Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Embarrassing Adventures of Andrew Scheer (Continued)

As I'm sure you remember, when we last left Andrew Scheer, he was standing outside the mother of all parliaments desperately trying to get a photo-op with Theresa May.

On Day One of his Great Con Tour of Britain, designed to fool the millions of Canadians who still know almost nothing about him, into thinking he was a great statesman.

As well as a Great Economist Leader who was there to lay the foundations for a free trade deal, even though the foundations had already been laid by May and Justin Trudeau.

Which is when I started to worry that this trip could be so embarrassing, that by the time it was over we'd all be wearing paper bags over our heads.

And sure enough, on Day Two the humiliation continued.

With an increasingly desperate Scheer still unable to get the Canadian media to follow him, or the British media to notice him, and still unable to line up any big photo opportunities.

Except for a brief encounter with the dilapidated Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, also known as Bumbling Boris, or Bojo.

Who a few years ago during the referendum campaign was feverishly promoting Brexit, confident that it would fail, but would still elevate his status in the party.

When of course the opposite happened. And now the bloated Eton boy is forced to promote Brexit for real, in an increasingly desperate manner...

Which no doubt explains that strange look on his face, when Scheer told him that he was, is, and will always be a TRUE BELIEVER !!!

Even though Brexit is the greatest economic and social disaster to hit Britain since the Second World War.

And if that wasn't embarrassing enough.

Then there was that editorial in the Globe and Mail, that all but called Scheer a Con artist.

Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer flew to London this week on a mission, paid for by his party, to lay the foundation for a post-Brexit free-trade deal with the United Kingdom. Or so he says. 

Given that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with his British counterpart, Theresa May, in the fall and did that very thing, this is a bit rich.

And made him look like an idiot, or a Con clown...

Now Mr. Scheer gets his moment under a foreign sun, shaking hands with British officials and ostensibly laying the groundwork for a trade deal that is already in the offing, on behalf of a country that didn’t elect him to power. 

Maybe while he’s there he could also repatriate the Constitution.

Although it must be said that reprimand was very short and very gentle. 

And it was the only story about Scheer's fraudulent mission that I could find in our hapless and very Con MSM. Which is simply outrageous.

For can anyone deny that if Justin Trudeau had pulled a stunt like that one, the Con media would have eaten him alive?

So why are Scheer and his campaign manager Hamish "Rebel" Marshall being allowed to get away with this shameless scam?

And if all that wasn't enough, now we have to worry about whether the shaken Scheer might take that Globe editorial to heart.

Especially the part about repatriating the constitution.

And embarrass us even more than he already has...

That rube could never be a statesman. He's too much of a religious fanatic, and alt-right sympathizer.

He could never be a Great Economist Leader. One Con artist was enough.

And for the sake of this country, he should never ever be Prime Minister...


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Scheer should give Nigel Farage a ring. They could go visit Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy and chat about the good times at the Rebel trying to punk the French elections.

    1. Jackie Blue1:50 PM

      I think the Britons ought to meet Andy with a similar "greeting" as they've already been planning to give our ignoble Duke of Queens, Donald of Orange:

      Show Your Rump to Trump

      Show Your Rear to Scheer

      And then of course, come next October the Canadians should keep calm and a-boot him oot the back door.

    2. Hi anon@12:19....yes, I am hoping that Scheer is so desperate he's forced to call Nigel Farage. The two men do deserve each other, and needless to say the comic possibilities are excellent. Lunch with Assange would also be good, especially if Scheer is is given a full body search after meeting with him. And yes, who can forget those pics of Ezra Levant trying to stir up anti-Muslim hatred in the streets of Paris ? I have quite a good collection of them in my archives, and will be glad to share them with the prosecution, when Levant's time finally arrives....

    3. Hi Jackie...luckily for Scheer most Britons have never heard of him. I remember how annoyed I used to get after telling some of my friends in Scotland how horrible Harper was, only to have them say WHO? Justin Trudeau put this country on the map again, and it's sad how many Canadians don't even know that...

  2. He should go fox hunting.

    1. Hi Steve....well I can only agree to that if no real foxes are used, for I am against any "sports" where animals are frightened or hurt. However if they can drag something soaked in Con funk, or Ezra Levant's underwear through the bush, I would love to see Scheer and Hamish Marshall chase after them. I bet that little Hamish could follow Ezra's scent through hell or high water...

    2. I blame most of the worlds current state on Rule Britanica. Sure there was a lot of good, but more bad. If we could get some House of Lords ahole on tape inviting Strange to hunt, it would be gold Simon. pure Gold.

    3. Anonymous11:25 PM

      Now you've gone too far Simon.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    You have way too much time on your hands. What a waste of time, one of the most obscure blogs on the internet. Your influence on political discourse in this country is a drop of water in the ocean.

    1. Jackie Blue1:19 PM

      Simon doesn't write about politics in Russia.

      Geography obviously isn't your strong suit, comrade.

    2. Anonymous1:34 PM

      "one of the most obscure blogs on the internet" - yet you found it and chose to leave a comment. Don't forget the old axion; "an ocean is created one drop at a time".

    3. But anonymouse: You waste your time reading it and then waste more time writing rather silly comments. Then I waste my time reading your drivel.

    4. Hi anon@12:53...yes you're right, Mine is a tiny little blog, a tiny little star lost in the giant internet universe. But it is all mine, it is humbly Canadian, I do with it what I want, and have a lot of fun doing it. Also, since it seems to irritate a Con like you, I must be doing SOMETHING right, and intend to continue. Have a wonderfully horrible day...😀

    5. Hi think that Con was saying that I am obscure in RUSSIA? Phew, thank goodness, I want to LIVE !!!!!! 😉

    6. Hi anon@1:34 PM...yes, those Cons are so transparent. Or just so idiot. I delete tons of vile comments and death threats every month, so as I told anon@12:53PM I must be doing something right. And one thing is for sure, none of them will ever intimidate or discourage me...

    7. Hi rumleyfips...thank you, but it's never a COMPLETE waste of time to read what Cons have to say. How can we know what really annoys them, so we can annoy them some more...🤔

  4. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Scheer idiocy. What a loser.

    1. Hi anon@1:35 PM...I have to agree. I have always had a very poor opinion of him, but this trip to Lomdon is Scheer idiocy, it's fraudulent and makes him look like a Con artist. I don't know what genius thought up that one, but I say encore!! encore!!!! 😀

  5. Jackie Blue1:42 PM

    Simon, you should let your followers know that DeploRebel Media has also hired Daily Fail shrew Katie Hopkins (Britain's Ann Coulter), and convicted hate-hooligan Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League. That the press won't report the kind of scoundrels Scheer keeps in his circle, especially considering the mayor of London is Muslim and has been involved in several online skirmishes with the world's #1 terrorism recruiter Donald Trump, is shameful. But if Ezra can have his online outreach to the trolls, then so can we have our outreach to the Justice League.

    Perhaps social media isn't enough. Perhaps an old-fashioned letter-to-the-editor campaign is overdue, and a mail-in campaign to MPs both in Britain and Canada. A "man" who would allow someone like Hopkins, who called for refugee boats to be met with gunships and blown out of the water, and Robinson, the leader of a notorious banned hate group in the U.K. and who has a violent criminal record, into his sphere of influence is not only unfit to be the prime minister: he is unfit to be a public servant in any country, and especially to call himself a servant of Her Majesty and the British crown, as is called for in the throne speech. Have people seen the vile garbage that Rebel commenters write about Meghan Markle? Really, Andy, you have the damn nerve to set foot in Mother England knowing full well that this is the company you keep? All Pierre did was do a pirouette at Buckingham Palace, in good nature and good fun. But I can see the wannabe Mapleführer clicking his heels and giving a Heil Twitler salute.

    For all the blathering that Rempelthinskin does about forcing a no-confidence vote on Trudeau, I think it's high time that Scheer be forced out of his post, sent directly to the unemployment office, and barred from holding any further political positions. He is a disgrace to Canada, a disgrace to the Commonwealth, and a disgrace to the "inheritance of Western civilization" that he wrote about so fondly as a not-so-subtle signal to his racist, Enoch Powell base. A classic example of dog-whistle politics if there ever was one. Well, let him whistle all he wants, because anyone who lies down with Hitler's dogs belongs in a bunker full of fleas.

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    While Scheer is playing wannabe PM the rest of the world yawns. The Sasquatch from Sasquatchewan better watch he doesn't get hauled away by the bobbies for creeping around the British parliament in his long coat and hands in pocket. Better tase him first bobbies, he could be dangerously boring if cornered or spoken to...zzzzap! Oh cool, a literal flip-flop.
    I think he's there to see first hand, the results of brexit thus far and more so, to see if the expected affront to human rights are coming to fruition as he had hoped.
    To think that Schmeagol is there on the Con dime for the sole benefit of Canada and not to further their nefarious Con agenda would be at best gullible but more than likely just plain old stupid.

  7. Hi Jackie...I am familiar with the racist garbage peddled by Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson. In fact I almost wrote a post about Hopkins after she collapsed in the street from an overdose of Ketamine. But I'm sure I'll get another chance. It is of course absolutely disgraceful that Levant should employ foreign racists on his ratty Rebel, but his day will come. Anti-racist laws are much stiffer in the U.K. than they are here, So I would advise Levant to steer clear of Britain unless he wants to risk heavy fines and even jail. As for Scheer, I'm afraid his recent boost in the polls probably means he'll be with us until the next election. But I'm still confident that when that election arrives Scheer and his Con gang will be defeated....

  8. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Just following in the great Oily Messiahs footsteps by trying to cater to the old stock monarchists. A few clips from his 2014 visit, a couple of lines from question period, a hug from Nigel, a shot of the phone booth, some fake Trudeau bashing from the Rebel UK and the next thing, another propaganda video for the refugees from the golden age. Our tax dollars at work. Wonder how he reconciles the fact that the royal family are all in on fighting climate change,bigotry and social injustice. A few clips of Trudeau warmly received at the Royal wedding should drive him mad.
    Where the Monger goes nothing positive grows. REBEL ON

    1. Hi RT... Unless Scheer manages to get a photo-op with the Queen or Prince Harry I doubt this visit will impress even his rabid base. I just think they are gathering material for campaign videos aimed at trying to make Scheer look like a statesman, when he is as provincial as they come. But if I was the Liberals I'd send a crew to dog his steps and ask him why he is pretending to be working on a free trade deal that is not his to make? If the Con media wasn't so biased they'd be asking those questions themselves.
      But since they are biased and they won't, it's time progressives started gathering video footage for their own videos...

  9. Anonymous10:49 PM

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    1. hi anon@10:49 PM...I don't really have tips or hints for novice bloggers. All I would say is make sure that you really want to blog, and then decide if you have the time and energy to spare. If you have that commitment then everything else will fall into place. Good luck...

  10. Anonymous6:53 AM

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