Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Kellie Leitch and the Con Cinderella

I'm sure Kellie Leitch was desperately delighted when her campaign manager, the Prince of Darkness Nick Kouvalis, suggested a way to boost her profile.

And make her the Cinderella of the Con leadership campaign.

By slipping on the slipper of bigotry again, and proposing to screen immigrants for "anti-Canadian values."

But although it has raised Leitch's profile, it hasn't quite made her the Cinderella she was hoping to become.

It's only making her look more like more like an ugly sister, or a Donald Trump clone, trying to dredge up identity politics for crass political purposes. 

Canada isn’t threatened by refugees or immigration, yet the lie that it is represents a political opportunity along the Trumpist part of the Conservative spectrum. That’s why candidate Kellie Leitch is trying to rally that wing to her side. Her campaign surveyed people about whether potential immigrants should be screened for “anti-Canadian values,” setting off predictable cries of indignation.

Which while she's not got anything to lose.

She might as well go all in. Leitch is irredeemably linked to her party’s disastrous call during the last election for a “barbaric cultural practices” snitch line in which Canadians could have denounced their neighbours for acts or ideas that offended them.

Could do the Cons great damage.

Leitch denies she is pandering to anti-immigrant elements in the party. But the flap over her comments suggests Conservatives are ready to take up arms against each other, perhaps over issues that won’t broaden their appeal. 

Internal swordplay is typical for parties after a major defeat. The Conservatives might be in for a protracted period of infighting that could bring down more than one leader before it’s settled.

By dredging up dark memories of Leitch's last starring role...

Which ended so disastrously, with the cancellation of the show AND the Con regime.

But it seems nothing will stop Leitch, even though as Press Progress points out, many Con MPs would fail her "anti-Canadian values" test.

And she was a faithful flunky of the most anti-Canadian leader this country has ever known... 

And the best news?

By dragging her party back to its ugly past, Leitch will only help ensure that Justin Trudeau remains Prime Minister for a long long time...

For better representing our true Canadian values.

And all the immigrants in this country.

Which of course couldn't be a happier ending...

With the clock striking midnight.

The Con Cinderella riding in a pumpkin.

And the anti-Canadian Harper Party stuck in the past.

And going absolutely nowhere...


Liberta said...

I dry heave at the thought of any of these Cons getting anywhere near power in this country.
I do wish, though, that we would stop all of this nationalism bluster. The world is becoming more of a global village every day and we simply cannot afford to continually hide behind borders. Everything that happens on earth now affects everyone, even in some small way.
While I feel incredibly fortunate to have been born and raised in a place that is at the forefront of equality and social justice, I am not complacent about the problems in other parts of the world.
Even Trudeau and the Liberals are not quite the leaders of a revolution against extreme capitalism, wealth disparity and redressing poor treatment of natives.
Flags and emblems are cute, and the Olympics can be good television, but we need to think and act globally...

Anonymous said...

Surprised you didn't bring up Tony Clement. He's got more or less the same plan as Leitch.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We do not choose where we are born, so it is just another means of creating fear, same as race, sexual orientation, or gender. Nationalism is a human made concept, and we need to move away from these labels- but likely never will, until we realize we are not different at birth, but we are taught to be by society. ~GS

Anonymous said...

Not different at birth? Do you know what the average IQ of a Canadian is to compared to the average IQ of a sub sahara African? We are very much different at birth. Gender is a thing by the way, it's not a social construct like your Marxist teacher taught you at Ryerson.