Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Use the Economy to Hurt Harper

One can only hope that Stephane Dion learns something from this shipwreck.

And stops making the Green Shift the centrepiece of his election campaign. Because we need talk about a carbon tax at a time like this, like a drowning man needs an anvil.

"I can tell you the average person on the street don't understand the carbon tax....They are afraid of that..."

And who can blame them? The environment may be an important issue. But right now Canadians are worried about OTHER things. They're worried about their jobs, they're worried about their investments and the price of gas.

The last thing they need is someone trying to explain a complicated TAX plan to them in mangled English...when they are wondering whether they should head for the lifeboats.

If you really want to hurt Harper you just need to remind Canadians that even though it was obvious that a devastating economic storm was brewing, he didn't take steps to provide us with a safety cushion. He evaporated our billion dollar surpluses with a swinish ORGY of vote buying.

And then remind them about the record of Harper's little neocon gnome, Finance Minister Jimbo Flaherty...

Who is so incompetent that when he was a member of the brutish Con government of Mike Harris, he left Ontario in such a deficit hole it took YEARS to recover. But that didn't stop him from attacking the province's economy a few months ago...even as it was bleeding jobs.

And when you've reminded Canadians of all of that, you also remind them of why neocons like Harper and Flaherty and George Bush LOVE deficits. Why Conservatives and deficits go together like shit and toilet paper.

So they can use them as an excuse to slash away at government until it's so weak nothing can stop them from turning the country into a jungle.

The government that Canadians count on to PROTECT us in times like this. What have these Con bastards done to us? How could we ever trust them with ANYTHING?

Heh heh heh. You see what I mean?

If Dion can stop blabbing so much about his Green Shift and concentrate on delivering that simple devastating torpedo, Stephen Harper's foul RepubliCons may yet go down like the Titanic.

If Dion doesn't, he'll be the one going glug glug glug . And so will Canada.

Grab your lifejackets everyone.

This is going to be INTERESTING...


P.S. Uh oh it's worse than I thought. If Dion doesn't know the difference between a professor and a politician....and progressives don't stop fighting each other... we really don't stand a chance...


A Eliz. said...

Something has changed, Bob Rae is with him. I hope he gets more of his Dream Team with... him and yes I agree with you on the Green Shift..do it slowly while in government, because now is not the time ! Green, Green ad nauseam

Simon said...

Hi Lizt !! Yeah hopefully the team can get out there and shake things up a bit. I thought Rae's Little Red Riding Hood clip was pretty good. Dion has to understand that you can have the best ideas in the world. But first you gotta get ELECTED...