Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Michael Coren On The Shocking Behaviour Of the Con Media

Ever since the fake scandal erupted, I've sometimes felt like that other Simon in William Golding's Lord of the Flies. The one who could see what others couldn't, or didn't want to see.

The one who knew who the real monster was.

Because for me the real monster was the way the Con media covered the story, with a feverish one-sided assault on Justin Trudeau, so biased and so sweaty with toxic Trudeau hatred it was practically pornographic.

And worse, because this one-sided hysterical coverage did not reflect the views of most Canadians, that gaping disconnect also struck me as totalitarian in nature, and a threat to our democracy. 

So I'm really glad to see somebody in the MSM finally call out the monster.

As Michael Coren does by questioning whether the fake scandal is as "significant" and as "repugnant" as the frenzied Con media would have us believe. 

I just don’t see it. In fact the discrepancy between media coverage of SNC and the popular reaction is quite shocking. Every poll shows, understandably, the Liberals as being damaged by all of this, but nothing like to the extent that the journalistic coverage would indicate. 

In that the discussion and the condemnation fills virtually every newspaper, magazine, and television and radio show every day, Trudeau should be about as popular as a porcupine at a nudist colony. 

Predicting that the fake scandal will fizzle out soon, and that Trudeau will survive, because among other things Canadians aren't that dumb. 

Yet while his prestige and reputation has clearly been damaged, he is still more appealing that his rivals, and with the election not until October it is entirely possible that he will win. Part of that is because the Canadian people are not stupid, and realize that whatever the importance of the SNC story it’s clear that many people are motivated more by visceral hatred of Justin Trudeau than by support for Jody Wilson-Raybould. In other words, this is schadenfreude rather than justice, and that can become rather tiresome rather quickly.

While warning that we should all be concerned by the way the media has behaved, for it has been a horror show.

The hyperbole thrown at Justin Trudeau, and the accusations that he has achieved nothing and is a constant hypocrite are over-the-top. His inconsistency isn’t a sign of gross dishonesty, and the utter lack of nuance in some of the more vehement attacks on him have begun to play to deaf ears. The perception is that it’s become more about personality than politics, and even looks like bullying, which ironically is the very crime of which the prime minister is being accused.

I'm glad somebody is calling the Con media bullies, for there is no other word to describe them. But I only wish Coren had been harsher, for it has been an obscene spectacle.

And these burning questions remain: Why did it take so long for somebody in the MSM to notice the monster?

When I and many others on social media have been denouncing that orgy of bias for weeks.

Why haven't others in the MSM spoken out? 

And what if the monster should rear its ugly head during the election, and continue working to elect the alt-right extremist Andrew Scheer?

Because that is the real threat to our country and its values. And why those Cons stooges, and the dirty old toxic Trudeau haters, must be attacked like they have never been attacked before.

That is why they must be named, shamed, and shunned by all decent Canadians. 

Before they rise up like beasts again, and try to steal the election...


Jackie Blue said...

It's not only that Trudeau's being accused of hypocrisy. He's being accused of being everything from an abuser of women to a racist. They wanted a Trump to compete with the American media coverage, so they manufactured one out of whole cloth. Now that Scheer's brought Pizzagate into the news cycle, Trudeau's even being called a pedophile, and the lunatic troll army is claiming that his family's charity foundation is corrupt and involved with the Clinton Foundation and connected to SNC-L and all of it is connected to child sex trafficking. The language and rhetoric being employed tries to make JWR into Christine Blasey-Ford and Trudeau into Brett Kavanaugh. Somehow or another an issue of perception and high-level legalese got turned into "oh my God, Justin Trudeau raped three women in his cabinet! INPEEEECH! LOCK HIM UP!" This is abhorrent and offensive to actual victims of sexual assault. It's libelous, it's vulgar, and there are a lot of people who need to face lawsuits of their own.

This whole thing is stupid, it's sick and for anyone with two brain cells to put together who hasn't been infected by the prion disease of Clinton -- er, Trudeau Derangement Syndrome, it absolutely reeks of a media creation and a vile character-assassination campaign. Once again, can you say "But his emails?" Coren is absolutely right to call them out. He used the words "visceral hatred" in an earlier interview with Wendy Mesley about the evangelical Christian movement infecting the Cons. Some "Christians" they are. They want to crucify a man based on specious allegations and the whims of the mob.

Woe to you Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. Matthew 23:27

Rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 1 Peter 2:1

I just hope he's correct that enough people will wake up in time to see it for what it is. His keyboard to, well, God's ears. The Pontius Pilates of Postmedia need to stop giving Barabbas Scheer a free pass and washing their hands of the blood that's already on it. They won't, so they're the ones who need to be publicly condemned.

Anonymous said...

Other than Heather Mallick and of course, Michael Coren, I know of no other in Ontario's MSM that has called this fake scandal for what it is. A nothing burger heaped in CONdiments of bile with an overwhelming scent of bullshit. As I stated before, it's a coordinated effort to help elect Scheer and I'm very pleased that as we've passed the pinnacle of outrage and phony moral indignation, the needle has barely moved. That's significant as it shows that these hacks are irrelevent to most Canadians. Other than the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, inbred, grade 6 edyoumicated, racist slack jawed yokels, or shortened, Scheer's base, no one really cares.
Was it worth it Con hacks? You went all in when you should have folded, you bit in before you smelled it, you got suckered in by a master tactician and even now you're too fucking stupid to realize that the more you bitch about it, the deeper you dig your own graves on your path to complete irrelevence. Good riddance.

rumleyfips said...

Particularly interesting yesterday was the story about the administrative agreement between the Harper government and SNC L signed just 5 days after Trudeau's throne speech. It has obviously not been violated in the past few years.

Anonymous said...

If the libs win another majority they are going to have to launch a federal review into Canada's media. Postmedia needs to be broken-up and they need to be ordered to divest themselves of their individual local dailies to independent local newspapers (at prices which reflect their current value) Enough of this bullshit already. No other democracy allows this amount of foreign control and consolidation in their media market. Then they can do something with the CBC. The taxpayer funded national broadcaster has no business advertising "let Jody speak" con-hate sites. The sole purpose is data mining.

PR GUY said...

Regarding these Liberals, an Oscar Wilde quote related to fox hunting comes to mind.
"the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable." The uneatable part is that these Liberals just can't walk the talk, once they gain power.
Ironically Wilde was ruined in a trial, which bankrupted him. Shades of Mark Norman?

Anyhow those of Liberal leanings better thank their lucky stars!
The NDP erred in selecting Singh as leader. He doesn't appeal to most voters, especially those in Quebec, hint, hint, nudge, nudge...know what I mean?

Jackie Blue said...

The Cons out in Oilberta love to bitch about their conspiracy theory that the Liberals (with help from George Soros) bought TMX to shut it down. I say call their bluff, but with a different kind of sludge pipe that deserves to be buried in the ground: Bronfman should buy Postmedia to kill it, and blacklist its entire staff from further employment in the field of "journalism." Trudeau needs to purge the CBC of all leftover Con filth. Deplatforming works. Because that's what this was all about, a desperate drive for subcsriptions and ad revenue in an election year, and the Con media being pissed that they're not getting a bite at the bailout. So much for the free market, eh?

Fife needs to be sued to oblivion, while the Probe & Fail, CTV (aka Fox North) and MacLame's at the very least should be boycotted to their knees. They can all go #LearnToCode or beg Ezra for jobs at his YouTube equivalent of Your Ward News. Sun-ny ways, you Lilley-livered hacks! Let the tabloid bastards freeze in the dark.

zoombats said...

Michael Coren? When did that guy get a free pass? What? Is he on the moral high ground? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Strange parallels. Anti stall software designed to save lives actually takes lives when combined with erroneous input sensors. Independent journalism designed to compliment democracy actually destroys it when combined with sales motivated hyperactive opinion pieces disguised as journalism. Unfortunately accurately reporting stall sensors and journalism are non events and the public is only interested in events. Boeing is going to fix their software but how the hell are we going to fix hyperactive opinion disguised as factual journalism? Labeling it as opinion is akin to Boeing stating their stall sensors are merely stating an opinion its up to the pilot to decide once they have studied the exception manual. Not good enough!

Jackie Blue said...

You missed the reason that Oscar Wilde was ruined in a trial: homophobia. Shades of Alan Turing... and Justin Trudeau. The only difference is Trudeau isn't actually gay, but the deplorable media loves to persecute him as such by calling him a rainbow prince impaled on his own unicorn and drawing him in cartoons as Snow White. Nobody is actually talking about the facts of this case. It's visceral hatred, as Coren pointed out. The groundwork was laid a long time ago to hate this guy, hate this guy, repeat the mantra for years on end and then pull the trigger on something complex and otherwise miniscule, but blown way out of proportion as the "passable" justification for why those years of pent-up hatred were justified all along. A vague allegation of "corruption" and an already vulnerable candidate put in the unenviable position of proving a negative, when deemed already guilty in the court of public opinion.

40 years of misogyny had little to do with Hillary Clinton's email server either, but that 40 years was enough to build up a baked-in Derangement Syndrome such that a media-created "scandal" was enough to take her down once and for all. Anyone with a semblance of decency would hope that Canadians are smart enough to see the parallels here and that Trudeau, the Richard Kimble of Canada, is vindicated come October. I don't care about Singh or May, they're irrelevant as anything other than useful stooges for the Cons just like Sanders and Stein turned out to be. Want to talk about foreign interference? Because that's the real scandal here: a Canadian political party and its propaganda apparatus behaving like, and probably getting their playbook cribbed from, the GOP.

rumleyfips said...

Pierre said something interesting today. Either Trudeau is lying or JWR is. Not a good thing to suggest that your pet project may be a liar .

Jackie Blue said...

He should let "Pierre Poutine" speak then.

Oh, wait, Pierre Poutine never shuts his damn yap as it is.

PR GUY said...

I just didn't mention the details, short and snappy you know.
Actually there were two trials: Wilde vs. Queensbury & Regina vs. Wilde.
Read up on it if you like. Oscar should have left bad enough alone?
Did you throw in Turing for good measure?
As for the rest of your diatribe: short with snap, otherwise you drive people to nap.

Jackie Blue said...

How's this for short and snappy, Skippy: I don't know why Simon bothers publishing your comments, other than to expose what an asshole and a troll you are. Not my fault you or whoever you're doing PR for can't read anything much longer than a tweet or a Hamish meme.

e.a.f. said...

Don't see anything which gives him a pass. He may not be on higher moral grounds, Coren just has an opinion, which Simon published. Its not a bad thing. Its freedom of speech and a discussion on matters. Its not good if everyone has the same opinion.

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, "PR GUY" is a shitposter who admits to enjoying "progressive teeth gnashing." He's clogging up space here, fomenting the same schadenfreude that Coren wrote about and disrupting the conversation. I don't recall ever seeing him here until this story broke, and now he's all over every article. I don't know where he came from, but he's a pest. Please delete his comments while in moderation. Thanks.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...yeah, he's getting on my nerves too, and living on borrowed time?.