Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donald Trump and the First Family From Hell

They say an apple never falls far from the tree. Especially if it's rotten to the core.

And in the case of Donald Trumps's family, the would be first family of America, that couldn't be more true.

For this is what his ghastly spawn Donald Trump Jr. tweeted last night.

Which speaks for itself and couldn't be more ugly. Or more Con.

But what makes it even more disgusting, is mini Donald's choice of poisoned candy.

For in alt-right circles, skittles are the hated symbol of Trayvon Martin's innocence.

He may have been suspended from school at the time, and had traces of cannabis in his blood, but when you look behind the appearance of a menacing black teenager, those Skittles say, you find the child inside.

And it's a not so coded message to Donald Trump's many white supremacist supporters, who are happy that young black teenager was murdered.

But then what do you expect? When Donald Jr. already has a white supremacist problem.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump Jr. posted an image to Instagram that included “Pepe the frog,” which, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a meme “constantly used” by white supremacists.

He just can't help sending out pictures of Pepe the frog, to the great delight of former Klan leader David Duke...

And here is mini Donald with his brother Eric...

On one of their murderous expeditions to Africa.

Which also tells me a lot about both of them. Donald and his brother Eric, who also has his own problems. 

In an attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton, Eric Trump – son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump – tweeted a photo of a rally of his father in Pensacola, Florida on Friday -- but it was a fake photo.

No doubt because Trump raised his Trumplings to be as dishonest and as fake as he is...


And let's not forget Big Daddy's favourite, his daughter Ivanka...

The one who Trump said, if she wasn't his daughter he might want to date her.

But who just had her halo ripped off by Cosmo.

She has drawn praise for her poise, but when Cosmopolitan asked about her father’s old comments on women in business Ivanka Trump showed that she’s a Trump.

For although she has a little bit more class than the rest of the family, she too is a Trumpling.

And while we're at it, let's also not forget his wife Melania, who disappeared from view after plagiarizing a Michelle Obama speech at the Republican convention. 

And after claiming a university degree that she never earned.

For this question must also be asked: could she REALLY be the future first lady of the United States?

And all I can say is gawd almighty I hope not.

But surely the question of who will occupy the Executive Mansion must become for decent Americans one of the biggest issues of the campaign. 

For I haven't the slightest doubt that Trump and his Trumplings would turn the White House into an Animal House.

The House of Lincoln deserves better.

And it is yet another reason this bigoted, misogynistic monster, must and will be defeated...

Postscript: The skittles picture was taken by a refugee and he's not  happy.

h/t Little Green Footballs


Anonymous said...

Funny how Trump sends his kids out to deliver campaign messages, they fail miserably. Imagine this scenario being played out by the military. If he were elected, it would only be a matter of time, for that is his personality.

Notice all of his spokes people are women with bleached blond hair?


Anonymous said...

I was hoping you would do a post on this, Simon. This continuing Republican shtick of conflating refugees with terrorism is asinine beyond belief and the analogy is deplorable. It assumes that the relation of bad skittles to good ones is accurate when it is is soo far off as to be ridiculous, Even assuming refugees play the massive role in terrorism that they want you t believe you'd have to be able to hold several thousand full bags of skittles in your hand to even come close to getting the proportions to work......of course math skills, logic and basic education aren't exactly a Republican strong point.

Anonymous said...

The following is an interesting summary of the number of Americans killed annually by: A) jihadist immigrants:2 B) all jihadist terrorists:9 C) Far Right Terrorists:5 D) Armed Toddlers:21 E) Lightning:31 F) Lawnmowers:69 G) Hit by a bus:264 H) Falling out of bed:737 I) Being shot by another American:11,737

In my view causes B),C),I) have the potential to be more volatile with numbers suddenly moving upwards. These require well thought out strategic planning and action. Trump's rhetoric just escalates the volatility and probability of higher numbers in the future. Short on logical thought .... long on fraudulent self promotional gimmicks.Viewed as criminal behavior in other professions but politicians get a free pass in the name of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Trump must be proud of his little douchebag junior. Cater to the racists and those easily swayed to become as such.
I still believe the silent majority will oust the Orange POS in November and we will hopefully never hear of him again.

Simon said...

Hi Way Way Up...I am truly disgusted by Trump's attempt to demonize refugees, when the U.S. has taken in about 10,000 Syrians compared to the 30,000 we have taken in, and the are so much bigger than we are. But it is a very powerful and divisive issue, it has created a racist backlash all over Europe. And since Obama is apparently going to announce that the U.S. will take in about 100,000 refugees in the next few years, I fear what Trump could do with that. And I give thanks that we live in Canada...

Simon said...

hi RT...you're right, the idea that refugees pose a threat is just racist or xenophobic nonsense. But as I told Way Way Up it is a powerful issue which has turned Europe inside out, and Trump could use it to maximum advantage. So I fear that issue more than any other. I have to trust in the decency of most Americans, but a rightened people can do crazy things, and this is going to be the scariest election I have ever known...

Simon said...

hi JD...yes he must be proud, he is a true Trumpling, and as dangerous a demagogue as his ghastly father. Like you I remain optimistic, Hillary Clinton's numbers are apparently heading up again, and the Democrats have a deeper bench strength, and a better ground game. But where once thought it would be a landslide, now I fear it's going to be a lot closer. We live in truly dangerous times, at the mercy of events, and who knows what might happen...