Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper and the Monsters in the War Room

Oh no. Somebody call a vet or a monster therapist. It looks like the boys in the Conservative War Room are feeling a little demoralized. WAAAAH !!!

Awwwww. Poor little things. Do you think it's EASY to run a pig sty?

First there was the pooping puffin. And then there was the poop in his pants Sparrow.

The Conservatives have suspended their director of communications for suggesting that a father of a slain soldier spoke out on Canada’s Afghan mission because he is a Liberal supporter.

But what really has the nasty nerds in the War Room upset in boo hoo hoo... is that Big Daddy is trying to disown them.

“I want to make it very clear that I have set a tone and I set an expectation for this campaign and as leader, I’m going to make sure that that is followed all the way to victory..."

What is Great Angry Leader talking about? Who does he think suckled those little monsters? Who wrote the Book of Dirty Tricks? Who does he think taught them everything they know?

Ever since Harper and his ReformCons seized power they have poisoned our country with their politics of personal destruction.They brought Karl Rove's handbook to Ottawa.There isn't a Canadian value they haven't tried to rape. A political opponent they haven't tried to bully.

This isn't a campaign mistake. It's a sick pattern of behaviour.

This is the party that accused critics of the Afghanistan mission of supporting the Taliban, implied that the Liberal MP Navdeep Bains had links to terrorism, and forced from office a non-partisan nuclear regulator because she dared to act independently rather than kowtow to the Minister of Natural Resources. It is the party that is currently at war with the agency that regulates our elections, because it dared to investigate potential campaign spending infractions.

Party workers from the lowest levels take their cues from these overly aggressive tactics, some of which have originated with the Conservative Leader, Stephen Harper.

The most twisted, thuggish, dangerous leader Canada has ever known.

The good news?

After this every time one of those leering Conservative attack ads plays on TV, Canadians will remember the little monsters in the War Room who would smear the father of a dead soldier. And think what rotten sleazy bullies these RepubliCons are. Or just shudder with disgust.

So instead of hurting their opponents, the ads will end up biting the Cons in the ass. Won't that be fun to watch?

And then there's the BEST part.

After this Stephen Harper's absurd granny drag act, where he puts on geeky sweaters, slobbers over babies, and pretends he's a nice guy, will look even more ridiculous and FRAUDULENT.

The Big Bad Wolf as Granny Harper.

Stephen Harper.

Not a granny. Not a nice guy. NOT a leader.

Just a crazy old neocon attack wolf.

Who would kill Canada if he could....


Anonymous said...

Wow! You have been on a tear lately - great stuff!

Simon said...

Hi Dr Prole !! Thanks I really appreciate. I attribute my newfound determination to the hockey stick that hit me in the face the other day.
It made me wakeup and realize the danger we're in. I may be blogging through one eye, and the other may be Con black and blue. But now I'm really pumped !!! :)

Beijing York said...

You are on a terrific roll. Keep up the great work Simon.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing York !!! Thank you too.
But you're always so encouraging.
I'm trying my best to be a good blogger even though right now I'm up to my ears in boss is a bastard...and my head hurts !!! :)