Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Bitter End of the Fake Scandal

Gosh, I can only imagine the state Andrew Scheer must be in today, along with his grubby media stooges, and other toxic Trudeau haters all over the country.

I swear I can hear them wailing all over the country.

Where's a waaahmbulance when you need one?

But then who can blame those poor old losers?

When as I wrote in my last post, the fake scandal is now more dead than alive. 

After a month of brutally biased coverage by the grubby Con media, Justin Trudeau is STILL the preferred choice for prime minister.

His lead over Andrew Scheer is not shrinking it's growing.

And for the creeper and his Cons the bad polling news just keeps on coming...

Can you believe it?

The Cons smeared a decent prime minister for ONE MONTH, flinging their political excrement at him, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. 

While their monstrous supporters accused him of treason, and some even demanded he be executed.

And it didn't change a thing. Nothing, nada, rien.

No wonder all those ghastly good old boys in the Con media are sounding so angry and so bitter.

His princely confidence seems to come with a princely sense of entitlement. He has, after all, spent his life having strangers fawn over him. His ill-conceived trips to the Aga Khan’s island and India suggest that he forgets that a prime minister is the chairman of a committee, not a prince.

Trudeau is an international symbol of liberalism, a Disney prince striding on the world stage, speaking up for feminism, diversity and human rights. He won’t be doing much more of that unless he can show that he knows how to put together a cabinet.

With Stephen Maher throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Trudeau in a paroxysm of barely repressed rage.

And showing his Con bias again, just like he did during Trudeau's visit to India...

When in fact the Prime Minister does seem to know enough to preside over a booming economy, where the good news just keeps on coming. 

With more good news expected next week when the budget comes down.

While Maher and the others in our shabby Con media are so incompetent, they're tap-dancing on the deck of the Titanic, on their way to oblivion.

And are hardly in a position to accuse others of being pressured, when they all know they must please their corporate bosses or ELSE...

Which is perfectly understandable, except that they shouldn't call themselves journalists, the proper name is propagandists.

For the way the Con media practically canonized Jody Wilson-Raybould, and used her to attack the most feminist prime minister in Canadian history, was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen...

And can never be forgotten or forgiven.

And the best news?

Some cartoonists are now leading the charge on the Con media and Andrew Scheer's grubby gang.

And portraying them for the first time like they really are...

The most dangerous group of alt-right extremists and just plain nut jobs this country has ever known.

Who must never under any circumstance form a Canadian government.

And when we run with that one, and schmear them as they deserve to be schmeared,  will never even be able to dream of doing so for at least a generation.

Thank you fake scandal.

Keep on trucking Justin Trudeau...


  1. How many fucking op-eds in MacLean's is that by now? 50? 60? Are they competing with Warren for Scheer volume of output into the vomitorium? What's next, farming out articles to Hamish's infinite monkey factory? The very least you could say of Maher is that doesn't misgender Justin; he calls him a Disney prince. Nevertheless, the demeaning caricature goes hand in Mickey glove with Michael De Adder, the homophobic cartoonist who always portrays him in as Snow White. I don't think I've seen frothing-mad coverage of any political candidate like this since... oh, wait, someone else wore a pants suit and used a private email server. And didn't bake cookies like she was supposed to. And had pneumonia that was supposedly a brain sickness caused by eating fetuses on her pizza. And sacrificed an ambassador to the mad wizard George Soros at Indiana Jones' temple of Benghazi...

    The information in JD's link posted yesterday, about the Ontario Proud Boys and the Sun propaganda arm infecting the Ottawa/Toronto news bubble, should be investigated. As I also wrote yesterday and I'm sure you're aware, the Sun is such a horrible rag that they were making fun of Alex Trebek's cancer diagnosis. Imagine if someone in the Trudeau family was seriously ill. His mother perhaps, or one of his children. The gloating they'd put on display would be monumentally sadistic. Heck, they'd hit a gold mine and have a month-long orgasm if Justin himself had a stroke or heart attack. It's not unheard of in middle age, especially under profound stress; Justin is 47 and the actor Luke Perry who died a few weeks ago was only 52. Like I said, they want a Diana in the tunnel moment. They really want to put to bed (and smother with a pillow) the stereotype of the polite Canadian, don't they?

    Thing is, how do you get the fifth-column fourth estate to interrogate itself? Journalism schools (if any decent ones still exist) should teach this pathetic, "soory" ordeal as a lesson in culture clash and monopoly concentration: once again, remember how much differently this is playing out in QC vs the ROC and evidently Ontario in particular. Dougie wants a rubber dummy in Ottawa to give him a rubber stamp, and the media bosses and their depraved stenographers evidently want to serve him Justin's head on a platter and plunk their pliable Andy Doody doll in the PM's chair. Like Brexiteering, Trumpmania, and the racist misogyny of Marklephobia, Trudeau Derangement Syndrome appears to be a peculiar English (or Anglomerican) sickness. Must be something in the water.

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Where does Kinsella fit into all of this and why was he congratulating CCC via tweet after her whining that she had been mistreated?

    2. Warren is an old Chrétien Liberal who has a grudge against Justin because Justin didn't let him run in BC in 2015. He's a craven opportunist who'll exploit anyone he can to exact his revenge against Justin and get back into the political arena. Power is all he cares about. He'd work for Scheer if necessary, and for all intents and purposes, he's already working for Scheer. Once the women have served his purposes he'll throw them to the curb. He doxed that poor woman from the Creston Valley paper even though she begged people to leave her alone. He even sicced his Twitter mob on a feminist health advocate named Julie Lalonde who called him on it -- and the mob accused her, in turn, of having an affair with Trudeau!

      A Twitter user who goes by the moniker of "Patty O'Limerick" was hounding him since the Kokaneegate bullshit last summer. Warren and his wife are friends with Lisa Raitt, who had previously threatened to dox "Patty". When "Patty" tweeted a picture of Warren and Lisa hugging JWR, Raitt must have told him about "Patty" and he then threatened to sic his mob after her too. "Patty" has since deleted her account, gone into hiding and is said to be pursuing legal action. A number of Trudeau supporters have placed shamrocks on their names to show their support of her as well.

      Yet Warren proclaims himself a better ally of women than supposed "fake feminist" Justin, who's having his good name dragged all over Canada as an abuser of women and now a racist. He even wrote a creepy AF, Fifty Shades fanfic stalker letter "Dear Puglaas" on his blog, proclaiming himself some sort of chivalrous Lancelot rescuing her from evil Justin who had locked her in his dungeon and tied and gagged her. Probably got the idea from those tasteless cartoons that ran in the papers in February.

      Someone needs to do something about this unhinged motherfucker before he gets someone hurt. Maybe Gerry will sue him or file a cease and desist order or dig up some dirt. IIRC it was Gerry who told him to GTFO because Warren's day in the sun was over, Justin wanted a younger team on board, and both apparently knew that Warren was nuts. I don't know what shape old man Chrétien is in these days, but he needs to give Warren a good old-fashioned Shawinigan Handshake.

      FYI: Even Ezra was singing Celina's praises in a video a short while ago. That should speak volumes about who we're dealing with here. That these supposedly strong and brilliant women can't see they're being used doesn't speak too well to their own foresight. Or, they're just enjoying their 15 minutes and don't care.

    3. Kinsella will work any party, NDP in Toronto Mayor race. Harper during the last Fed election (complete with Harper ad on his so-called Progressive Blog), Ad for during the last Ontario and Ford friendly posts.
      He's not a Lib, Con or Dipper. He just am asshole for hire and now he's working for Chuckles. IMHO

    4. e.a.f.12:03 AM

      In my opinion Kinsella will be fine with anyone. Here in B.C. we had a tiny scandal, before the media got with the agenda and started reporting on money laundering, corruption, Legs. spending scandal, etc. At one time a friend of the Kinsella's, a Con, came to work in B.C., after Harper left, for the then Premier Christy Clark, the one who helped keep some kids at 50% below the poverty line, because the government needed the $14M she was clawing back. anyhow, young female Con was charged and had to resign from her job here and go back east. OMG Kinsella was beside himself. Now why any who likes to think of himself as progressive would have a "friend" who worked for Christy Clark is beyond me.

      My take on Kinsella, is he isn't pro and anti any one, just pro Kinsella. He is one of those people who peaked early in his career, when he was with Chretien. Frequently they never get over having the world move past them.

    5. Anonymous3:14 AM

      "When "Patty" tweeted a picture of Warren and Lisa hugging JWR, Raitt must have told him about "Patty" and he then threatened to sic his mob after her too."

      Thanks for the insight on Kinsella's involvement in all of this, Jackie. It has reeked of and is now evident that a coordinated, fabricated hit job on JT was concocted as revenge for not letting him run in 2015. He's obviously using JWR to get back at JT and in her outrage at being removed from justice, she jumped at the opportunity to destroy JT as well with nary a care for what it would do to the party. And now she has the audacity to remain seated as a Liberal? Surely she's hoping JT will fire her but I hope he doesn't. Let her sit there as an example of hypocrisy at its worst because if he fires her, he will appear as the vindictive one. She would then jump over to the Cons, get fitted for a halo and a custom made set of clutching pearls along with the prospect of another vomit inducing spectacle of the group hug from hell.

  2. I had to look up SCHADENFREUDE and IT FITS!

    1. And it sounds better in the original German.

      If anyone knows about taking delight in people being tortured...

  3. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Simon, have you seen this? Regarding SNC-Lavalin:

    From Justin Beach
    "I think that I realized today why Trudeau is so hell bent on saving this company - and it's not about political favors, or jobs (at least not current jobs) or Quebec votes. Those are all nice, but that’s not it.

    One of the key focuses of this government, from day 1, was preparing Canada for the future - which means building up STEM (science, technology, ENGINEERING and mathematics). He, and every cabinet minister whose portfolio touched on the subject has been doing all they could to invest in STEM, to promote STEM education and to lure in companies in STEM fields, skilled workers in those fields, and even foreign students who display talent in STEM.

    Having the second largest engineering company in the world is pretty good bait if you’re trying to lure engineering talent whereas letting it go sends a horrible message.

    Keeping SNC, keeping them prosperous and keeping them Canadian is far more important than seeking retribution for things that happened 15 years ago, involving people who are no longer with the company. A DPA also wouldn’t be a free pass. They would plead guilty, pay a fine and agree to increased government scrutiny of their activities. And the people who committed the illegal acts, the EX-SNC Lavalin employees are facing trial independently, as individuals.

    The PM loves Quebec votes, but it’s not about that. The PM loves keeping 9,000 good paying jobs in Quebec, but it’s not really about that either. It’s about the issue that has been the primary focus of this government since 2015 - preparing Canada for the future, by making sure the types of jobs that will still be around 20 years from now are available to Canadians.

    Justin, and his team, may have done the wrong thing but they did it for the right reason. Judy Wilson Raybould may have done the right thing legally and constitutionally, but she did it to protect a bad call … a really bad call."

    1. Yeah, but who's Justin Beach and is it too late to undo the damage that's already been done?

      I don't want that pizza-freak asshole and his Internet-troll "social engineering" team getting so much as a gridlocked minority!

    2. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Justin Beach is a Toronto freelance writer and a political activist.

    3. Oh, I hope he can change some minds in Sun-soaked Ontario then :)

    4. Anonymous8:06 PM

      Hi Anon 1:53

      Exactly, SNC is important because it is a technology conduit to the future. This is definitely not a shared vision of the anti vaxers and their retro Con cousins who want to build a physical and legal framework that will preserve the good old days forever. Canadian ingenuity will survive with or without SNC as long as we can keep the pickle makers out of the kitchen.

    5. Anonymous8:59 PM

      If this STEM thing were true then why wouldn't the Libs be shouting it from the rooftops? It doesn't make sense. However, it would be an excellent initiative with a clear path towards a prosperous future for our youth.
      Much like a carbon tax is merely a first step towards saving the planet, it's clear that the Trudeau government's forward thinking is an attempt to save future generations from life altering climate catastrophes while having the technological diversity to stay competitive on an increasingly competitive world stage. That is admirable.
      Now, can someone, anyone tell me what is Scheer's "vision" for our future generations?

    6. Anonymous9:45 PM

      Is the OECD investigating the countries banning the Boeing 737MAX which have major Airbus factories? Like Germany, France, and China? Corruption much?

    7. @JD

      Andrew Scheer or should I say Albert Speer's "vision" can be summed up in three words:

      Alberta Macht Frei.

      Like I said (quoting Molly Ivins about Pat Buchanan): it sounds better in the original German.

    8. My position on SNC-Lavalin is that while it has engaged in corrupt behaviour in the past, those responsible have been punished or are being prosecuted, and bringing down a major company in a country of hewers of wood and drawers of water makes absolutely no sense. And amounts to little more than cutting off your nose to spite your face...

  4. There is some movement within the chattering classes. This morning on the Current I heard someone make sense. He said the loyal opposition had 4 hours to interrogate JWR and if they didn't get what they wanted another hearing was not likely to ( a reButtal if you wish ) do it for them. He added that if JWR gets another kick at the cat Butts should too, as well as the clerk and the deputy. Where would it all stop says the pundit.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...I completely agree. When will this fake overhyped scandal end? There are far more important things we should be doing, and listening to the self styled Saint JWR is not one of them. Besides, even if she is not invited to speak to the justice committee you know that she will find some other way to get "her truth" out. She wants to be prime minister and she is in a hurry...🙄

  5. Andrew Scheer has just called for the Bachelor to resign. He lied to one of the contestants about love. Just because Americans love their reality TV Pres, does not mean Canadians are that shallow.

  6. Anonymous8:08 PM

    All those Trudeau haters must be really frustrated. All that hate and nothing to show for it. It bothers me that the Cons have been able to get a boost from this nonsense scandal. But if Canadians still prefer Justin as Prime Minister I’m confident that he will win the next election.

  7. e.a.f.11:53 PM

    My position has been its a long way to the next election, Stanley Cup, summer vacations, etc. and after a month, they can't keep it up, so time to move on. The news is now focused on the new 737s, the crashes, and the University scandals in the U.S.A. The American's aren't even talking Trump right now. never under estimate the short attention span of most of the public.

  8. Warren Kinsella is a gateway to the alt-right. He hasn't been himself for a long while.

  9. e.a.f.7:47 PM

    Frank, 6:24 a.m. Speaking of frank, do they still have Frank Mag and wonder if its there, what they're saying.........