Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Another Religious Fanatic Joins the Con Leadership Race

As if the Con leadership race wasn't bizarre or pathetic enough. 

With Kellie Leitch trying to stir up hatred against refugees and immigrants.

And Brad Trost trying to stir up hatred against gay Canadians.

Now another Con fanatic is joining the race.

And he couldn't be a more deplorable candidate. 

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer is ready to join the race to replace former prime minister Stephen Harper. The former Speaker of the House of Commons plans to file his paperwork and then launch his leadership bid at an event in Ottawa on Wednesday, where his campaign manager says he will appear alongside a number of fellow Conservative MPs and senators who support his candidacy.

For not only was Andrew Scheer a faithful disciple of Stephen Harper.

And one of the worst Speakers this country has ever known...

A Con robot if ever there was one.

He is also a social conservative who should have been booted off his throne in the House of Commons. 

On Monday, Andrew Scheer, Speaker of the House of Commons, killed a vote to extend hate crime protection to transgender people, citing an obscure parliamentary rule. On Tuesday, Scheer ignored an obscure parliamentary rule as he allowed a government MP to make a mockery of question period.

For failing to protect transgendered Canadians, allowing people like Paul Calandra to make a mockery out of our democracy... 

In response to questions about Iraq, Paul Calandra, the parliamentary secretary to the prime minister, repeatedly answered with non sequiturs about supporting Israel. 

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair pleaded with Scheer to keep Calandra, the Conservative MP for Oak Ridges-Markham, in line.

When Scheer refused to intervene, Mulcair called the Speaker out. “Well, Mr. Speaker, that does not speak very favourably about your neutrality in this House,” he said. Scheer then cut off Mulcair’s questions for the day.

And for helping to turn our Parliament into a sideshow. 

Parliament has become a sideshow. If the Paul Calandras of the world refuse to act like adults, Canada needs a Speaker who will force them to. If Scheer doesn’t want to be that person, he should resign and let someone else be the saviour of common sense.

A Speaker so biased and so useless, Rick Mercer once suggested he should be replaced with a bag of flour...

But believe it or not is now a heavy favourite to win the Con leadership race...

And the good news? 

I think this tweet sums up the situation.

The Con leadership race is now a sideshow...

One religious fanatic has replaced another.

And the Cons are heading for a hell of their own making...


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    This con is the horse to watch out for. "Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer held a private dinner for Wright on Monday at his official residence outside Ottawa. Attendees included junior minister Maxime Bernier, Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre and party lawyer Guy Giorno." That little party needs to be the anvil that sinks his boat. DN

    1. hi anon...yes, as I said in my post, in the absence of any better candidate, Scheer is now the favourite of the desperate Con establishment. And as you point out, he does have some popular friends. They think his affable manner, and "winning" smile will conceal his hard SoCon core. But that is of course what makes him so dangerous....

  2. Every day I see things that shatter my faith in humanity, and every day I see something that restores it.
    We must never stop trying to bring peace and harmony to the world. Nationalism is not the answer. Religion is not the answer.
    We all bleed. We all have hopes and dreams.
    And we will all die. Why fight each other?

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      I don't think globalism is the answer if that's where you were headed...

    2. hi Liberta...I agree with all those fine sentiments, and only they can save the people of this planet from destroying themselves. But sadly the right has declared war on us, and if we are ever going to build a kinder gentler world, we must fight them as hard as they fight us....

  3. Anonymous3:50 PM

    To see how truly terrible Scheer was as speaker, you had to see him live in action. I caught a QP session near the end of the terrible Con regime and the guy was a disgrace. He slumped in his chair and played on his phone while sitting in the speaker's chair.

    1. hi anon...yes, I watched Question Period a lot during the Harper years, and I know what you mean. He not only allowed his fellow Cons to turn our parliament into a circus, every important ruling favoured the Harper Party. So yes he was a disgrace, and doesn't deserve to be the leader of any Canadian party....

  4. e.a.f.6:39 AM

    now that dinner party would have been fun to listen in on.

    with a field such as the conservatives have now, if they keep it up, who knows the NDP could return as the official opposition in the next election. we could wish all of the Cons. good luck. At least this isn't boring.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes I also would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that Con dinner party. And isn't it interesting that Nigel Wright is back in circulation? But then of course he too is a religious fanatic, so birds of a feather flock together. And since Scheer has the support of those religious fanatics, and is also able to appeal to more moderate Cons with his affable manner, I'd have to say that he is now the heavy favourite to take the Con leadership. But since he left the Speaker's chair he has shown himself to be as hyper partisan as Harper himself, so I don't see him leading the Cons to the Promised Land...