Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Amazing Jet-Man and the Fascist Invasion

During the Second World War my grandfather had to bailout twice over the English Channel.

So when I saw Jet-Man or Fusion Man winging over the waves today I couldn't help think of him. And how I wish he was still alive so he could have seen that amazing sight.

And how I would have loved to strap those jets on him and me, so we could whiz across the channel heading for the white cliffs of Dover, and his home in Kent where my mother was born.

Like Yves Rossy did yesterday.

I know he would have loved it. He taught me to love flying. Just like he taught me not to glorify war.

But he also taught me to hate fascists.

So the sight of a whole pack of them terrorizing an English village would have disgusted him.

He wouldn't have understood how such a thing could happen. And neither can I.

How a bunch of Nazis were allowed to wave their filthy swastika flags, sing their racist songs, and threaten people in a country where so many fought and died to defeat that evil philosophy is simply beyond belief.

So as much as I miss him, I'm glad my Grand Dad didn't see that hideous spectacle.

Just like I'm glad he taught me that flying is awesome, and war is hell. But freedom is EVERYTHING. So sometimes you have to fight the bullies.... even if you'd rather not.

The same kind of bullies who are trying to destroy the Human Rights Commission in this they can attack Jews or Muslims or gay people or any other minority group.

Oh well. The worst of humanity. Damn those bastard Nazis.

And the best of humanity.

Three cheers for Mr Rossy....


Anonymous said...

don't forget,

even after the second world war many countries including sweden gave homosexuals the "choice" of either losing their job or getting castrated.

furthermore, other countries continued their imperialistic goals, (france and algeria, US/latin america, etc). Where countless thousands were killed. Did we learn nothing from WWII?

Are we really any better than fascists? Canada turned back boats of jewish refugees as well!


Simon said...

Hi Rashid !! ... the things you say are true. And don't forget the part where gay concentration camp victims were NOT realeased after the war ended. And Canada has several shameful episodes in its past, and isn't doing enough to help bullied kids in schools.
But yes we are better than fascists. They are the lowest form of humanity. So anybody who disagrees with them, however flawed they may be, is higher up the evolutionary scale. The main this is to keep fighting them !! :)