Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Never-Ending Shame of Canada's Trump Kellie Leitch

It's hard to believe, it's like a scene from a bad horror movie, or a return to Harperland,

But it seems Kellie Leitch is determined to become Canada's Donald Trump.

For although her dog-whistle plan to screen immigrants for "anti-Canadian values" has been roundly condemned.

She just doesn't care.

And she's still trying to defend the indefensible.  

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch isn’t backing down from her proposal to screen new immigrants for “anti-Canadian” values, despite criticism from within her own party.

“It’s not intolerant to believe in a set of values that we expect everyone to share,” Leitch said in a phone interview from Quebec City, where she is taking French lessons. “I think that being respectful of other religions, cultures (and) sexual orientations are Canadian values.”

Even though Leitch has never been a defender of our Canadian values, and even dumb Cons like Maxime Bernier have come roaring out to say that her plan won't work...

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier said he doesn’t agree with Leitch’s idea and thinks it would be ineffective in preventing possible terrorists from entering the country. 

“People who want to come in our country, usually they believe in Canadian values,” Bernier said Wednesday. “If you have somebody that wants to come as a terrorist, he will say that he believes in Canadian values. So it is unworkable.“

While others like Michelle Rempel are mocking her on Twitter. 

Rempel’s broadside, which began as an earnest solicitation of thoughts on Canadian values, turned into a scathingly silly Twitter conversation about Canadian and anti-Canadian values reminiscent of last week’s Twitter takedown in the US presidential campaign of a Donald Trump surrogate who warned too many Mexican immigrants would lead to “taco trucks on every corner.”

Or running over her with a taco truck, or a halusky truck.

Rempel said that her grandmother came to Canada as a peasant from Slovakia. “We likely should have value-tested her halusky,” she Tweeted. Halusky is an East-European noodle dish.

Or retweeting the criticisms of others.

And although, as we all know, Rempel isn't exactly a poster girl for our precious Canadian values.... 

Surely Leitch must understand that she's just given her a chance to pose as the future of the Harper Party.

And made a wild and dangerous enemy... 

But then as the ex-Con Brent Rathgeber points out, Leitch is only playing her ghastly Trump-like game because she can't escape her shameful past. 

From Leitch’s point of view, there’s no real risk now in doubling down on “Canadian values.” She knows she will never shake the stigma of promoting the barbaric practices snitch line during the election. She is defined by it now. The media and her opponents will never stop reminding people of it.

Resigned to a political career forever associated with xenophobia, she has nothing to lose by pandering to xenophobes. The strategy will certainly help her raise money — but if it’s successful, it will profoundly tarnish the Conservative party brand for the long term, much as Trump has tarnished the GOP.

And as others are also warning, her attempt to channel the xenophobia of Donald Trump could end up killing the Cons.

As a physician, Dr. Leitch has the power to save a life. But as a politician, she and people like her will be the death of the Conservative Party.

A party that tackles Canada’s real issues the way a good doctor considers a patient’s health has a bright future. One that simply wants to survey the population, the better to sell them drugs they don’t need for illnesses they don’t have, not so much.

Which is of course the good news.

Stephen Harper's monstrous legacy has come back to haunt the Cons.

Rona Ambrose's attempts to renew the Harper Party are failing miserably...

And needless to say we will use all of this to tar the Cons with the bigot brush.

Make it clear their values are too anti-Canadian to govern Canada.

And help bury them forever...


Anonymous said...

Leitch is a surgeon, a completely different animal in the medical field. As a neorologist once described surgeons as having an over developed left brain, and an under developed right brain. Shortly after medical school, she got her MBA. Highly accomplished on paper, but obviously lacking in areas where Trudeau has clearly left her and her con frenemies in the dust.

It's the matinee show for us all. Love to see her party trying to deal with her. On the one hand condemning her, on the other hand distancing themselves from their support (or silence which is the same) on the barbaric cultural practices fiasco less than one year ago. Bring out the popcorn:))



Anonymous said...

Leitch had long ago traded her Hippocratic oath for her "Harpercratic" oath. Lol

We saw the evidence when she had refused to ask her government to stop exporting asbestos to the poor nations of the world despite some 300 of her colleagues, which had included physicians and scientists from around the world, appealing to her to do so. And reminding her of her oath to "first do no harm". All the more significant when one realizes that children are employed to work with the asbestos. Which of course raises questions as to her claims about how much she really cares for the welfare of children. Unless perhaps she felt differently because those poor children did not have her "Canadian" values?

Pretty amazing that even Rempel, best known for tweeting her mom that she was "safely hiding" during the Parliamentary attack (perhaps under the table since her glorious leader had already occupied the closet and was apparently keeping out the women and handicapped in his caucus), and for tweeting selfies of herself in her pyjamas "bravely" giving the finger to those mean, nasty terrorists, is calling Leitch out on this.

I suspect that not only can Leitch not escape her "barbaric snitch line" past, but should she decide to return to practise medicine, she will also not be able to escape her nasty political past.

Only goes to show, I think, that highly educated is not necessarily synonymous with highly intelligent, eh?

As for the Cons party, it is only reaping what it had sowed during the Harper years when most in the party, including the better ones like Michael Chong, had supported Harper's policies (Chong himself actually had voted with his party 95% of the time, including the infamous C-51 bill, opposing electoral reform, undemocratically limiting time for debate of important bills like C-51, etc., despite his being claimed to be a "maverick").

Anonymous said...

"Rona Ambrose's attempts to renew the Harper Party are failing miserably..."

The leopard cannot change its spots.

Steve said...

Dog whistles to the right of nonsense. I am against female genital mutilation, honour killing and forced marriage. If you come to Canada that better not be in your back pack. As a problem for the federal goverment it is up there with belly button lint.

luceforma said...

why would a talented singer voluntarily decide to become a mediocre dance?
why is leitch not sticking to her calling?

e.a.f. said...

Up until recently no one could have told you her name. Now they can and what she is saying. Saying outrageous things gets your name in the media and like the old saying goes, I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name correctly.

Leitch has taken a page out of Trump's book and she will go to the convention as a leader in the vote. May never become P.M. or the leader of the opposition next election, but Canadians will know who she is. Running her mouth is the best thing she can do right now to get her name out there

Anonymous said...

It's hypocritical of her to talk a tough game against a vulnerable population of people and then see her turn around and whine when Canadians call her out on it.

Simon said...

hi anon...I admit that the fact that Leitch is a doctor, makes her look even worse in my eyes. For I believe in the scared principle of harm reduction, and what physician would approve of the export of asbestos, prevent women in poor countries from getting access to safe abortions, or would want to criminalize drug users, instead of treating drug abuse as a public health problem?
And how dare she run for Con leader after having disgraced herself in such a foul manner with her ghastly cultural barbarism campaign, and her monstrous snitch line?
But yes, the good news is it only shows how the Cons are still under the shadow of Harper's legacy, and hopefully it will keep them out of power for a long long time...

Simon said...

hi anon...yes, if Rona Ambrose is going to change the spots on that leopard, or the strip on that skunk, she is going to need a big brush and a tank of fresh paint. The party will only renews itself, when it sheds the snake skin of the Harper legacy, and so far so bad...

Simon said...

hi I've said before, I approve of any way that can help integrate immigrants and refugees better. But they are already thoroughly screened, are required to take a test on this country and its values. And the real problem are the anti-Canadian values of our many homegrown racists...

Simon said...

hi Luce...she has been keeping up her practice, and would do well to return to it full-time instead of letting her burning ambition for political power disgrace her in such an appalling manner...

Simon said...

hi e.a.f....if you look at it from the publicity angle, Leitch's new campaign is a big success. And it does come from the mind of Nick Kouvalis who is a slick political operative, even if he does lack a moral compass. He is trying to create a wedge issue to help his client. But while it may do her some good, it won't win her the leadership, and it will almost certainly do the Cons great damage...

Simon said...

hi Way Way Up....yes, her hypocrisy is what infuriates me the most. She is still playing the old bigot game, but trying to make us believe that her actions are noble and good. And if I hear her invoke the name of the LGBT community again, I think I'll scream. For while she was in government she never lifted a finger to help that community, and never did a thing to help bullied gay kids. She is an educated woman, so she really should know better. But sadly like so many of the Harper Cons, she seems to lack a moral compass...

Nadine Lumley said...

This physician has about the worst communication skills and bedside manner I have ever encountered. She comes across as condescending, hostile and abrupt.

She also flatly contradicted a radiologist's interpretation of an x-ray in a denigrating and unprofessional manner.

My daughter did not want to see her again, and fortunately we went on to receive excellent care at the Fowler Kennedy Institute from a physician who cared about my daughter's concerns.

Nadine Lumley said...

On June 20, 2011, the United Nations voted to place an international ban on asbestos.

Canada’s Prime Minister Harper stands as an obstacle to this global agreement. Harper is still selling asbestos to India TODAY.

Act Now. Sign the Petition.

Shut down Asbestos in Canada
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Quebec could give a $58 million loan guarantee to an asbestos mine -- allowing it to continue pumping out poison for export around the world. But our call now to keep public money out of poisonous mines could force Quebec's Premier to back off the deal.

“Stephen Harper is doing asbestos he can."
^NOT good enough ‼ <
Jon Stewart reporter in town called Asbestos, Quebec re Canadians selling Asbestos to India.
Canadian officials claim Asbestos is safe if handled properly but video shows workers in India using it without proper equipment.

Jon Stewart: “Stephen Harper & CON MP Kellie Leitch are doing asbestos he can." #cdnpoli


This fight is not over. The pressure to end Canadian exports of chrysotile asbestos has begun to crack the Conservative ranks. Former Conservative cabinet minister Chuck Strahl has come against the government's position, and Conservative MP Patricia Davidson has said “In my view, this is not a partisan political issue, nor is it an issue where electoral politics should trump human health concerns.”

Now, we need a strong public reaction to show that we’re going to shift our focus back home. You can help by urging your Member of Parliament to sign our Politician’s Pledge:

Unknown said...

You asshole Liberals and Quebec snivelling whiney pricks need to know one thing. Once the PC's are back in control in Alberta you can kiss your royalty checks goodbye.
You shits have been hanging onto our coattails for far too long. After Truedough has his way just like dad did we can pick up the pieces and start anew, or is that too big of a word for you??