaring that he wasn't really a pedophile...but had just made a mistake.

"We had him treated...he spent several months in a specialized institute to determine if he was a pedophile or whether it was a behavioural mistake. We know he's not a pedophile modern science tells us that....I can even tell you that he served his sentence at my place. I took him into the bishop's office because one tries to be charitable towards people like that...."

Isn't that typical? They go crazy about a blob the size of a tadpole. But as for the little children....well they're on their own. And as for the priests who abuse them...well they're only human.

And here's the kicker. The Archbishop says the non-pedophile law student can be useful to him by dealing with lawsuits involving the Church.

Oh boy. No wonder the anti-choicers are hushing that one up. Let's see...what does the little group that has returned their medallions include ? A dead nun, a convicted child abuser, and a now a pedophile protector.

Who will they dig up next I wonder?

You know before the Archbishop accuses anyone of cheapening anything he should take a good look at himself...and his Church. Shame on him. Shame on them.

I'm glad Turcotte is returning his Order of Canada. Henry Morgentaler deserves it.

But he sure doesn't ...


P.S. here's the shorter English version.


Anonymous said...

It seems like the RC church is using a Clintonesque 'at least the perv priest didn't have sexual relations with that poor girl.' He's a friggin' perverted pedofile!

Dr.Dawg said...

Very nice catch, Simon. Good work!

Anonymous said...

Great catch, Simon.

Un-f'ing-believable, trying to pass off the molestation of a small child as a "mistake". Mistake?!? Putting salt in the sugar bowl is a mistake. Fondling the genitals of a child of 8 years old makes you a pedophile. These pigs make me sick.

Beijing York said...

Excellent post Simon. I wondered why the Archbishop timed his preposterous hissy fit during the first week of the election. I was waiting to see this make waves but it went absolutely nowhere. Thanks to you, we now know why.

Hey, maybe someone should ask that Opus Dei Conservative candidate what she thinks of it.

Simon said...

Hi abrcc... I don't know what they're doing, but as one lady says in the La Presse story they are making the bourreau (the executioner) the victim...

Simon said...

Hi Dr Dawg!! Thanks...I'm glad La Presse ran the story, and followed it up with a blistering op-ed piece. I wish it had been picked up by the English MSM. But I guess they're distracted.... :)

Simon said...

Hi Dr Prole !! Thanks a lot. It really is outrageous isn't it. And this not long after the Church in Quebec offered its apologies for other crimes. I'm not one for torturing pedophiles on the rack, but they could have given him a job peeling potatoes at a homeless shelter...or even better a job at a seniors home. ;) But giving him a cushy job, and what the dean of the school called a "promotion" is really too much...

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York!! Thanks again. I also wondered about the timing. I left it out because I figured he was probably trying to hold on to his bling. But you're probably right. He probably did it to try to inject the abortion issue into the election campaign.So much for that. Although as you know I believe the abortion issue should be in play.... as in can anyone trust Harper to not try to fuck with choice AND access? A freak who would strike the word "equality" from the Status of Women mandate the moment he came to power is capable of anything.
And one of the ways to do that is remind people how many religious extremists there are in his rotten party. Don't worry Private Simon is on the job !!! :)