Friday, March 01, 2019

Why Andrew Scheer Should Be Investigated By The RCMP

Jody Wilson-Raybault had barely finished telling "her truth" the other day, before Andrew Scheer came running out to demand that Justin Trudeau resign, claiming he had lost the "moral authority" to govern.

Which of course was absolutely absurd, and in normal times would have had many wondering whether the desperate Scheer was losing his marbles.

But of course these are not normal times. The grubby Cons and their shabby shuffling media stooges are in a fevered frenzy, trying to use the fake scandal to destroy Justin Trudeau.

So the sleazy Scheer has felt empowered to take his never-ending campaign to destroy Trudeau, to a new level of depravity.

By once again calling Trudeau a criminal, and demanding that he be investigated by the RCMP. 

In a letter to the Mounties' Commissioner Brenda Lucki Thursday, the Tory leader reiterated the "serious allegations" former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould made in a gripping testimony that ran for almost four hours.

"These are incredibly serious allegations. And I do not write these words lightly. But the matter at hand appears, on its face, to be a gross violation of the law," Scheer wrote to Lucki.

Even though Wilson-Raybould herself has testified that nothing illegal took place.

And Andrew Scheer is the one who should be investigated for helping to incite violence against the prime minister.

For not only has Scheer been demonizing Trudeau for years, this monstrous attack ad helped ignite an explosion of ugly racism...

By panicking the Con base into believing the country was being invaded by single black men, coming for their jobs, their money, and their white women.

When of course that was total bullshit, and the Cons had once again distorted reality to suit their ugly purposes.

But as if that wasn't grotesque or fraudulent enough, the creepy Scheer then took his depraved campaign a step further.

By claiming that Justin Trudeau was conspiring with the United Nations to "erase Canada's borders".

When that was just another lie from the serial liar Scheer,  and he must have known that it was a kooky conspiracy theory cooked up by neo-Nazis in Eastern Europe.

But he didn't care because it mobilized his rabid base like no foul campaign before it.

Signs started appearing all over the country accusing Trudeau of treason, and calling for him to be executed.

The RCMP said it was aware of those threats. 

The RCMP says it’s aware of comments made about Justin Trudeau on a Yellow Vest Facebook page, saying it takes all threats made against the Prime Minister seriously. 

A scroll through the Yellow Vest Canada Facebook page shows a number of comments from members posting that Mr. Trudeau should be hanged, with others writing celebratory comments about the prospect of the Prime Minister’s death.

But since the death threats are continuing.  

Saskatchewan RCMP have charged a man after he allegedly threatened to shoot the prime minister and blow up Parliament buildings.

And violent images are now even being peddled by some of the toxic Trudeau haters in the Con media. 

The Trudeau brand is broken. The unicorn-mounted prince lies bleeding on the rainbow, surrounded by dark and stormy clouds

For that image is chilling. 

And this one is not much better...

Brought to you by the same cartoonist who brought us the disgusting image of Trudeau in another boxing ring, getting ready to beat up a bound and gagged Wilson-Rabould.

It seems to me that enough is enough. 

The RCMP should be investigating one of the main sources of the hate that is poisoning our country. 

And that means investigating Andrew Scheer.

The man who would have Trudeau jailed for his alleged role in a fake scandal, must be investigated for his role in a far bigger, and far more dangerous scandal.

And if found guilty he is the one who should be jailed...


lagatta à montréal said...

I'm sure the avalanche cartoon was simply an error - caricaturist probably influenced by the nearby "ice tsunami" upstream, but it was most unfortunate and given the cartoonist's age he should have remembered the tragic untimely demise of Michel Trudeau:

Is what Scheer is doing illegal, or just ridiculous? Wilson-Raybould, a lawyer, said none of what she alleges Trudeau said or did was illegal.

Anonymous said...

You and every other Liberal troll has absolutely no idea how the legal system works do you?? If you feel Scheer needs to be investigated, then first you need to file a complaint with law enforcement. Law enforcement will then be bound by duty to investigate your complaint. Said investigation will then determine if said complaint is founded or unfounded. If the former, they will investigate further, if the latter they will consider the matter closed.

Meanwhile, keep screeching about fake scandals, nothing to see here, and whatever other talking points are sent to the inboxes from the LPC. As I've noted, the comments from many of the "luminaries" on here recently and across social media against others looking for accountability for the government illustrate the true face of the hardcore Liberal supporters.

Jackie Blue said...

I can't stand Michael De Adder. Michael of the snake. He's a homophobe who constantly depicts Trudeau as a Disney princess and has said on social media that those are among his favorite pictures to draw. He's been criticized for it numerous times but only doubles down on it, citing "artistic freedom" as his justification. He's a bigot, pure and simple. So is Don Martin, evidently, calling Trudeau a "unicorn-mounted prince mounted on a rainbow." All of which points to one thing: the "old boy network" in the Con media hates Trudeau, always has, and wants him set up to fail because they believe he's gay. Honestly, with Ford in the backyard, Scheer on his heels and those yellow-vest lunatics popping up all over the country, if I were Trudeau I'd be watching out for an Oswald to pick his target at this year's Toronto Pride. Especially since the vomitorium of social media has recently been alight with vile laments that Bruce MacArthur didn't "take out Fruity Trudy" and other expression of anti-gay hate.

Scheer is absolutely perverse and, like I've said elsewhere, a helluva "Christian" calling for an innocent man's crucifixion at the hands of mob justice. He's behaving like a mini-Putin (another vicious homophobe), not even Trump, who despite all his meat-to-the-base "lock her up" BS about Hillary Clinton never did actually sic the Feds on her (well, not yet anyway). But jailing or calling the cops on one's political opponents for bogus "corruption" charges is Russian-style governance. Scheer has the nerve to accuse Trudeau of politically-motivated meddling in a criminal case and then he does this? What's next, siccing German shepherds on him? Waterboarding? A stint in Gitmo? For that matter why is nobody looking at Scheer's hypocrisy on the Khadr case and that woman in the healing lodge? Pick a lane, Andy. Pick a fucking lane.

Simon, I think you should send a version of this post as a letter to the Star. That's about the only outlet I can think of that would publish it and get it out to a wider audience. Maybe call the Mounties as well, if only to ask them why is Scheer wasting police resources to act like a dictatorial autocrat weaponizing law enforcement against his political rivals. This man is sick. He reminds of those people in the US (and maybe Canada) who call 911 on black people for just existing in public.

All I have to say is, as an American this whole thing has been very eye-opening because it puts to rest the stereotype of the unequivocally polite Canadian. Trudeau fits the mold but your conservatives, at least, are maybe even more bloodthirsty than ours. Jealous of the competition, so they have to outdo the Republicans in nastiness, racism, homophobia and (calls to) violent behavior. It's only been, what, 5 years since the Parliament Hill shooting? They want another? Maybe Trudeau would be better off telling them to kiss his unicorn ass and fuddle-duddle all the way to a hell of their own making. "You won't have Cinderella Man to kick around anymore."

rumleyfips said...

Butts is gathering hard evidence in the form of documents. This is something we have not seen so far from either JWR , the reformatories or the press.

Anonymous said...

Decorations are up, catering on the way, champagne on ice...

Every Conservative in town (and a few bitter Progressives too) will be celebrating the resignation of Justin Trudeau!

You're more than welcome to join us Simon but for some reason I don't think you'll be in much of a festive spirit.

Anonymous said...

why are they picking on SNC Lavalin? I cant believe I'm saying that but what other country takes down one of its largest corporations? I guess we cant award Boeing or Lockheed Martin any contracts because they bribed dictators and participated in war crimes. Time to revoke the licences of Canadian mining companies too. These prosecution deferment articles were introduced by Harper and are legal. Insanity for Canada to exclude its largest engineering firm from contracts on the verge of massive infrastructure spending.

hinofan said...

Well at least he hasn't self proclaimed as Prime Minister, yet!

Anonymous said...

i'm mistaken the prosecution deferment agreement legislation came in 2018 but must have been in the works for some time.

Jackie Blue said...

I hope he sues Consellout and Fife. Jody's cozying up to Wormtongue absolutely reeks of a coordinated hit.

Here be dragons.

rumleyfips said...

That only works in Venezuela.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, god, I just saw it in another thread! What the hell is wrong with the media? Why does everyone hate Trudeau and his family so much and seem to have a sadistic hard-on for causing him/them pain?

Just think of how Margaret must have felt if she saw it. These people are sick. Ambulance chasers indeed.

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

You dirty Cons will not win this fight. Even with the all the backing of the media pundits and CPC and NDP, Scheer is barely 1.5 points ahead of Trudeau. One. Point. Five. Come the next two weeks, the Budget will pass, giving us renewed hope for families and the poor, both of which are inimical to the Conservative brand.

Scheer is a failure, and he had best resign himself to begging for favors if there's a minority government come October.

jrkrideau said...

Homeless shelters will be happy to accept the unused foods. If you don't open the bottles you may be able to return the champagne.

I get the feeling that the average Canadian voter is yawning at the scandal and most Ottawa insiders are sneering after the testimony of the Clerk of the Privy Council.

jrkrideau said...

@ Ruplylips

Works for some value of "work". So far it has worked so well that Guaidó is somewhere in Columbia not the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. M

Do you think we really could CON Scheer into it?

Jackie Blue said...

@Anon 1:21 Read what Sandi Garossino has to say about this please.

Your party is in league with brownshirts in reflective traffic gear who've threatened to assassinate Justin Trudeau, rape his wife and mother, abduct his children, and bomb Parliament. Wernick has been vindicated.

If you don't think the Liberals will be using Scheer's own violent, white-nationalist buddies against him on the campaign trail you are sorely mistaken.

Aryan Andy is a stochastic terrorist. If anything happens to the Prime Minister, anyone in his family, or Liberal MPs (re: Jo Cox, Gabrielle Giffords), the blood will be on his hands. The legacy this loser leaves behind will be nothing but abysmal failure and a track record of hate.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, and what's even more sickening is that he published on Hadrien's birthday. Hadrien being the youngest of 3 children just like Michel.

What a sick, twisted media establishment Canada truly has for that thought to even have gone through the cartoonist's head, let alone that he committed it to paper.

Worse than the British and American press. I don't even think they would have gone to print (or screen) with a cartoon portraying, i.e., Meghan and Harry driving their honeymoon vehicle away from the paparazzi, or Chelsea Clinton as a female JFK Jr. saluting the "death" of her mother's political career.

Horrific. Do better.

lagatta à montréal said...

I don't think "everyone" hates Trudeau, the Trudeaus (or the Sinclairs). I do think that cartoonist was unthinking, but that is no excuse for someone who is a kind of commentator on the news, and at least recent history.

lagatta à montréal said...

Wasn't Jo Cox a Labour MP?

Anonymous said...

Whistle blowers come in many stripes. There are the dedicated workers who see something wrong and make it public after the other options fail, then there are others. I once took a walk down what looks like a very familiar JWR whistle blower lane. Dedicated to a job, things change and politics start to enter, sense of injustice starts to develop as well as deep down you know that you are never going to be or want to be part of the new team, instead you collect evidence to frame the injustice you see all around and wait to pull the revenge trigger. In the end I walked instead and predict that eventually JRW will wish she had done the same as revenge cuts both ways. Done right whistle blowers can help build a better future but those like the battle between Hillary and the ego infused Assange gives Trump. Where are the winners there?

Jackie Blue said...

She was. Killed by a rabid Brexiteer (Andy's ideological cohort again). I was drawing comparison to politicians on the liberal to left-of-center spectrum killed or maimed by right-wingers. Gabrielle Giffords is a US Democrat; she survived but sustained permanent brain damage and will never be the same. Women seem to especially bear the brunt, no surprise there. IIRC one of the victims in the Toronto van attack was a university coed working as a volunteer canvasser for either the LPC or Ontario provincial Liberals. And among their numerous social media vomitoria, the yellow pests' primary targets of ire other than Trudeau seem to be Khalid, McKenna, and Notley.

lagatta à montréal said...

I know who Gabrielle Giffords was and is. That was utterly horrible and I don't want it to happen to anyone.

But my point was that Jo was at least a social-democrat, and in her case probably an outright socialist, not a liberal.

Don't get me wrong, I repeat that I don't want anyone, socialist, liberal or even conservative to be subjected to such violence.

No surprise that misogyny and its cousin, homophobia, have played a part in many of these mass killings by frustrated men. I was writing a graduate history exam in a nearby building during the Polytechnique massacre.

e.a.f. said...

Simon, Scheer is going to be carrying on like a banshee for some time about Trudeau's need to resign and we need an RCMP investigation. Scheer doesn't have anything else to say, so this is about as good as it gets with the boy. The Con politicians and media haven't brought forward one iota of good advise or suggestion.

Watched the "emergency debate" last night. OMG, it was funny, One, Con MP, think his name was Chong, repeated on at least 6 occasions, "I am shocked to my core". My sister's suggestion, the man find a new job. He isn't suitable to be an M.P. Perhaps he'd be more comfortable in a cloistered monastery. Wonder how the "shocked to their core" crowd felt about Mulroney's years in office and all the "on the take" which was going on? Wonder how they felt about the illegalities which went on during the Harper years?

Conservative M.P. "shocked to my core" Chong must be a very selective "shocked to my core" type because I have yet to hear one of these Conservatives say they were shocked to their core about child poverty, sex trafficking, pedophiles, lack of clean water on Reserves. Come to think of it, these "shocked to the core" M.P.s didn't seen to notice the Conservatives, when they were in office spent less on Indigenous children on Reserves, than they did on the rest of the children in Canada.

Con M.P. Chong went on at some length about God and the Constitution. It was another OMG moment for me as a laughed until well....managed to go on about god and the constitution at least 3 times. What god has to do with it, oh, right because it was mentioned in the constitution and how Trudeau and the evil Liberals were violating the Constitution. Now what I didn't understand was how the Cons could sit there with a straight face. I distinctly remember Stephen Harper passing 8 pieces of legislation through Parliament, with his majority and being told it would violate the Constitution and still doing it. ALL 8 of those pieces of Legislation were over turned by the Supreme Court of Canada.

JWR herself has said there was nothing illegal about what happened. However, this is all the Conservatives have to take to the next election, good luck with that. B.C. t.v. last night went to JWR's riding and people on the street said they would still return her to office and one declared being an NDP voter, would still consider voting for her. People in B.C. know its the federal Liberals and the Conservatives in some ridings and they'll be voting to ensure we have progressive government in Ottawa, well as progressive as it is for now.

I don't think this is playing that much in other parts of Canada, talked to a couple of acquaintances today, non political types, and they aren't having a problem with it. They still prefer the federal Liberals over the Conservatives. This is all Scheer has to run on and most people just aren't going to care. it may play to his base which will work in his fund raising, but the rest of the country, not so much.

If I had to vote strategically today, between the Conservatives or Liberals, I'd vote Liberal.

e.a.f. said...

A. 1:21 p.m.: Trudeau isn't going to resign. There is no need to. Don't know how its going in the east, but here in B.C. this is a big snooze. Don't know anyone who is going to change their vote.

None of this is effecting people's daily lives so its interesting to watch, but in the main, B.C. news has dropped this and they are fairly Conservative. The election is a long way away. We still have the STanley Cup to go through, summer vacations, etc. by the time the election comes around people will have forgotten. If the Conservatives want to remind them all the LiberaLS HAVe to do is remind them of Mulroney and Harper and his passing 8 pieces of Leg. which were over turned in the Supreme Court of Canada. The cons have nothing to offer this country so with good ads, something which will improve people's lives, Trudeau will be elected and you can bet if he only gets a minority government he will get the support of the Bloc, Greens and some NDP MPS. because they all remember 9 years of harper. He is the P.M. who actually took money out of the RCMP budget which was slated to be used to fight child porn.

rumleyfips said...

I do wonder how that will work out. If he tries to get back into Venezuela he could be turned away at the border or arrested for treason. Some plan.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jackie — I come to Simon’s blog daily to read his wise words and yours! And of course for some comic relief as no one articulates it as well as you! Bravo! There is a true sickness in the Conservative mindset. These people are sick hateful nasty mouth breathers. Rabid. The RCMP should start a file on all of them as they are terrorizing our PM and his family. The simple simon insurance salesman is beyond contempt. The wanna be nazi would be a disaster for this country. Just what were conservatives thinking to put the village idiot at the helm of the party? Max or Raitt would have been better or Rona Ambrose. How did this happen? Canadians need to wake up and protect this country from that kind of tyranny and plain stupidity. He should be committed.

Anonymous said...

HI Anon 11:42
First you should explain to lying Andy how the legal system works. Strong laws prevent the implementation of promises such as stripping suspected ISIS fighters of their passports, eliminating illegal/irregular immigration, mandating pipeline builds but the Cons are quite prepared to sucker people in with the illusion. Most of Simon's followers are not diehard Liberals as most have supported other political parties in the past including the Tories before Harper. Its the stench of divisive, bigoted Con propaganda that binds us together. Don't know about you but if I have to be conned I would sooner it be someone whispering sweet nothings and wake up the next day in a warm comfy bed rather than a rat infested gutter.

Jackie Blue said...

And Chong was considered the moderate Red Tory during the leadership campaign. Yet evidently he's still a maudlin Sunday preacher, albeit not as rabid or aggressive as Scheer, Kenney or the rest of the Westboro Baptist North crowd. (Wendy Mesley had a great segment with Michael Coren a few weeks ago, where he warned the viewing audience about the religious right's "visceral hatred" of PMJT as a person.) But as for the supposedly divinely-inspired nature of the Charter (that the Cons loathe anyway and want to rip to shreds), Chong might do well to take into account what a wise man once had to say:

"I don't think God gives a damn whether he's in the constitution or not."

-Pierre-Elliott Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

"There is a true sickness in the Conservative mindset. These people are sick hateful nasty mouth breathers. Rabid."
Let me add, nurtured and foisted upon us by Harper and now Scheer. That will be their legacy. You cant even reason with these troglodytes anymore. They're Canada's version of a Trump supporter, not too bright, unhinged and suckered into believing whatever bullshit the Cons feed them while ignoring any and all facts.
Putin's successes in dividing Americans has now migrated north and now he gets to sit back and watch the fruits of his labours, aided and abetted by the likes of Trump, Harper and Scheer. It's a brilliant strategy if you can ignore the human cost. Putin has proven that the easiest war to win is by causing a civil war in countries he despises the most. The ones that were built on a democracy.

jrkrideau said...

God is in the Canadian constitution? In what part, the old printed part, the new printed part, the unwritten part...? Did he happen to supply a reference?

I just did a word search on British North America Act, 1867, 30-31 Vict., c. 3 (U.K.) as supplied by Justice Canada and I cannot find the word there.

What was Chong rabbiting on about? Did he know. I have always thought of Michael Chong as one of the more human types on the Cons benches. Weird. Or am I confusing him with someone else?

e.a.f.. said...

Didn't know god was in the Constitution either, but then I never checked. I know some swear on a bible when they take office, perhaps that got them confused.

It was a sight to behold, Chong going on and on. Never really noticed him before but then I live in B.C. and we have had our own "political show" out here for the 16 yrs prior to the NDP becoming government and since then we've had the scandals regarding the B.C. LieberCons spending habits while they were in office and their helping launder money via the casinos, well allegedly.

Its best, in my opinion, to let the Cons and the Con media exhaust themselves on this subject, the way you'd let a toddler exhaust themselves and go back to sleep.