Friday, March 01, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Invisible Justin Trudeau

As we all know Andrew Scheer is doing everything he can to make the fake scandal look not only like a real scandal.

But the BIGGEST scandal in the WORLD.

And his latest attempt to pump some more hot air into that dead balloon is to demand that the RCMP investigate Justin Trudeau.

While he goes after Trudeau in the House of Commons and challenges him to surrender or ELSE.

So here he is doing that, or should I say PRETENDING to do that.

Because although Scheer tries to make it look like he's asking Trudeau questions, and the prime minister is too guilty to answer.

The truth is that Trudeau isn't in the House of Commons, he's in Montreal.

And the sleazy Scheer is faking it...
Can you believe that?

Accusing Trudeau of lacking fortitude, putting pretend questions on tape, so they can use it to make fake attack ads about the fake scandal during the election campaign, and make the decent Trudeau look like a coward and a criminal.

When in fact Scheer is the cowardly Con man who would crawl through a sewer to try to destroy the man he considers the Antichrist....

So he can become the next prime minister of Canada, and start dismembering this country and its values.

But if the Schmearmonger is counting on the fake scandal to transport him to 24 Sussex, he probably should call a taxi.

And that's because according to Ekos' Frank Graves the fake scandal is not going anywhere...

Lordy. All that saturation coverage, all those Kumbaya sessions with St Jody, all those Trudeau obituaries. All for NOTHING

Oh boy, I can only imagine how the cowardly Scheer and his hapless Con stooges must be absorbing that one...

Probably badly. Really badly.

But as I said on Twitter...on the positive side, it is another great example of why the creepy serial liar Scheer should never be allowed to get anywhere near government.

And why those Con stooges in the Parliamentary Press Gallery should all be fired.

Fakers are fakers.

And it is a fake scandal...


  1. Good read at iPolitics about the tunnel-vision obsession of the media churning out clicks and hot takes on this and ONLY this at the expense of all other issues. They really do make themselves the story. I think I even saw a headline on Twitter branding it the "Trudeau/Wilson-Raybould affair." Figures someone would go for THAT angle soon enough.

    Meanwhile, Heather Mallick is again getting bombarded with misogynistic filth on social media for a follow-up article pleading for an end to the sensationalism over what is really just a workplace spat that got out of hand. Chantal Hébert and Susan Delacourt have both said "please, let cooler heads prevail." Poor Dale Smith just looks exasperated. He wrote a column saying that "Trudeau's political eulogy is premature" and got a response from some homophobic idiot: "the only thing premature is your ejaculation for your soyboy idol." Wow, such measured analysis of Westminster legal principles and parliamentary procedure from the Conservative peanut gallery. Obviously calls to reason are falling on deaf ears among not only the trolls but the publish-or-perish Coynes, Martins and of course Fifes of the crowd. "No fake news, no fake news, you are fake news."

    Now as for Scheer, he looks like an absolute deranged nutcase with his Clint Eastwood act. An empty chair. Why doesn't he "Make my day" and just go away. Didn't the Cons at one point haul out a cardboard cutout of Trudeau to yell at? What's next for their two-minute-hate feasts, a full-length poster? A computer hologram? What other "placeholders" does Hamish or Ezra have in their hoarders' garage? The shiny pony figurine? A piñata? A life-size voodoo doll? And they say Liberal supporters are obsessed...

    I swear it's like there's a prion disease infecting the Cons' brains (or whatever Jello-mold substitute thereof) and spreading feverishly to their media apparatus. Gives a new meaning to "going viral." Thanks a lot Jody, for being an agent of chaos. I just hope Sandi Garossino is correct that this too shall pass and that Gerald's upcoming testimony (with receipts!) is enough to put all this Bedlam to bed once and for all.

    1. Hi Jackie...Yes, I saw that Paul Adams story, and I thought it was well written and very applicable to what is happening now. And of course it's a warning about what might happen happen later during the election campaign. As for the rampant misogyny and homophobia of the Cons these days, I've been getting my share of hate mail, but I see it as yet another sign that the Cons are totally desperate. In fact, I'm predicting that Scheer will have a total nervous breakdown by the beginning of April at the latest....

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Meanwhile we have the China dictatorship sending their best trolls to do whataboutism for the extradition of Ms Meng. Of course their false equivalence is we should just let her go, the way we are supposedly trying to let SNC-Lavalin go. It provides some comic relief, it seems the China dictatorship just doesn't have the same quality of trolls as the Cons have.

    I'm sure the US would be willing to look at a DPA agreement with Huawei, in which she is removed from her position and possibly jailed for bank fraud, just like SNC-Lavalin execs. Trump could pardon her, but he does not have the power to initiate the prosecution in the first place, unlike what the China dictatorship routinely does. But the China dictatorship would never agree to a DPA, they need a Party minder in her position, and I am sure they are frustrated that if they had been honest in the first place, she would have been traveling under diplomatic passport as a senior Party member and would not have been detained.

    The longer the fake scandal goes on, the more people understand the DPA isn't a plea bargain or get out of jail free, it allows a company to clean house internally without being forced to sell out to its competitors, it forces oversight on the company or else the prosecution resumes.

    And we keep remembering none of this would have come to light under a Harper regime. They would have tossed what they would call Injun Jody to the back bench at the first whiff of disobedience, and anyone questioning their actions would be accused of treason and doxed by the Prince of Darkness.

    1. The Huawie is Dutch East India Company cracking down on the competition. Huawie has a better 5 G product than the USA. Huawie refuses to put NSA spy chips in the network. Now do they have Chinese secerect police chips, apparently not at the moment, but just like Iran they want to develop Nukes on a moments notice right?

      Kinda makes you wonder what happened to Northern Telecom. We dont have to wonder what happened to the superior Bombardier C series.

    2. Anonymous1:16 PM

      Meanwhile the LPC has its best trolls spluttering "b-b-b-b-but Harper", "b-b-b-bb-ut Scheer", and "b-b-b-bbut Singh" daily across social media. What was your point, besides the latest Liberal talking ones??

    3. Anonymous12:28 AM

      I'm summed up as "bbb-but Harper"? Seriously? At what point in the Harper regime did they stop saying "unlike the previous government" about just about anything they did? Try a little harder, 2016 wants their meme back.

      My point is all governments of any stripe will try to preserve jobs and help the economy, and if using an alternate legal resolution system for a case such as this, they should push for it. I would have no problem with any government doing the same thing and for so called "political" reasons because that is exactly why we have a political system. The China dictatorship sends commenters to continue to draw false equivalence between our form of sausage making and their routine operation as a dictatorship of the Party. In ours the political process is one in which control is exercised by having elections every few years. So you have the concept of "political capital". Use up too much and you lose. The opposition will always trash talk you as having no political capital left, hoping to convince voters to abandon you for fear of missing out on the next great hope. But absent the periodic elections, you can't replace the leaders and prevent them from doing whatever they please, usually becoming more despotic over time. They have virtually unlimited political capital because they only need to keep happy the military keeping them in power. You can't replace the leaders of the NSA and have any chance of requiring controls on their use of the spy chips.

      You can compare this to the capitalist system we operate under, in that capitalism is a great way to encourage innovation and growth but it naturally tends to monopolies so we have laws to prune that back and keep it in the growth curve. Similarly in government, of course you are going to try to help the voters who elected you in your riding and province. Who decided there is something wrong with that? I thought it was how we have accountability in our politicians. But there is an obvious tendency towards only looking after your supporters' interests, which is countered by you having to get elected periodically and spend your political capital wisely.

      So I think we should be honest about this as being reality. Only would be dictators would claim the political process we have is somehow bad. Such people would like us to be "free", free of knowing how things work, free of having the information to see when things are getting out of hand. Openness is the key I think.

    4. e.a.f.12:53 AM

      speaking of trolls from China and/or the Chinese Government, there was something in the paper out in B.C. about trolls complaining a University student in the east was elected the Pres. of the student union and they're all upset about it because she is of Tibetan descent? Yikes, perhaps this is more China, Russia, and Saudi, none of whom care for our P.M. or our Foreign Minister. May not like our former Minister of Justice either.

      still would like to know where Fife got his story from.

      steve at 9:27 a,m. what are you "talking" about? The Dutch East India Company? Really.......the Dutch stay out of a lot of things these days that they were into 400/509 years ago. The Han people kicked their buts and the Dutch went back to Indonesia and left the Han people to Taiwan however, you can see the Dutch genes in some Indigenous people of Taiwan, the blue eyes. As to telecom equipment, I'd rather we keep China out of it. We have enough of their fent. in B.C. Its not like their a good corporate citizen and yes, in my opinion there isn't a lot of difference between China the government and China the businesses. Some consider Xi more of a Maoist in his approach to government and business....

    5. Hi anon@11:31PM....The day the Chinese can offer us any lessons on the administration of justice will be the day hell freezes over. But they do have the right to complain about the politicization of the Meng case. And if Wilson-Rayboukd had been a better Justice Minister we could have given Meng a quick get out of jail card, sent her on the way, and soared ourselves a lot of grief. You know I like the Boy Scout or Dudley Do Right types so much I live with one. But in the hard world of international trade you have to know how to get an elbow or two in without the ref seeing you, or you are going to end up lying flat on the ice in a morgue...

  3. Anonymous3:14 AM

    "And the sleazy Scheer is faking it..."
    How bizarre and idiotic that was, Simon. We've witnessed the birth of a Con propaganda ad created by deceptive means and intended solely to deceive Canadians. Instead of offering Canadians a viable alternative to the Libs by way of a coherent platform, Scheer has doubled down on attacking JT. That's all they do now, 24/7, attack, rinse, repeat. Their base and their sons and daughters of Odin and their ilk will love it as it will inspire them to double down on their threats and dubious protests. Scheer knows that if you keep the beasts full of red meat they will in turn do their master's bidding while master hides behind the façade of "what?! Who?! Me?! Sheesh!
    Frank Graves' tweet is quite compelling in that for all the outrage the Con's and their media can muster, they cant fool us into believing their version of "Trudeau bad, Jody, all of a sudden, good". Maybe a lot of people are like myself, I will not click on any news emanating from the bowels of the sun or national post and have never subjected my computer to the garbage from rebel media.
    That is why I treasure your blog so much, Simon. You have the stomach to separate the wheat from the chaff and relate it to us with levity and links to back up the facts. And that is why the Con's hate your blog so much because just as Jack Nicholson roared in "A Few Good Men", they "just cant handle the truth".

    1. Hi JD...yes, wasn't Scheer's fakery act bizarre. They've done it before to collect material for their attack ads, but this time Scheer looked even more ridiculous than usual. The Liberals could make a very effective and very funny attack ad out of the same material, but unfortunately they don't seem to have a killer instinct. They are going to have to develop one soon but for now the Cons are doing a great job of annoying Canadians with their never ending attack ads, and they will pay a price for that. I have to admit the Con media is now looking and sounding so desperate that I have seriously scaled back on the amount of political news I watch every day, and I feel almost like a new man. And thank you for your kind words. Between the fake scandal and the freezing weather my extraordinary ability to see the bright side or funny side of everything has been seriously compromised, But I know it drives the Cons crazy, so I intend to keep on doing it even if have to start drinking...🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍷🍷🍷🍹🍹🍹🍹🍻🍻🍻🍾

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    The Canadian media is looking south and suffering "Scandal Envy!"

  5. I media feeding frenzy is distrubing. I believe in Jesus, Santa Clause, the Easter bunny and that there is no politics in the Justice system.

  6. PR Guy4:48 AM

    Let's see if Trudeau can last until Oct?
    What you think of any conservative going back to Confederation is moot.
    It's Trudeau's fake scandal to deal with. So far, not so good!
    Let's see if Butts will carry the water for him on Wednesday?

    1. Hi PR Guy....look I don't want you to be disappointed, so please don't even dream that Justin Trudeau won't be there in October. For not only will he be there, he''s going to win the election, and send Andrew Scheer into early retirement. I mean seriously, do you think that a sinister nerd like Scheer is going to become Prime Minister? And with the NDP at a record low in the polls, and all but dead in Quebec, Trudeau will never have a better chance to win another majority. Sorry...😼

  7. The tide is starting to turn. The Star is saying Weak Andy is crying wolf, GWR has sour grapes, and if the gov really wanted to save SNL they only have to pass legislation.