Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump and the Big Polling Fraud

Anyone who watched the Donald Trump Hillary Clinton debate knows who won. 

And it wasn't the Annoying Orange.

But don't tell that to the bloated demagogue, because he simply can't accept reality.

And spent the day after his humiliating defeat claiming victory.

When in fact all the real polls, including CNN's...

Showed that he lost. 

PPP's post debate survey, sponsored by VoteVets Action Fund, finds that voters nationally think Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the debate, 51/40.

And most importantly lost big with young voters:

Perhaps most important for Clinton is that among young voters, who she has under performed with, 63% think she won the debate to only 24% for Trump. 47% of voters in that age group said the debate tonight made them more likely to vote for her, to only 10% who say it made them less likely to vote for her.

The kind of voters Clinton needs to motivate, to turn her victory into a landslide.

And as for all those other polls that Trump was gleefully trumpeting... 

It turns out they were both false and fraudulent.

Donald Trump supporters artificially manipulated the results of online polls to create a false narrative that the Republican nominee won the first presidential debate on Monday night.

The efforts originated from users of the pro-Trump Reddit community r/The_Donald and 4chan messaged boards, which bombarded around 70 polls, including those launched by Time, Fortune and CNBC.

Which is just one more reason why that Con artist must never become President, and why so many of his supporters are known as the deplorables...

And in the real world this is another reason why those Trumplings and their depraved leader are going to lose. 

By a 17 point margin, 55/38, voters say Clinton has the temperament to be President. On the other hand, by an 11 point margin, 42/53, voters say Trump does not have the temperament to be President. Among independents the gap is even wider- by a 56/36 spread they say Clinton has the temperament for the job, while by a 41/54 spread they say Trump does not.

For like so many others, I found Trump's claim that his temperament is his "strongest asset" to be laughable...

So laughable it can only make people wonder whether he's losing his mind or snorting cocaine.

So I'm not surprised to see that the Democrats are already using that deranged statement against him...

As they should, for no decent person can deny any longer that Donald Trump is unfit to be President.

And as I keep saying, and will keep repeating until the election is over. 

The sooner that shameless Con artist is defeated.

The sooner he can be sent to the place he belongs...


  1. Trump may not being lying about his temperament being his strongest asset. His experience may be that in business bullying works.

    Not so good for a President with a nuclear trigger though.

    1. hi Unknown...well as we know the business world attracts some of the worst psychopaths and bullies on the planet. But it's the way Trump can be triggered into acting crazy by a simple tweet that should worry everybody. And definitely makes him the kind of man who shouldn't be allowed anywhere the nuclear button....

    2. Trump may not being lying about his temperament being his strongest asset. His experience may be that in business bullying works.

      As does cronyism, bribes, hiring illegals and exploiting every government program or incentive available.

      It may come as a complete surprise if he does get elected that other heads of government or heads of state may not have a lot of time for a idiot, posturing ex-realty show host and racisit real estate agent.

      Let us devoutly hooe he does not get elected. Clinton is a bad bargin but Trump is like something dragged out of the gutter.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Yes, the online polls were unscientific and cannot be trusted. It is also very possible that they were manipulated too. However, the polls conducted by CNN and PPP were also unscientific albeit it appears that they were probably less prone to mass manipulation than the online polls.

    For a start, CNN had interviewed a sample population, if I recall correctly, comprising 41% self identified Dems, 25% Reps and only 33% Independents. This apparently was a sample that had significantly overweighted Dems and underweighted Independents. Even CNN itself had admitted that it did not have the time to make the sample more representative of the voter population at large.

    Both CNN and PPP (Public Polling Policy Inc., I think) had contacted respondents from previous surveys who had agreed to participate in the survey after watching the debate. This effectively meant that CNN and PPP had established a panel or a focus group to poll after the debate. Clearly, these CNN and PPP panels or focus group polling were very different from a true, randomized polling methodology. Only the latter can be regarded as true scientific polling and be believed, if carried out competently, to represent true public response.

    Remember the Angus Reid "poll" that had claimed something like 81% of "Canadians" had supported Bill C-51? AR had polled their panel too so a more accurate statement should have been 81% of AR panel members, not Canadians, supported the bill. That initial survey, as we now know, was essentially garbage because later more accurate polls showed that a majority of Canadians actually opposed C-51.

    We should find out at the end of the weeks from general election polls if Hillary did actually do better or even if the debate even had an effect on voting intentions.

    1. hi anon...yes you're right, the CNN poll was weighted in favour of the Democrats. But other polls are suggesting that most American believe that Clinton won the debate, and any of them are better than the rigged online polls that Trump is using to claim victory. I believe it could take several more days before we can get a more accurate reading of how the electorate interpreted that debate, since reading what others have to say also can influence the result. But since even his advisers believe he lost, and are anonymously complaining to the media, in an attempt to get Trump better prepared for the next one. When all is said and done I believe Clinton will come out on top....

  3. e.a.f.6:45 AM

    watched the debate and it was a hoot! OMG and this is supposed to be the best the Republicans can do. Trump didn't answer questions, made faces, all in all, acted like any 9 yr old who was unhappy with some one he didn't like. Clinton did well. of course none of this may mean she wins the election. We still could wind up with Pres. Trump.

    In the debate Trump repeated almost everything 3 times. William Goldman, an old time Hollywood script writer, rather famous, when he wrote a book did say in a movie script your repeat everything 3 times so the audience gets it. In salesperson courses, they teach repeat things 3 times. Who knows, Trump is selling himself and like many sale people, he glosses over the bad stuff and keeps repeating what he wants voters to hear.

    It will be unfortunate if Trump wins, but then The Americans will have no one to blame but themselves. It would be a gong show to watch, if we weren't sitting on their northern border.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes some of the faces Trump made, and the way he leaned forward into the microphone to say "wrong" or "no" was hilarious. Except that as you point out, it may have been a gong show, if we weren't sitting on the northern border...