Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin, May, and the Season of the Moron

Well I must say these aren't exactly the best of times to be a progressive. More like the beginning of the End Times. In the United States it seems that the Barracuda has given Poppy McCain a real surge.

Even better than the one in Iraq he's always droning on about ...or the last time he took Viagra.

As the McCain-Palin bandwagon rolled into the big battleground state of Missouri yesterday, it was buoyed by the latest Gallup poll showing that the Republican senator received an 11-point bounce from his nominating convention. Analysts believe that much of this gain is due to the electrifying effect of the 44-year-old Alaskan Governor.

And it gets worse.

A new ABC/Washington Post poll revealed a major defection of females away from Mr Obama. White women now support the Republican ticket by 53 per cent to 41. Before the conventions, the Democrat led among the same group by 12 points.

But the Democrats don't want to go after Palin because they're afraid of alienating women voters. Wot?

Meanwhile in Canada the progressive blogosphere is up in arms about this story.

But nobody wants to talk about this one.

St├ęphane Dion's Liberals are losing the crucial close-fought ridings they won in the last election, leaking potential voters not just to the Conservatives on the right but to the Greens on the left, a new poll tracking key electoral battlegrounds shows.

Now I want to go on record as saying that I FERVENTLY believe that Elizabeth May should take part in the debate. *yawn* Some of my best idiot friends are Green supporters. And I think the television consortium is acting like the... um....Sicilian one.

But I can't help but wonder, if the components of the centre left start stealing votes from each other, until they are all roughly equal. Who do you think is going to laugh all the way to an even greater majority?

Which reminds me that Great Pig Leader is continuing his revolting Happy Pappy charade, by invading the living rooms of the nation ....and kissing feeding babies.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I was able to get of this sinister movie. I'll have to wait until it's released by the Con Propaganda Service. Although I'm sure it won't include my favourite scene.

When the child hoses down Great Pig Leader's face with a generous helping of regurgitated baby mush. And then reaches into its diapers for something even BETTER.

But it doesn't matter.

Because I prefer this version anyway...


Is that Great Pig Leader or is that We the People ?

Beat the salami slowly baby.

It's the Season of the Moron...


Anonymous said...

It's ok - McCain can't hold on to a lead. Obama is now up +1. :)


That guy said...

Yeah, I don't think that McCain's lead will hold up either.

As for the Greens, I think it depends where you live. I'm in Toronto Centre, which Bob Rae is going to win in a walkover, so it really doesn't matter how I vote. In closer ridings, though, it could make a difference. One more reason why we need Proportional Representation.