Monday, February 04, 2019

The Heritage Minute and the Canada Hating Cons

As you may have noticed, ever since Mad Max Bernier laid siege to their castle, Andrew Scheer and his Cons have been spewing out attack ads at a rate never seen before.

They are now averaging about two a day, and those ads are ever more desperate and ever more disgusting.

Like this latest one.

A so-called "parody" of a Heritage Minute. 

The federal Conservatives say they have taken down an attack ad that spoofed the famous “Heritage Minute” format. A party spokesman says the ad “was obviously intended as parody,” but nonetheless the party will post an edited version that makes clear it was not produced by Historica Canada.

And what makes it even more disgusting is that although Historica Canada asked them politely to delete the ugly video.

Scheer and his Cons refused to do that, and merely reissued their grotesque video with a one line disclaimer.

Which no doubt had Scheer and his ghastly gang laughing their ugly faces off.

But didn't please Historica Canada.

And needless to say didn't please me either...
But then I wasn't surprised, and nobody else should be either.

For the Cons have been trying to degrade and debase Canada ever since Stephen Harper called Canada a "second-tier socialistic country, boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask its second-rate status."

And Scheer and his ghastly Trumplings hate Canada and its precious values even more than Harper does...

Which is scary.

But at least makes our election choice even easier.

Will you vote for the Canada hating Trumpling?

Or will you vote for one of these real Canadians?

And our beautiful Canada... 


  1. Jackie Blue4:30 PM

    I hope those Con fuckers get sued to recoup expenses, and that it bankrupts them. Historica Canada is losing donors as a result of this. That SOB needs to pay, and pay BIGLY.

    Scheer is an immature little fucking troll. "Just not ready" is the understatement of the decade. He's a lying, disrespectful, irresponsible piece of crap who doesn't belong leading a homeowners' association, never mind a political party. Herr Harper's Heritage of Hate.

    1. Hi Jackie...yes, the Cons really are grubby lot, they have absolutely no respect for this country and its values. scheer is indeed Harper's scummy offspring. I hate to think what might happen to this country if him and his Cons ever got to govern it. But then Canadians put up with the Harper regime for ten years so maybe that's how many of the prefer to be governed...

  2. Jackie Blue5:14 PM

    BTW: Off-topic but D'ohFo and Jean-Marie Legault want Justin to drop the retaliatory steel tariffs on the US and cave in for Trump. Justin said no, that it would be "unilateral surrender." And he would be right.

    So far, not a peep from Andy. I hope this betrayal by the Buck-a-Beer buffoon causes the Cons to collapse in Ontario.

    1. Hi Jackie ....Legault and Ford remind me of the stooges colonial powers used to install to run their colonies for them. It's simply pathetic. Have they no honour, have they no shame?

  3. Nothing is to low for the cons. I am afraid public discourse will become obsolete and two or three tribes will line up and form shield walls.

    1. Hi're right, nothing is too low for them. In barely ten years they have corrupted this country beyond recognition. I don't know if Canadians have the fighting spirit necessary to defeat them. But it won't be long before will find out...