Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Liberal Budget and the Monstrous Con Fascists

For a while it looked like it would be like any other Budget Day in Canada. With the finance minister Bill Morneau posing proudly with his billion dollar baby.

And when I skimmed through the budget document later on it seemed like a pretty good one.

But Andrew Scheer was furious because the Liberals on the justice committee had rejected his demand that Jody Wilson-Raybould be brought back for even more testimony on the fake scandal.

And when Morneau tried to deliver his budget speech in the Commons this is what happened.

He was drowned out by a howling Con mob shouting "let her speak" and banging on their desks, in what had to be the most disgusting scene I have ever witnessed in a Canadian parliament. 

A fascist circus if ever there was one.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the enraged Scheer then led his Cons out of the Commons, calling the justice committee decision rather than his own behaviour an "assault on democracy" 

Even though as you can see from that picture, he is clearly not a well man, and is demonstrably unfit to be the leader of any Canadian party, let alone prime minister.

But just don't tell that to his stooges in the Con media like Kady O'Malley, who far from being disgusted declared that deplorable behaviour to be a win for Scheer.

While the CBC's News Network decided to cover what Scheer had to say about the fake scandal, rather than what Morneau had to say about the budget.

Can you believe that? Have they no respect for the decent people of Canada?

And to make matters worse, none of those shabby media stooges even mentioned the obvious reason Scheer is behaving like a maniac.

The fact that after having hidden behind his creepy smile for so long, he has finally been exposed as a far-right extremist...

And a threat to this country and its values.

Which is why I chose to sum up what happened yesterday like this:

The fascists are at the gates. 

The Battle for Canada has begun.

And failure is not an option...


Anonymous said...

Of course we wouldn't be worried about a PM Scheer if the Liberals had kept their core 2015 promise to reform the electoral system. Cons only win by left-of-centre vote splitting.


Jackie Blue said...

I think there's another reason the Cons don't want the budget being tabled.

Just as their first budget in 2016 hit high-income earners with a tax hike, Tuesday’s budget contains a zinger, too, with a move to restrict the tax break on executive stock options at mature corporations.

Justin's going after the 1%. Death with a thousand cuts -- er, tax increases. Or pain, at least. Now we really have a very Canadian passion play on our hands. They're trying to crucify him for aiming at the money handlers. It's not quite a populist revolution, but any dings at their portfolio are deemed blasphemy to the holy profits of Mammon.

Oh, and then there's this:

It doubles funding -- rising to $4 million a year -- offered to religious sites such as mosques and synagogues to install security measures.

In the wake of the Christchurch massacre -- which was itself inspired by Québec City. No wonder the Cons wouldn't want anyone to hear about THAT. "The Liberals are going to protect Jews and Muslims, and we think that sucks!" is not exactly a helpful message for any party, especially right now. So you might as well drown the whole thing out, grab the remote by force and switch back to the 24/7 Fake Scandal Channel.

This really is But Her Emails all over again. What really frightens and sickens me is how the M$M are so willing to help them out. Hillary had a platform. Trump had nothing but bluster, impotent rage, and character assassination -- and the complicit stage managers of Bullshit Theater who let him run the show. Son of a bitch, they want it to happen again.

Get me off this planet. I can't take the stupid anymore.

Jackie Blue said...

By the way, speaking of the Cons' white supremacy and the M$M enabling of it: I just found this graphic on another website about how the normalization of white supremacy escalates and metastasizes if it isn't checked. Might want to share it. The M$M's complicit bothsiderism is mentioned as the first step.

Note that this isn't necessarily a linear pyramid and more than one "symptom" is possible at the same time. But the U.S. is already knee-deep in all of this right now and is arguably one notch down from a full-blown Holocaust. Doubtful Canada would get that far even under the worst of Conservative impulses, but don't ever think "it can't happen here."

What the graphic doesn't mention verbatim is the possibility of political assassinations toward those trying to make things better. Romanian Andy cozying up to the yellow pests and their assorted ilk poses a direct threat to Trudeau. Those mothertrucker sisterfuckers are his vanguard militia just like "Bikers for Trump." Does anyone really want Kevin Goudreau in charge of the RCMP???

Jackie Blue said...

Except the Cons used bullshit theater to sabotage that too. The NDP wanted a referendum. The Liberals wanted ranked balloting. There wasn't a consensus, nobody was going to be happy, and there would have been an outcry of "power grab" no matter what. So rather than drag it out in a massive clusterfuck, the Liberals just punted the ball and moved on to the business of bread-and-butter issues. Look no further than Brexit for why complex political modifications shouldn't be put to a popular referendum. Or all the electoral reform referendums that have happened since, that people don't turn out for and nobody bothers to change.

No, we wouldn't be worried about a PM Scheer if the M$M did their due diligence informing the public and held his feet to the fire for being a Nazi sympathizer. Instead, they keep having a circlejerk about fake scandals to drum up ad revenue and ratings, and attack Trudeau to please their corporate masters, make themselves the story, and snort their own supply of schadenfreude because they hate him like a male Hillary Clinton. Emails emails emails.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, the Liberal troll is lying again. The ERRE did its job, recommended PR as a change, with the referendum to decide if the electorate wanted it. The Liberals didn't get their way so Trudeau went home and pouted.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Scheer and Bergen says it all. He looks like a spoiled little brat, starving for attention and Bergen even wore her clutching pearls just for this occasion.
The Con hissy fit over the fake scandal has now reached Twilight Zone proportions and that CBC news would cover that idiot's faux outrage instead of the budget tells me it's time to shut down this colossal waste of taxpayers money. CBC news is a joke and it has failed Canadians by not exposing the real, racist Andrew Scheer. Just like Trump, Scheer couldn't bring himself to utter the word Muslims or condemn the far right in his first tweet about the Christchurch massacre. And just like Trump, if it had been a Muslim carrying out an attack, he would never shut up about it. Double standards it would seem from the twin pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Ever since Andrew Coyne questioned Scheer’s bizarre behaviour, and wondered why he was pandering to extremist elements, he has been in a panic. And that photo reflects that panic better than any article could. He knows he’s toast and he’s afraid what others might uncover. Bye bye Andy.

e.a.f. said...

decided to not watch the budget. knew it was going to be a gong show.

The Conservatives displayed very poor manners. Walking out, I'm O.k. with, but the chanting, not so much. I'd rather not refer to it as fascist, simply bad manners. Fascist gives their actions some political identity, and they are not deserving of that. They are more like a bad mannered rabel The chant was a tad dated anyhow. Let her speak, that is just so yesterday.

Picture of Scheer, yes, he does look scared. Don't know of what. its like, omg we walked out, what now? They had to answer media questions of course and even with a friendly media, they may have been out of their depth.

Jackie Blue, thank you for pointing out those interesting budget items. Wasn't aware of them. They are good.

it was interesting to read in France, the yellow jackets are now being considered "thugs". Eventually the public gets tired of all the histrionics.

ottlib said...

Justin Trudeau made a rookie mistake. He gave into pressure to have the committee looking into electoral reform be represented by percentage of the vote in the 2015 election instead of the number of seats in the House. Naturally, all parties on the committee took self-interested positions on electoral reform and they did not budge from them for almost 2 years. Finally, with no consensus in sight and the window to implement any changes closing, even if they could have come to an agreement, Mr. Trudeau pulled the plug. If he would have stuck with the number of seats formula for the committee we would be going into the next election with a new ranked ballot voting system.

Steve said...

The biggest problem in Canada is affordable housing, rent or own. This budget increased demand and did nothing for supply. See Singapore, they have been doing this right for 60 years.

ottlib said...

If you believe the media the Liberals are in trouble for the next election. With that in mind I was looking at this budget to see if they really were in trouble. Usually a troubled government uses election budgets to display a shiny bauble to voters, such as a big tax cut and/or a big spending promise in order to get themselves back into the good books of voters. Hell, Stephen Harper brought down two of them after the Duffy Scandal hit. The budget the Liberals delivered yesterday was anything but that. It was very workmanlike. It advanced priorities that the government identified in 2015 but there were no obvious measures to grab the attention of voters. That is not the actions of a government that is in trouble. I think the media's assertion that the Liberals are in trouble might be...ummm...overstated. I had a notion.

Marmalade said...

I'm going to with NZ and refuse to say his name!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this, Simon?
Particularly the image of the note handed to the media and tweeted out by Mercedes Stephenson outlining the Liberal plan to study and amend the human rights act, the criminal code or any other act to deal with the flood of hatred that permeates social media.
Dale Smith goes on to say:
"This set the Conservatives off, and they warned that they would ensure that the budget was going to be delayed, mark their words, and they set up all manner of procedural trickery in which to do so. Except that the Liberals outplayed them, tabled the document just before 4 PM, right before the vote was being called that was intending to delay the budget speech, and then Bill Morneau marched out to the Foyer to start talking to all of the assembled media outlets and get his message out, while the opposition stayed in the Chamber to carry on their procedural shenanigans, to the point where they essentially held themselves hostage." That's hilarious.
Hopefully you can dig up more info on this because, as this study evolves, Canadians will learn just how cozy Scheer, Ford, etc. are to the alt-right white supremacists that have turned social media into a sewage of hate.
The note also details how Harper struck down section 13 of the human rights act which essentially allowed the Cons fringe elements to spew their hatred on the internet unabated. How convenient was that?
This study is a gift that will keep on giving as it should fully expose Scheer's coddling and cuddling relationship with the worst segments of our society. His look of Scheer terror alongside Candace Bergen is very telling. The tables are turning on the Scheermonger and now it's his turn to be afraid, be very afraid.

Jackie Blue said...

Hallelujah! Captain Canada and the Avengers are fighting the Northern Nazis at last!!!

ffibs said...

If the opposition had used these tactics when Harper was in I would have been cheering them on.
Just saying.