Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Night Hillary Clinton Demolished Donald Trump

I must admit I was a bit worried,  deeply concerned, a nervous wreck before last night's debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The bloated demagogue has been enjoying some momentum. Polls suggest the race  is now a dead heat.

And with just six weeks to go before the election, it was a critical moment.

But it turns out I shouldn't have worried, because Clinton left Trump looking like a big baby.

Or a wailing maniac.

With any momentum he might have gained, now filling his soiled diapers.

She led him into a trap, she needled him. 

A composed Hillary Clinton got under Donald Trump’s skin during their high-stakes showdown on Monday night, with the Republican nominee persistently interrupting Clinton as she needled him on his business record, the size of his fortune and his relationship with the truth.

Until the Angry Orange erupted, started lying like a thief, and sounding like a madman.

As he has so many times before....

Asked about his judgement toward the end of the debate, Trump declared, “I think my strongest asset, maybe by far is my temperament. I have a winning temperament. I know how to win. She does not.” 

It was the evening’s most talked-about line both on Facebook and Twitter.

Or like a Con clown. 

Or a deranged narcissist who thinks he can fool everyone.

He tried to intimidate Hillary by acting like a bully or a boor. 

But it just didn't work...

It turns out she had more stamina than he did.

For while he sniffled alarmingly.

Which can only raise troubling questions about whether he's physically fit to be President, and whether he uses coke.

She exposed his racism and his foul birtherism. She reminded Americans that he believes global warming is a hoax. 

“Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I think it's real,” she said at another point. 

“I did not say that,” Trump countered. “I did not say that.” 

And that Trump, whose organization stealthily deleted this tweet last night...

Is also a serial liar.

A miserable misogynist who calls women "pigs" and "dogs."

And as it turns out, is also a poor loser. 

Donald Trump is claiming that his debate performance was so awful because he was given a defective microphone. 

Which couldn't be more pathetic. 

Trump can’t blame a mic for the fact that he appeared to be unprepared for the debate, and lacked the stamina to make it through the full 90 minutes. By the final ten minutes of the debate, Donald Trump was spouting gibberish that made no sense to anyone.

And if this is true, couldn't be more cowardly.

The excuses have already begun. There are rumblings in Trump world that Donald should skip the final two presidential debates.

But then who can blame him if he tries to run away?

Or swim away...

He probably still doesn't know what hit him.

But he was always out of his depth.

He was always unfit to be President.

And the Trump train is now out of control.

And heading for oblivion...


  1. Donald Trump is claiming that his debate performance was so awful because he was given a defective microphone.

    Well, as it says in the link the main problem was that it worked. The only good mic would have been a dead mic for Donald.

    I didn't watch it but Trump trumpeting his 'virtues'(as heard in clip on CBC) would be enough to make me vote for the Clinton's cat before him.

    1. hi jrk...I watched the whole thing, and Trump's problem wasn't the mike which seemed fine to me, it was Trump's big mouth. He actually started out quite effectively, by going after Clinton on lost jobs and trade deals. But his ego is so large it is easily pricked, and after Clinton needled him about his tax returns it was all down hill from then on. I read that she is being coached by some of the best in the business and it showed...

  2. You know Simon, I watched the whole debate last night in awe, with my mouth agape. From the moment Trump opened his mouth during his two minute intro, the American public were witness to a totally unprepared demagogue, who spouted gibberish, lies and nonsense, all night. I went to bed last night ecstatic, thinking Clinton has finally put the wooden stake into the soulless heart of this pretender, only to wake up to claims by most mainstream media outlets saying Trump won the debate, and some even claiming that he won, by simply showing up. Did these pundits watch the same debate? Are we now watching the sad ending of the great American experiment? Will Trump's twisted view of the American Dream become the worlds next nightmare. After the American people elected George Dubya, twice, I have little faith in their aptitude to see through,not only this charlatan's big con, but any distortion of the truth. A year ago, I laughed at Trumps presidential aspirations. I'm not laughing now.

    1. hi GreazedLiten...nobody should take Trump lightly, he is a dangerous demagogue in a volatile time. But no serious media outlet could declare him the winner of that debate. For although he had a strong first twenty minutes, his behaviour and his ignorance should have been enough to disgust any rational person. But of course that is the problem, Trump supporters are fuelled by emotion rather than reason. And it remains to be seen whether the debate can motivate the missing millennials who are considering voting for third parties. Because they are now Clinton's biggest problem, to a point where she is now campaigning for them, rather than against Trump. And unless she can win them over anything could still happen...

  3. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I watched the 2 minute openings from each candidate. I couldn't handle more than that and turned to Neil deGrasse Tyson's show on the wave theory of light.

    1. hi anon....look I can't blame you, I still can't believe the amount of time I spend watching CNN. It can't be good for me, and I can't wait for it to be over. But let's not kid ourselves what's happening south of the border has huge implications for Canada and the whole world. So we need to monitor the situation closely, if only so we know when to start digging our bomb shelters....

  4. All he had to do was basically not do what he did last night and he definitely would have had a serious chance of toppling her. Instead he exposed that the DrumpfenFuhrer has no brain, no real ideas and has the winning temperament of Charlie Sheen.

    1. hi Dan....As I said above, trump started off very well, and all that talk about bringing jobs back is the kind of thing many Americans want to hear, even though he has no real idea how that can be accomplished, and is likely to result in economic chaos, and even a global recession. But yes, as his Ghostwriter Tony Schwartz said, you can talk to him about anything but sooner or later he 'd rather talk about himself. And if anyone needles his giant ego, he goes off the rails. At this stage that character flaw is the only thing standing between us and disaster....

  5. Anonymous9:41 AM

    As a con who has been rooting for Trump I was shocked at how last night went. Hillary seemed in control the whole time and kept him on the defensive. She seemed strong and confident. I can only wonder how this will effect the polls...

    1. hi anon...we should know in the next few days whether the debate had any effect on the polls. I wouldn't expect much of a reaction because both sides are by now pretty fixed in their opinions. I believe the number of undecided voters is at about ten percent and they may still waver until the last couple of weeks. What I think the debate did accomplish is boost or resuscitate Clinton's campaign, and give her the momentum that Trump had been enjoying. As wee say when we can't think of anything else, only time will tell...

  6. I don't believe any of this will even matter come November!

    1. hi Kathleen.... you may be right, as I told the commenter above you we should have an idea by the end of the week whether it moved the polls at all. But the first debate is always an important one, and if Clinton some gain some momentum it should help a lot in the next few weeks...

  7. John B.1:50 PM

    Trump is still the golden boy. Give him enough chances and he'll get it right once. Then all is forgiven and forgotten. A card laid in never a card played for golden boys. All he has to do to be referred to as "looking presidential" is to turn in a performance that doesn't showcase his ignorance.

    1. hi John...Trump may be the golden boy for his own supporters, and the devil for the Democrats. But it's the independents and the undecided who count now, and the impression they got of Trump during the first debate may be the one that counts. For studies show that those kind of voters are not likely to watch all the debates, so it could make a big difference. Also the way the media loop works these days, you can be presidential for an hour, and lose it all in thirty seconds. And the fact is that Clinton is a better debater, and has a better support team, so the odds still favour her...

  8. I think Trump played rope a dope, he cant be that bad.

    1. hi Steve....I'm glad to see that you are still clinging to hope, and who knows you may be right, and you'll have the last laugh and be able to torment me for the next four years. But I think Trump is so flawed as a person, that kind of rope a dope, is more likely to hang him...

  9. Kudos to anyone who was able to sit through that whole sad affair. The sheer stupidity and narcissism of the good is so completely mind-boggling, I don't even know where to begin.

    1. hi Way Way Up....I like to think I watch every minute, so others can be spared that ordeal. Bt one thing is for sure, I love my American friends, but I'll NEVER forgive them for putting on that nightmare show. After the election we endured, having to watch an even scarier one, is almost more than I can bear. Like you, when I stare at what's happening and try to think what I should write about it, I also don't know where to begin....