Sunday, March 03, 2019

The Fake Scandal and the Heart of Darkness

Ever since Jody Wilson-Raybault told what she called "her truth" to the Justice Commission, I have found the way the MSM has covered her allegations far more disturbing than the fake scandal itself.

For while I very much doubt that the scandal alone, will have any effect on the October election; it's too small and Justin Trudeau is still too popular.

The media coverage in my opinion has been so hyped, so bad, and so biased I believe it threatens the very foundations of our democracy.

And these questions need urgent answers.

(1) Why did the media swallow Wilson-Raybault's version of the truth, hook, line, and sinker, without waiting for the allegations to be challenged by those she had accused of exerting undue pressure on her?

(2) Why did they automatically assume that she was telling the truth, when her extravagant claims that she had been a great Justice Minister were demonstrably  untrue? 

Jody Wilson-Raybould swept into the Department of Justice on a wave of high hopes and lofty expectations. With the tide now receding on her three-year tenure as minister of justice, she leaves a residue of disappointment and a legion of perplexed supporters wondering what went so wrong.

So untrue that they should have set off alarm bells in every newsroom in the country.

And at the very least made many wonder whether she was just trying to get back at Justin Trudeau for removing her as Justice Minister...

(3) Why hasn't the media investigated allegations from lawyers who claim that she is more conservative than progressive, and is trying to damage the Liberal Party so she can cross the floor and run for Con leader after the next election?

(4) Why despite all those troubling questions is the barrage of one-sided stories continuing?

Where the Con media assault Canadians with stories so similar they are more like propaganda than journalism.

And might as well have all been written by a Postmedia stooge like Lorrie Goldstein. 

Who seems to think the time has come to make people nostalgic for the Con monster Stephen Harper.

And finally, but most importantly, why is John Ivison the only MSM journalist to acknowledge that something might be wrong with the way him and his colleagues are covering the fake scandal?

For that is the heart of darkness of this fake scandal.

And the fact that none of his colleagues have thought to question their behaviour is almost beyond belief. 

Considering that it's something so wrong and so evil it could cause millions of Canadians to lose confidence in their media.

Enraged by the idea that they are are trying to brainwash people into believing that Trudeau is finished.

Or dead...

Just to please their corporate bosses, and a legion of dirty old mostly male toxic Trudeau haters, by electing this sinister Con clown...

So that morally corrupt far right-wing religious fanatic, that racist, that misogynist, that homophobe, that climate change denier, that monster who would slash pensions,  and dismember medicare, can take this country back to a darker time...

Where the rights of women, gay people, and other oppressed minorities, wouldn't be worth the paper they are written on. And old people and poor people wouldn't stand a chance.

Which with an election campaign just a few months away, can only undermine the very foundations of our democracy.

Thanks to our mediocre media our Canada is now in mortal danger. We cannot attack the Cons without attacking them.

And the truth, not HER truth THE truth, has never been more necessary or more urgent...


Steve said...

The worldwide media has picked up the headlines as well. From RT to the NYT and all places inbetween JT is now seen as a fatally flawed leader.

Consider two facts. First meeting about SNC was in Sept, GWR was shuffled out in Jan? So if JT wanted so bad to interfere why not shuffle her out in Sept? If JT really wanted to give the get out of jail card he would do what every goverment does, pass legislation.

GWR has committed an act of betrayal that is unprecedented in Canadian political history. Paul Martin may have knifed Jean Chretien, but he did it the old fashioned way behind closed doors.

GWR has done a great disservice to indigenous peoples. Many will link her betrayal for not being part of the tribe.

PR Guy said...

She does seem to have conservative leanings as per her drunk driving legislation.
JWR is welcome to cross the floor as her work is finished with the LPC.
Trudeau is only waiting for the least damaging time to dump her. In the meantime, he looks weak as usual.

PR Guy said...

Well if the scandal is too small to not wiggle out of it, don't worry about it then?
You need to get out more. The ROC is buying "her truth". Meanwhile the LPC can't lay a glove on her.
In her testimony, she was clear-spoken and prepared with good notes.

mary wright said...

Thank you Simon. I have felt for some time that the MSM have been undermining Canadian democracy. My conspiracy self says that somewhere Harper, and Associates with Gerstein and the IDU are lurking!

Steve said...

When the dust settles, Trudeau will be vindicated. He and his goverment have done nothing wrong.
GWR says he has done nothing illegal. The top civil servant who has served 3 or 4 PM of both political parties says he has done nothing wrong. This scandal is an invention of the corrupt corporate press who loved Harper and hate Trudeau. BTW the oil patch is in trouble not because they have no pipelines, in fact they are shipping more oil than ever. The problem is the world price of oil which JT has zero control over.

At the end of the day if he wants SNC laval to have a DRP thats his choice as the PM with a majority. He can change Justice Ministers until he finds one he agrees with, or just pass legislation. Anyone who believes this is a scandal also believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

thwap said...

Earth to Simon ...

I didn't pay much attention to Wilson-Raybould until she got shuffled to Veteran's Affairs. And even then she disappeared from my [consistently inactive] radar up until this present kerfluffle. At the time of her demotion I was under the impression that she was removed because your hero, Justin Trudeau, had decided to crush the protest of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation against the pipeline he was ramming through their territories.

Occasionally, throughout the period of the Trudeau government, I'd read harsh criticisms of its justice policies by principle and committed activists such as Matthew Behrens, but I didn't associate them with JWR because I have difficulty naming cabinet ministers these days.

But I've been following this scandal (and it is a scandal) because I despise Canada's super-coddled, super-corrupt corporate thieves, and any instance where someone tries to hold them accountable for their behaviour is gratifying. One of my sources for following this story has been your blog, and, I have to say, your coverage of it has been deplorable.

Can we not agree on the possibility that JWR had been a lousy Justice Minister while at the same time it's a scandal that Trudeau, the PMO, the PCO and the Finance Ministry (among others) brazenly interfered with the independence of the Attorney General and the justice system on behalf of the major corporate donor/crime-ridden entity SNC-Lavalin?

Why do you have to insist that Deferred Prosecution Agreements are the greatest thing since sliced-bread when they only became part of our justice system at the behest of SNC-Lavalin via a Liberal omnibus bill? When they are clearly just a way for corporate criminals in Canada, the USA and the UK to avoid jail time for their crimes and to make token fines a mere cost of doing business?

Why do you have to subject JWR's statements to the most stringent standards while every assertion that exonerates the Liberals is treated as gospel truth?

We are agreed that the Liberals are less loathsome than the Conservatives. But that's not saying much. The longer you Liberals hysterically pretend that your party is humanity's only hope and that they are beyond criticism, the greater you discredit yourselves.

I don't hold-back on my criticism of the NDP. But reading your blog, one would think that Justin Trudeau hasn't betrayed progressives by keeping the first-past-the-post system that could produce another Conservative majority; that his climate policy is just as bad as harper's was; that he has continued to abuse and insult the First Nations; that Crystia Freeland is a disgrace; and that Bill Morneau is a corporate tool funneling OUR money towards his fellow corporate greed-pigs.

Stop embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

It was a mistake to allow PostMedia to acquire the SUN chain. Corporate concentration in the media has not served Canadians well. The media have now decided it is their role to bring down a government based on speculation and innuendo. The Globe ran with a story based on a single anonymous source. We can all guess who Fife's source is. JWR has played the woman and indigenous card and the media is continuing with the narrative that she was shuffled out of justice because she was a strong indigenous woman standing up for what she believed in. It makes a great story even if it is nothing more than a fantastical tale. JWR was removed from justice because she was intransigent and incompetent. She should consider herself fortunate Trudeau saw fit to keep her in cabinet. She doesn't seem to understand ministers serve at the pleasure of the PM and she was not entitled to the justice portfolio. The G&M was the media outlet who endorsed Harper through 4 elections despite his repeated assaults on democracy and despite lying under oath in a lawsuit he initiated. They have been a joke ever since they endorsed the CPC but not Harper in 2015.They advised Canadians that once Harper was safely ensconced with a majority he would resign. Most of the media is offside with mainstream Canadian political opinion and that is why most of them continue to bleed red ink. Let's see what Butts does to refute JWR. I am fairly certain when this is all said and done it will be demonstrated that JWR was just throwing a temper tantrum and those who conferred sainthood on her will look like fools. Which is something Bob Fife should be well used to.

Steve said...

I agree that first past the post is the most important thing we need to preserve democracy. Cyrstia Freeland I cut some slack. We are in a realplolitic world right now. You dont want to be caught without a seat when the music stops. However our position on Ukranie and Venezuala is pure unadulterated neo con. I was thinkingaboot how we should be sending vaccines to Ukraine instead of sniper rifles.

e.a.f. said...

The media is in it to sell papers and gain market share. Its the old line of, "if it bleeds, it leads".

As to some believing JWR, that is their right and that is freedom of speech and thought. What we have here, in my opinion, is a matter of perception. Ms. JWR is telling people what she believes happened, her feelings and she has every right to voice that. Its a democracy.

Justin Trudeau and others have other opinions. They are entitled to those. Its a democracy.

No one truly knows the facts, even those who are involved in the case because they all have their own perspective on the situation. Both parties could be right in their perspectives on what occurred. Those are the difficult things we encounter in life.

Some suggested JWR wasn't good at her job. Where is the proof? Some suggested she was good at her job. Where is the proof?

JWR was the A.G. and Minister of Justice. It was her job to ensure justice was carried out regardless of the ramifications. Trudeau/Morneau and staff, had other jobs. They had to look at the political and financial impacts. In my opinion, both parties, JWR and Trudeau, were right at some level. The problem began when the media ran with something which didn't legs. They took a story by Robert Fife and ran with it because it sold papers and gained points so they could sell more advertising. The continued vilification of JWR gains nothing for anyone but the Conservatives and press.

Wondering if JWR was "trying to get back" at Trudeau for removing her from the A.G./Minister of Justice position already attributes nasty conclusions regarding JWR. These are allegations, not facts because we have no proof JWR set out to do this to Trudeau to "get even". It smears her. Would Fife have done it to get a "good story" and hype his career? No one has asked that question, that I know of. He's being portrayed as the "great reporter".

Perhaps it time to turn the page on all of this and find something more "real" to deal with in this country, you know child poverty, lack of clean drinking water, lack of health care, how we are going to bring back ISIS brides and fighters, keeping snow off of streets, etc.

All of this smacks of a fun time for some and not so much for those involved. Last night on Global news in Vancouver, they decided to "celebrate' the 20th anniversary of the raid of a former Premier's home. They even brought back the reporter who had the camera to cover it all. They did say there were criminal charges with no conviction and today Glen Clark heads the Patison Corporation. Now I've have no recollection of Global ever running an item like that, but 20 years later they can not let go of the hate they had for Glen Clark. Reminds me of this case, JWR/Trudeau. In 20 years they'll most likely run something about it again because they can and they hate them, both not being Conservatives.

e.a.f. said...

How racist of you. JWR, is one person. She is not the Indigenous community on a national scale. Do not set her up. Back in the day I recall an African American said, when a black man falls off a bar stool the whole African American community falls off the bar stool. When a white man falls of a bar stool, just one drunk fell off his bar stool.

As to your comment, "many will link her betrayal for not being part of the tribe." WTF that means, please clarify. if it refers to being part of the federal Liberal tribe, well say so. If you mean the Indigenous "tribe", read. Within the Indigenous Nations in this country, there are nations, tribes, bands, etc. Many are linked by language, some not. Some are linked by art, some not. Some are linked by whatever, but to suggest the Indigenous community is "one", you obviously haven't been to B.C. where we are very different from one "group" to the next. Some Indigenous bands want the pipeline, others don't. About all they have in common is they are Indigenous. The Indigenous community is as varied as the European descent community or the Italian community, or the Punjabi community, etc.

Jackie Blue said...

Forget the NDP, they're dead in the water and decided to cling to the Blue Meanies' lifeboat in order to survive. What's wrong with Freeland? She might be the best second-chance the Liberals and thus Canada has to fend off the neo-fascists banging at the door. Trudeau Derangement Syndrome has reached a fever pitch on the level of that measles epidemic originating among a group of anti-vaxer idiots somewhere in the Bible Belt of B.C. At least measles has a way of inoculating and treating it. Ad-hominem stalker fixations upon hated liberal leaders like Obama, Clinton and Trudeau is a stubborn disease of stupidity and hatred that doesn't seem to have a cure.

Jackie Blue said...

I want to say the Canadian media learned nothing from the U.S. in 2016 but in fact it's just the opposite. They learned EVERYTHING from the U.S. in 2016 and decided to have another go-around. No surprise there, as the Canadian media IS for all intents and purposes U.S. media, owned by U.S. hedge funds and the oil and gas industry and just as intent upon demolishing Liberals as they are Democrats. Merchants of misery.

Well, at least in 10 years when the planet is scorched and we're all about to die in concentration camps, we can lament about Hillary's emails and the allegorical passion play of Justin Trudeau. Starring Judas Wilson-Raybould, Gerald the Baptist, Barabbas Scheer, Pontius Postmedia Pilate and the boy born on a December holiday who dreamed of something brighter but got taken down by a rapacious mob. What happened to the Just Society a certain someone promised 2,000 years ago? The world was just not ready.

Anonymous said...

MSM in Canada has become a joke. The current concentration of power and US ownership should not be allowed.

If I am not mistaken JWR said Trudeau did nothing illegal. So, what’s the issue here. Time to make Justice Minister and Attorney a General two separate positions - the first political, the second not.


Jackie Blue said...

Bill Wilson is out shitposting on his Facebook account again. He's demanding that Justin appoint Jody as the prime minister of all First Nations or else. This obnoxious old coot needs to get over himself and stop trying to destroy a decent leader and the rest of the country because of some stupid grudge he has with Pierre from 40 years ago.

Trudeau the younger, idealistically and like a real-life version of a Jimmy Stewart character, followed his father's (and maternal grandfather's) footsteps into politics with the intent of serving the public through sound policies and reasoned compromise. I feel bad for him, because I saw what the press did to Hillary Clinton and hate how he, too, has to witness firsthand that politics is not public service but more about personality dramas and egotistical career-building, "the people" and facts be damned. He's having his professional and personal reputation dragged through the mud by a bunch of self-serving hacks -- Kinsella among them -- who have a disturbing stalker obsession to just get him no matter what and make a quick buck doing so. Scheer, meanwhile, is deranged; he has hedged his bets 50/50 that if character assassination doesn't work out, physical assassination will be the fallback option. Or both, fulfilling his Romanian wet dream of a widely reviled leader who gets deposed first (so as not to become a martyr in an election year) and then executed by one of the poor, plighted peasants he oppressed. Except in this case those revolting "peasants" are neither oppressed nor peasants, but they sure are revolting. They just want an easy scapegoat for why they can't make six fig on the rig with a junior-high education anymore.

On the greater scale, democracy suffers, and it looks like we're in the age now where the experiment in enlightened self-governance has been ruled a farce because the voting populace is too stupid and easily swayed by corporate propaganda that gives legitimacy to their preexisting biases and prejudices. Especially prejudices: it's blatantly obvious they've spent 3.5 years figuring out how to skin a q*eer, just like the deplorables south of the border wanted to lynch the black guy and burn the witch. On the individual scale, the business itself is chewing up a good man who maybe was/is not a shrewd politician -- he certainly isn't a conniving one -- but doesn't deserve the bile being flung at him from all directions either. Remember when the Cons' biggest gripe was that he was a schoolteacher? Now he's Nixon of the North? Really, Jody, hyperbole much? The cognitive dissonance abounds -- somehow he's an effeminate "rainbow prince impaled on a unicorn" at the same time he's a violent, macho woman-beater. He doesn't deserve this vulgar shit. The disgusting cartoon with the avalanche invoking his brother is where they really jumped the shark.

If, after Gerald's testimony, the dust doesn't settle in Justin's favor, he should walk away and spit in everyone's face. He won't, of course, because that's not who he is. And why he doesn't deserve to go down in disgrace with this atrocious Schmeer campaign portraying him as something he's not. All these backstabbers can go to hell. At least he can retire to a quiet life away from them where they won't have Mr. Brightside to kick around anymore.

Jackie Blue said...

The issue here is "but his emails" and because it's 2019.

Look no further than below the 49th for how this played out before.

Jackie Blue said...

This was actually published in the Sun, if you can believe it. Archived so as not to give them any undeserved traffic.

Watching the players in Ottawa deal with the SNC-Lavalin issue, I’d say a pox on all their houses – the government, the opposition and the media. I have never seen so many smart people doing their impressions of stupid people.

Too many reporters are acting like columnists. The hyperbole is ridiculous. Journalists have concluded that something criminal has happened without first reporting the actual news.

No one seems to understand what a deferred prosecution agreement is. I believe both the former attorney general and the prime minister are telling the truth.

The public’s confidence and trust in government continues to erode. The performance of the government, opposition and the media this week kept us headed in the wrong direction.

Jim Warren's praise of Singh is premature. A number of NDP supporters on social media have apparently registered their disgust with him signing the Faustian deal with Scheer, and have not forgotten the betrayal by Layton that led to the darkness of Harper. As for "political fratricide," well, that's just Justin being his usual quintessentially polite Canadian self. He might beat the crap out of Conservatives on pay-per-view but he's not going to stab his fellow Liberals in the back. No matter how the vulgar cartoonists portray him as "abusing" poor princess Jody.

And so poor Canada ends up a house divided and confused just like its enemies wanted. Figures it was the Russians who have an old saying: "There is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth."

Steve said...

EAF when I referred to the Dutch East India Company I was thinking about the bad guys in Pirates of the Caribbean. My point is that the City of London has no boundaries.

Steve said...

I mean that a person who is an icon of indigous people, who rose to one of the highest positions in the land, bit off the hand that feed her. No other politician in Canadian history has done what she has done. In her testimony and in the press the tradition of her people is being paraded about as if native peoples are free from the guilt of the garden of eden.

By tribe I do mean the liberal tribe, or more finely the old boys network that never squeals. Conservatives almost never knife each other in the back. Democrats and Liberals, NDP are more likely to form a circular firing squad. But in the future, her actions will make it less likely to trust someone outside the circle.

Jackie Blue said...

In other Canadiana news, John Candy died 25 years ago today. Perhaps replacing the word "customers" for "constituents," there's a famous line from Planes, Trains & Automobiles that could easily fit an exchange between Justin and Andy or Bob or Warren or Ezra or any of his other well-known bullies.

You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you... but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me; I'm not changing. I like... I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. 'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get.

Warren needs to go take a quarter, go downtown and have a rat lick the Schmeer off his face.

Gyor said...

But...but what happened to believe women?

Funny how that goes right out the widow when it is Trudeau and the Liberals arses on the line.

The left made its bed when it supported the absolutely sexist line #believewomen hashtag, well guess what you made it easy to ruin leftwing and Centrist men based on nothing, but the word of men.

Remember durung the hearing over Trump's choice for Supreme Court justice all the believe women BS (instead of actual evidence), well guess what always sending out the message has consquences and the Liberals are facing them now.

If she is lying it won't be to go over to the Tories and NDP, the whole thing is to set the ground for her own run to become leader of the Liberal Party, especially if Trudeau resigns, early.

Then she makes her play for the leadershio with the solid arguement that only she can fix this mess, which is largely true, she wins the leadership (if cacus doesn't just hand it to her).

Then she is in the perfect position because both the NDP and Tories have been talking her up none stop,lionizibg her, it will make her untouchable.

She dumps all the blame on Justin and takes all the credit.

And its not the "con media" that made this possible, although the MSM played their parts, so did you Simon, you and your fellow feminists laid the ground work for this, by making out women to be morally supieror to men.

But hey, first First Nations and second female Prime Minister of Canada,you should be excited about this, isn't this exactly what you wanted? One less rich white hetro cis normative male in a position of power, female leadership at least. What is one little backstabbing in comparesion to that?

Gyor said...

BTW you are so worried about Jody that you are ignoring the far more serious issue that the Liberal government might have set up an innocent Admiral to cover for their own. As this progresses its going to get the point where Jody testifying will be viewed as the good old days.

Steve said...

Weak Andy says " how do they know we are going the wrong way"

Simon said...

Hi PR Guy...l didn't include what a lawyer in Vancouver who knows her had to say, but he said that she was so conservative that he thought she was just setting herself up to run for Con leader after Scheer is deposed after the next election. I have no idea whether that is true, but her shoddy record speaks for itself. I was happy when she was appointed but she has turned out to be a huge disappointment. She may have an exalted view of her destiny, but I'm not a member of the Wilson-Rayboult cult...

Simon said...

Hi're welcome. the MSM is trying to create a wave of popular indignation, but it's just not working. Most Canadians couldn't care less, they remember Harper only too well, and they are counting on Justin Trudeau to make sure we never live that nightmare again...

Simon said...

Hi Thwap...or should I say Major Simon to ground control. As usual I disagree with everything you have to say. Wilson-Raybould was a lousy Justice Minisster who acted as if she was working for Stephen Harper. And if she believed that she had been unduly pressured it was her duty to resign, and she didn't. She has stated that nothing illegal had occurred, and if she can't stand a little pressure from those trying to save tens of thousands of jobs, she should have gotten out of the kitchen. As for DPAs they do not protect company officials from being prosecuted or paying huge fines. And they were not set up in this country just to protect SNC-Lavalin, they were set up by JWR to permit companies to be punished without being driven out of business. But you wouldn't understand that. I believe you're a teacher no doubt living on a juicy pension, and never having to worry where your next pay cheque is coming from. But most Canadians don't have that luxury, so may I suggest that it's you who are embarrassing yourself....

Simon said...

Hi anon @3:10'PM...Yes the Con media is out of control. They are now nothing more than empty vessels for Big Oil and other Big Business who want the tax cuts the Cons have promised them. But they are cutting their own throats, they have revealed too much of their scuzzy agenda, and decent Canadians will find different ways to punish them. As for JWR, I think she has also overplayed her hand. She's not as great as she thinks she is, and if she is not careful she is going to come down to earth with a bang...

Simon said...

Hi e.a.f...that's exactly the point I was trying to make in this post. She may have spoken "her truth" but until we hear from others caught up in that story, it's just her version of the truth and nothing more than that. And as Ivison points out to assume it is the truth is not what journalists should be doing, and the fact that so many have been doing that is an absolute scandal..ll

Anonymous said...

Hi Thwap
"just a way for corporate criminals in Canada, the USA and the UK to avoid jail time for their crimes"
Corporate criminals go to jail if they are caught, a corporation cannot be sent to jail but if penalties are severe it can be destroyed and purchased for pennies on the dollar and for better or worse return in a new form likely under foreign ownership. Meanwhile Canadian workers, individual and pension fund investors take a beating. Perhaps SNC is rotten to the core and its good riddance but perhaps the options are worse, we just don't know but publicly available information suggests we would be better off trying to reform/DPA the devil we know. The 1% and their bonus motivated henchmen will profit either way, its just the working/retirement savings class that takes it on the chin.
Whistle blowers come in all stripes but the higher up the responsibility ladder they are the greater the probability that their story and motivation is not as pure as claimed. Perhaps JWR is an exception but the fact she refused any professional outside legal advise on the matter is questionable.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I think we've all hear more than enough from Bill Wilson. His fifteen minutes of fame ended about fifty years ago. I blame him for making JWR believe that she should be the Queen of Canada or the prime minister or whatever, and he should have the decency to keep his big mouth shut before he inflames her further. And please don't worry, the millenial generation will determine the result of the next election, and everyone of my friends including the ex-NDP types are solidly behind Trudeau, and wouldn't even consider voting for Scheer or his new best buddy Singh...

Simon said...

Hi UU....I completely agree, the MSM in Canada is a joke, and swims like a school of fish. When one goes one way they all follow. The Parliamentary Oress Gallery is incredibly mediocre, but also incredibly arrogant which makes for a really toxic combination. And as you point out the mega concentration and U.S. ownership is a real scandal. They are clearly out to destroy Justin Trudeau but will no doubt fail again....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...thanks for reminding me of John Candy, a truly funny guy and a great Canadian. I know a guy who used to work at Global TV when they were making episodes of SCTV and he told me some great stories about how funny he was on and off the set. In a way I'm almost glad he's not around to see the country Canada has become, reeking with smelly Cons and not half as funny as it once was....

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Simon. The unhinged feeding frenzy on display by the MSM is a great disservice to Canadians who only want the facts, not their speculative judge, jury and sentencing reporting before everyone has a chance to speak their truth. This kind of mob mentality is what brought us Harper and with the conspiracy theorists already frothing at the mouth over the Admiral Norman affair, these hacks and those who take their words as gospel could end up being the main reason Harper 2.0 is elected PM this fall.
Imagine, PM Scheer, elected with no coherent platform. 30 something insurance salesman whose greatest political achievement is being a Harper lackey. Extensive experience in manufacturing...scandals. Excelled in math...mainly division and a proven track record as the most incompetent, partisan Speaker of the House in history. Brought to you by a biased MSM and the worse outbreak of Justin Trudeau Derangement Syndrome ever. Sad.

Simon said...

Hi Gyor....please don't add hypocrisy to your long list of human weaknesses. You are the most anti-feminist person who comments here, so don't try to accuse me of being a sexist. The blogger Alheli Picazo posted this recently, and she might as well have Written it for you:

Curious how those who considered @Puglaas
a 'diversity hire', who routinely diminished her gender and heritage until she became politically useful to them, are claiming to be her greatest admirers and champions - allies, one might say - while despising everything she stands for.

While my position as a feminism supporter has always been clear. I was happy that an indigenous woman was appointed Justice Minister . But her job performance should be judged like any other person would be, and not on the basis of her race or gender. As for the notion that she could become Liberal leader please tell me what kind of weed you are smoking, because I want some!!!!
Finally as for the Admiral Norman case, it's even more irrelevant to the lives of ordinary Canadians that the St Jody saga, if that's possible. So the reaction will be the same 💤💤💤💤

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, bullshit. Spoken like someone who doesn't understand feminism.

Feminism is about understanding that women, like men, should be approached on their own merits. "Benevolent sexism" like the hypocritical Cons are practicing, using her as a stooge for their own anti-Trudeau hate, is just as toxic. Jody was a shit AG and a toxic employee who apparently has the mentality of a cult leader. Nothing about feminism changes that.

You can still be a feminist -- I am, so is Trudeau, and I am proud of him and always will be -- and still realize that she's a stinging bee itch and her stage daddy is barking mad.

Jackie Blue said...

Michael Coren said the same thing, pretty much.

Fascinating how people who've never supported - and even opposed - feminism and indigenous rights and have ignored bullying are suddenly "outraged" by what they insist is a bullying insult to an indigenous woman.

She's a stooge in the spotlight and she loves it. BTW, she's finally getting called out by her own people. Manitoba's Métis Leader says #IStandWithJustin and has had just about enough of her exploitative, grandstanding shit.

"There’s never anyone who’s spent so much political capital in trying to make a difference in Indigenous lives..." [Manitoba Métis Federation Leader, David] Chartrand said of Trudeau. The sad part " an Indigenous person (Wilson-Raybould) trying to bring that same government down..."

Jody's been a bad girl and I hope her "big house" comes crumbling down on her. Backstabbers and narcissists come in all stripes and she certainly fits the, um, Bill.

PR GUY said...

JWR is taking a torturous path if she's interested in CPC leadership.
However back in 2015, there was lots of opportunistic folks who thought LPC would win election. JWR was probably one of them (to her regret now).
As for Trudeau and the LPC, they usually wait 2 or 3 election cycles before they shard the bed.
I would have to review JWR's mandate letter and wait to see if her legislation passes muster.
I don't drink or toke, so I'm ambivalent as her Justice record was shoddy.

jrkrideau said...

In her testimony, she was clear-spoken and prepared with good notes.

I have not watched her testimony but I would think that this is exactly what one expect of a lawyer?

The ROC is buying "her truth".
This may be true but I am not seeing or hearing any of this locally. It really seems more like an Ottawa Opposition politicians and the Hill media in a feeding frenzy. It may have a longer term effect but I am not getting that feeling.

So far, no crimes, no hush money, heck not even a dubious airline ticket charged to a Parliamentary account. Meh.

thwap said...


As usual you're confused. You didn't disagree with everything I had to say because I specifically agreed with the possibility that JWR had been a lousy Justice Minister.

Just so that's out of the way.

You continue to insist that because JWR didn't resign at the time, then nothing bad happened; other than Saint Justin trying to protect tens of thousands of jobs. You continue to ignore the fact that a crime can be a crime even if no one reports it. You see, it was also incumbent upon Saint Justin, and Saint Wernick and all the other saintly Liberals to NOT INTERFERE with the independence and the autonomy of the Attorney General. And clearly, they interfered constantly on behalf of Liberal Party donor SNC-Lavalin.

I don't know where The Buffalo Chronicle came from, but they appear to have some of the best reporting on this whole situation:

"Despite the Justice Ministry’s conclusion that SNC Lavalin did not qualify for a ‘Deferred Prosecution Agreement’ in early September, Wernick played a key role in coordinating ‘vigorous’ months-long lobbying of the Attorney General. His objective was clear and readily admitted in his testimony: he wanted Wilson-Raybould to ignore the requirements of that law, and to direct career prosecutors to halt the criminal trial of a firm with a long history of public corruption and bribery.

Wernick also admitted that his motives, and the motives of his co-conspirators, were motivated by economic and political considerations. The deferred prosecution law specifically rejects economic and political reasoning from being considered in determining eligibility."

SNC-Lavalin did indeed lobby to have DPA's brought to this country. This was reported by Corporate Crime Reporter in January 2017. (Perhaps you could start singing the praises of those noble corporate lobbyists who were trying to do everything they could to save the jobs of their employees!) [Note: That was sarcasm.]

How corporate executives can be prosecuted and made to pay huge fines when DPA's mean that nothing will be prosecuted is a mystery to me. Perhaps you could point me to the legislation that says that individuals can still be pursued even though the corporate entity that committed the crimes isn't.

As for my personal circumstances; 1) you couldn't be further from the truth and 2) they're irrelevant regardless. I'll admit that I've taken to wondering if someone is paying you to write this crap.

Jackie Blue said...

Hey thwap? "The Buffalo Chronicle" is the same fake news outlet that Kinsella got caught with his pants down sharing links to. The fact that you're quoting from it makes me take to wonder if Daisy Group is paying you to write this crap (and maybe they own it too, who knows). More like buffalo chips if you ask me.

Are you a troll on Warren's payroll (Hamish's?), hired to go after Trudeau supporters from the Progressive Bloggers network? Particularly those who stand with Patty O'Limerick? Don't think we don't see that happening, sweetheart.

Jackie Blue said...

Update: More yellow or should I say blue journalism from Fox News North.

CTV did a report last night with Nik Nanos claiming that "1 out of 4 Canadians say the Lavalin scandal would influence their vote." Which means 3 out of 4 say it won't. Not only that, but they muddied their numbers, lying through omission: only 17% said it absolutely would, while 10% were unsure. 73% said what matters to them most is (tada) just like James Carville said, "it's the economy, stupid."

This is how skewed the narrative really is. They didn't even include the charts in their story or any real breakdown of the numbers. 39% still say the Liberals are the more ethical government, versus 34% for the Conservatives. Subtract the dumbass cult hicks out in the prairies and the column overwhelmingly favors the LPC.

Canadian media is an absolute Trumpster fire. That distasteful cartoon with the Trunicorn skeleton should be changed to reflect the dead horse they're still beating. Don't they have baseball to cover or earthquakes or Baby Jessica stuck in a well?

Anonymous said...

Thwap,You seem as belligerent and intransigent as JWR. You miss the point in its entirety. There were LEGAL alternatives to dealing with SNC that did not involve destroying a Canadian company who provides thousands of well paying jobs. A DPA is not a get out of jail free card. It is a mode to avoid a costly trial with the requisite appeals. The events happened between 2006-2011. The executives who oversaw the corruption have been fired and are long gone. JWR could never provide a legal rationale as to why if SNC had cleaned house and were willing to submit to the conditions attached to a DPA she would not even consider it. Don't kid yourself and stop being so naïve. Even your sainted NDP would have done the same thing when thousands of jobs were on the line. I hope the NDP keeps teaming up with the CPC to drive anti-Quebec sentiment. The NDP are going to lose every single Quebec seat and they will once again be also-rans after the next election.

Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 12:21 -- Re: How this is playing in la belle province.

A Québec cartoonist is out with an illustration that manages to accurately capture JWR's torturing of Trudeau while not resorting to any of the grotesque anti-Indigenous caricatures or the veiled assassination threats implied in the above "dead unicorn" cartoon and the tasteless invoking of Michel's death in the avalanche.

The cartoonist portrayed JWR and Trudeau as Kathy Bates and James Caan in Misery II.

I think this one pretty well sums up the scenario. Certainly better than Paul Wells' latest hate meme. Fifty Shades of Ego. "It's for the best."

thwap said...

Jackie Blue,

Normally I wouldn't give you the time of day because I think you're a paid Liberal hack and also because you're likely certifiably insane. But you've mentioned something that I admit I had doubts about.

I wrote "I don't know where The Buffalo Chronicle came from" because while their reporting seemed to be good, I couldn't find out anything about them. In another online incarnation I was asking about them on facebook but nobody told me anything. I wrote that "they appear to have some of the best reporting" because it seemed to get straight to the point and connect the dots.

You know; stuff that Simon consistently fails to grasp (whether deliberately or not) ... such as the fact that the AG is not supposed to consider the economic consequences of prosecuting a corporate criminal versus a DPA. Such as the fact that the Clerk of the Privy Council isn't supposed to be warning the AG about the partisan consequences of her decisions.

For the record: Bribery of foreign officials is excluded from DPA's.

That's far better than the hysterical ranting on this site about how this is all about how the saintly Liberals are only trying to protect jobs; and that legislation that was inserted into an omnibus bill (thereby receiving little to no scrutiny) and which allows corporate criminals to escape justice, is all about protecting the employees of these criminal firms.

If they're a "fake-news" site, then mea culpa.

I have no clue what your babbling about "Daisy Group" or standing with "Patty O'Limerick" means.

e.a.f. said...

omg this has been an "entertaining" read if only for the amount of "quarrelling" which is going on. The PP party and Cons must be very happy to read a bunch of progressives going at it at this rate.

some accuse JWR as not being good at her job. Question: how do you know? Do you work with her, the Supreme Court, other lawyers who work with her, etc. No, most likely not, simply what others are saying. Being a little less going for the throat might be a good idea. Suggesting JWR wants Trudeau's job and was unwilling to wait, again, not that collegial and no facts to support the allegations, just opinions which of course is your right.

Some of this is getting worse than the Con media. Please give it a rest. JWR felt she was being pressured. That is her right. Trudeau wanted something and felt he and his needed to put forward their argument. That was their right. It was Trudeau's right as P.M. to re shuffle his cabinet. JWR had the right to be unhappy about her new job. She had the right to resign. She had the right to answer the questions of the committee. Its called freedom of speech. we live in a democracy and every one has the right to say their "piece" as long as it stays this side of hate speech and refrains from taking it into a criminal sphere. . What we have here is a difference of opinion. There is no right or wrong.

No one has to believe anyone in this situation. We are all free to believe what we wish. however, we might want to remember why we liked all of these people to begin which and thought they made a good cabinet.

This all started because of an article by Robert Fife and we still don't know where this story started, so until we really know the facts, lets take a deep breath before we blow up the more progressive side of things. We do have an election coming up. At the rate things are going JWR will most likely be running in her riding and every Liberal will be needed if they are to form government once again, just as every Green, NDP, Bloc member will be needed instead of a Conservative or PP party type.

The feeding frenzie is continuing with the MSM because it sells advertising and papers and they know that because many keep on like banshees on the subject.