Friday, March 08, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Kooky Pizzagate Conspiracy

As I have shown over and over again, Andrew Scheer is an alt-right sympathizer who will do anything to encourage his Trumpling supporters to try to destroy Justin Trudeau.

His use of the alt-right conspiracy theory that claimed that Trudeau was conspiring with the U.N. to "erase Canada's borders", resulted in an avalanche of death threats aimed at the prime minister.

And now he's at it again.

Pretending at a town hall today, that he doesn't know what the pizzagate conspiracy theory is all about.

Or even more pathetically, claiming that he didn't hear the question. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today he didn't hear a question asked at a town hall event about an infamous — and widely debunked — conspiracy theory connecting former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to a child sex ring.

Even though the question from one of his kooky supporters was so clear people all over the hall started applauding, and Scheer did manage to turn his answer into another attack on Trudeau.

In his response to the town hall questioner, Scheer did not say the pizzagate theory was false — although he did pick up on the Clinton Foundation angle to talk about Trudeau spending taxpayers' money on what he called "personal projects."  

"You mentioned that the Clinton Foundation ... there are other examples where Justin Trudeau's government has given grants to hire people for groups that are, you know, advocating for their own particular ideology, specifically fighting against things like pipelines and building our infrastructure to be able to get our energy to international markets."

Which makes it only too clear that he is lying. Again.

Which if you remember how he lied about the UN Global Compact on Migration.

A spokesperson for Trudeau accused Scheer of promoting falsehoods, citing his attacks on the federal government's embrace of the UN Global Compact on Migration. Scheer has said he fears the document could exert an influence over Canada's immigration system — even though it is not a treaty and is not binding on the nations that support it.

Is yet another reason why he must NEVER become prime minister.

You know, yesterday I reminded my Twitter followers that Scheer has been a political extremist since he was only ten-years-old...
But now he's all grown up, and he is even weirder and more dangerous than ever.

He owes his allegiance to an evil ideology not a country.

And if the Con media allows him to get away with that, and if he ever becomes prime minister.

He will destroy this country...


Steve said...

The Trump adm has just declared Weak Andy is the legitimate PM. JT has lied to the public and no longer fit to rule. Its a situation so bad, we should skip elections and just make Weak Andy PM.

Anonymous said...

He heard it. He just cant bring himself to defend JT no matter what. That is a hatred that's borderline psychotic and many in the Con media are just as bad. WTF is wrong with these people?! Except for a small minority, the MSM is doing its damndest to vanquish JT and help elect this woefully inadequate and undeserving freak to lead this country. These people need to get a grip and maybe some mental help to deal with their obsession with destroying a good man because of his last name and a constant barrage of bullshit from Scheer and now, disgruntled employees.
Those people that actually clapped at the idiot's(rebel subscriber?) pizzagate comments are a prime example of a Canadian version of a Trump rally and Scheer's failure to dispute such garbage is yet another example that he is not fit to lead this country.
Why not call these supposed "townhalls" for what they are. A Con rally filled with Cons doing their best impressions of a Trump supporter. Or as Michael Wernick fittingly described, a vomitorium.

Anonymous said...

The Harper government also donated to the Clinton foundation in 2014 but guess that was OK as it was before the "well documented pizzagate". His town hall screening process seems to do an effective job of selecting the best of the winners. Of course if you are going to tell lies you need the gullible cheering you on.
The illegal border crossers is a classic... all blah but no action. The reason is that if he presented an action plan it would be shot full of holes so its better to pretend he has an action plan, then if they get into power pass a stupid piece of legislation to distract the population and argue it all the way to the supreme court while using it as a stick to undermine our institutions. Trump has already explored all of the options at the Mexican border a) barb wire and tear gas b) child separation and incarceration in POW style camps at a cost of $130,000 per person year c) rescind the safe first country agreement allowing the refugees to apply at a Canadian border crossing and drag their feet on applicant processing which in turn will only push them to cross illegally. The number of border crossers from the US are directly proportional to Trump policies and the number of countries destroyed by war and climate change. Seems our money would be better spent on trying to address some of these issues and if we fail perhaps eventually we will need POW camps but not now!

Jackie Blue said...

A ringing endorsement.

Jackie Blue said...

It's Clinton (Trudeau) Derangement Syndrome, with Canadian pineapple pizza this time around. The parallels are probably more comparable to Bill and Hillary -- Hillary especially -- than Barack Obama. Obama faced racism on par with the misogyny that Hillary did (and still does) and the "presumed" homophobia about Trudeau, but Obama was a relative newcomer without the baggage of his surname (his "ethnic" name notwithstanding). Misogyny is inextricable from homophobia, so Clinton II <-> Trudeau II.

Now you've got his family's charity foundation being drawn into Pizzagate/QAnon, no doubt with a good helping of anti-Soros fanaticism thrown in for good measure. There's already conspiracy theories floating around about that "Smallville" sex cult that the goofy Bronfman sisters were part of. The usual basement-dwelling truther types LARPing "Ready Player One" (great book, but not to be interpreted as an instruction manual) and parsing Illuminati symbolism in Justin's Superman costume, the suicide of Pierre's ex-girlfriend Margot Kidder and Elizabeth May's engagement to Margot's brother. If you play the soundtrack backwards, it says Paul -- er, Chris Reeve is dead.

So it's really more of a Clinton template being followed than an Obama one, although Obama ended up being drawn into the cult fever by default of just being a liberal and an "other." Furthermore: Scheer <-> Gingrich, psychotic, obsessive and insecure former Speaker of the House. (Same Lego Nazi haircut as Harper.) All the same ingredients are there. This is first-term, so SNC <-> Whitewater. If JT manages to pull off a victory in October (even a minority government) in spite of all this, look for a phony Monicagate bomb within the first year, brought to you by the letters W.K. "I did not have socks with that woman Ms. Wilson-Raybould." Except, unlike Slick Willie, he actually didn't. Hey, wasn't the Clintons' cat named Socks? Oooh, follow the rabbit down the glory hole and trust the plan! WYSIWYG!

Trudeau should hire Chris Lehane for crisis management. Or at least have his team study the things he worked on.

Simon said...

Hi Steve....OK, you bring the cake and the candles, and I'll bring the booze and the goose stepping waiters....

Simon said...

Hi JD...It is a vomitorium isn't it? And yes, of course Scheer heard it. I've stared at his pudgy pie face so often I could see it tighten as he heard the word Pizzagate and I could almost hear the wheels in his head spinning or clicking away. He couldn't say anything good about that wacko theory lest the sane came after him, and he couldn't say anything bad lest his rabid base tear him to pieces. How we ever got to this place where a question like that could be greeted by applause is something I'll probably spend the next ten years trying to figure out. But it sure is a dark place,...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...yes there are some disturbing similarities, especially the elephants in the room, misogyny and homophobia. My Gaydar has never been very good but Incan sense homophobia a mile away, and as you say misogyny and homophobia are inextricable. But even during that wild election campaign in the U.S. I never saw the media in a hysterical state similar to what we're experiencing here. It's mind boggling, it's hilarious, and it's terrifying. But Justin Trudeau has started to fight back at last, so that's a very good first step...

Simon said...

Hi RT....I would like to see the criteria required to attend one of those fake town halls. Where did they get that loony from, and how come so many others applauded? It was like a zombie convention. And I'm tempted to say it was all arranged to show Bernier's supporters Scheer is as crazy and as far right as he is. Whatever it is, it strikes me as a deeply disturbing moment that will require extensive study, Is it mass hysteria, or is it mediocrity gone wild? I may have to leave for Scotland at a moments notice...🙀