Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin: When the Barracuda is a Pitbull

Holy snowmobile! I've just watched Sarah Palin's speech. And all I can say is this: Who says you can't put lipstick on a barracuda...or a pitbull?

"I love those hockey mums," Palin said in acknowledgement of the crowd. "You know what they say is the difference between hockey mums and a pit bull? Lipstick."

You know I hesitate to call her a bitch like the Republicans are always calling Hillary. But if she's a hockey mum, she must be the kind that swear, spit, and throw beer bottles at the referees. Or try to run over them in the parking lot.

I thought her speech was ugly, cheap, divisive, full of blatant lies, and crude attempts to turn ignorance into a virtue. And was delivered in such a grating voice that my head still hurts.

And I REALLY hated the way she carried that poor little baby around like a prop way after its bedtime. Or made the redneck who knocked up her daughter act like her fiance.

But what really shocked me was how the ugly fat white mob at the convention booed the media. And how that old Republikan strategy seems to be working.

Because if Wolf Blitzer and his CNN gang had bent any further backwards to praise Palin's rotten, demagogic, factually challenged speech, their heads would have been up their asses.

"Wolf, Wolf, it's Larry. Whattya see up there?"

Oh boy. I hope the American people weren't fooled by that ignorant, religious fanatic's speech. Because if they were and Poppy becomes President, I would like to be the first to offer up one of my part of his Dick Cheney Total Organ Replacement Plan (TORP) keep him alive at all cost. As the lesser of two evils.

Because the thought of that phone ringing in the White House at 3 am, and President Palin picking it up, is too horrible to even contemplate.The Hallelujah Armageddon redneck with her finger on the button.

The good news?

After this nobody will feel sorry for her anymore. Or believe her I'm just a hockey mum act. Or cut her any slack for running her little village into the ground, abusing her powers as governor, or turning her home into a cat house....while belonging to extremist Christianist organizations that would turn America into a theocracy.

The future of America and the world is at stake.

The Republicans have just shown their real face.

The Barracuda is a pit bull. The piggies are the piggies.

And the Culture Wars are back....

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