Sunday, September 18, 2016

Donald Trump's Deranged and Dishonest War On the Media

As we know Donald Trump is always attacking the media, and going after reporters who criticize him, or don't flatter his bloated ego.

Blasting away at them on his deranged Twitter account, in an obvious attempt to intimidate them.

He has vowed that if he becomes President he will change the law to make it easier to sue them for libel.

And this weekend his tiny fingers have been typing away furiously, threatening the New York Times.

But although the depraved man child is full of sound and fury, he fails to mention which New York Times' story set him off.

So we are forced to wonder whether it's the story that reveals him to be a sleazy and hypocritical huckster.

The ultimate insider, and member of the One Percent, who blasts big government out of one corner of his Con man mouth, while sucking up tax breaks with the other.

Or the story that portrays him as a huckster AND a pathological liar.

Routine falsehoods, unfounded claims and inflammatory language have long been staples of Mr. Trump’s anything-goes campaign. But as the polls tighten and November nears, his behavior, and the implications for the country should he become president, are alarming veteran political observers — and leaving them deeply worried about the precedent being set, regardless of who wins the White House. 

 “It’s frightening,” said Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota. “Our politics, because of him, is descending to the level of a third-world country. There’s just nothing beneath him. And I don’t know why we would think he would change if he became president. That’s what’s really scary.”

And of course, as a man too coarse, too ignorant, and too dangerous to be President.

But the good news is that it doesn't really matter what story drove the Angry Orange over the deep end this time.

What counts is that the media, after giving Trump a pass for so long, seem to be finally tiring of being played by him.

As they were played the other day, when he summoned them to an "important announcement" at his newest hotel. Only to use the occasion to plug his hotel like a cheap huckster.

He seemed untroubled in using an ostensible campaign event just a few blocks from the White House to openly promote his personal commercial interests 52 days before the election.

Before delivering a disgracefully short and absurd statement on his birther conspiracy, and then taking no questions. Which had even CNN's venerable John King seeing red...

And calling a fraud a fraud.

While others in the media all but accused him of lying like a thief...

And if the media do turn on him, and start exposing his many scandals, or challenging his many lies, it will do him great harm. And those who helped create the monster will help destroy him.

And all I can say is it's about time.

For there can now be no doubt whatsoever, that if a man who lies like Trump does, and goes after the media like he is always doing, and is as crazy as he is, is not stopped.

Democracy and decency don't stand a chance.

And it will be the way fascism comes to America...  


  1. Well, late but probably better than never. American TV news usually seems to have no substance most of the time. It seems to be looking for an Academy Award not a Pulitzer Prize.

    Let's hope some of this new press sticks but, to be honest, the US electorate seems to0 irrational and polarized this election to make sensible decisions.

    I am not all that fond of Hillary Clinton as a candidate either but she has demonstrates a reasonable ability to function in government and has the decided advantage that she is no a serial-lying racist, crooked crank magnet.

    1. hi jrkrideau... I'm sure many of Trump supporters are too fanatical to change their minds, or believe anything the media says. But hopefully "moderate" Republicans will be further alienated from Trump. It all depends however on whether the big TV networks change their approach, because the written media can only do so much these days. And yes, whatever one thinks of Clinton, Trump is worse and more dangerous...

  2. Media criticism will not hurt Trump. His followers are immune to factual argument. It will be enough that they'll know their hero is being "persecuted" and they'll rally even closer to him.

    If he actually gets charged for sexually abusing 13-year old girls, then, maybe, "Trump Nation" will abandon him. (Or else they'll think it's a frame-up.)

    The US media and people in general seem surprised at this election. But I think it's perfectly revealing of the low, debased state of US political culture: Trump IS the right-wing and liberals stupidly backed a candidate so scuzzy that she's having a hard time gaining ground against her ignorant, buffoonish opponent.

    1. Anonymous10:01 PM

      If I remember the polls correctly, some 81% of Hillary supporters think Trump is evil while some 83% of Trump supporters think Hillary is evil. Both camps are convinced that it is important to vote for their own candidate to block the larger evil. Sad, no? :(

    2. hi Thwap...I agree, as I told jrkrideau, I very much doubt that anything will sway Trump's loyal supporters, but the birther thing and other lies might make other more moderate Republicans not vote, or even vote for Clinton. And yes you're right, a better Democratic candidate would have wiped the floor with Trump by now. My hopes are riding on the back of a very rickety horse...

  3. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Whatever happened to Progressive Bloggers. Will it ever be back?

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I suggest the Blogging Tories, much better than this progressive bullshit.

    2. hi anon...I don't know when they will be back. Almost two weeks ago they thought the upgrade would take only a few days. But it must have been more of a job than they imagined. But they are not paid to do the job, they are just dedicated volunteers so we must be patient. I'm sure they're doing their best. And it does show how fragile our our progressive voices, and how we must never take them for granted...

    3. hi've got to be kidding. The Blogging Tories who used to rule the roost ten years ago, have about one tenth of the bloggers Progressive Bloggers have, and are just the same old guys peddling the same old bullshit...

    4. Anonymous12:16 PM

      According to Blogging Tories is more popular than Progressive Bloggers by about 700,000 websites globally.

    5. hi anon...I don't believe that for a moment. Just a glance at today's Blogging Tories shows only FIVE post filed in the last 24hrs. And seven of the 16 posts on the page were written by the same person. And an old kook if ever there was one. The Blogging Tories have been dying for years, and it won't be long before we bury them...

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I'm guessing he was briefed on the NY bombing like Clinton was. She chose careful words after the Mayor held his press conference. Trump chose to use the news to his advantage in his speech before the press conference. Quite irresponsible, but not too surprising.


    1. hi TS...well as you can imagine, Trump is praying for a terrorist attack, just like Stephen Harper used to do. And I wouldn't be surprised if some of his crazed supporters start planting bombs all over the place to help their ghastly leader. It's a terrifying situation and goodness knows how it's going to end...

  5. One of the saddest aspects of this election is how in the tank the mainstream media is for Hillary. I dont think they have been unfair to Trump at all, in fact maybe they could make better arguments, instead of just pushing polls. But for Hillary it has all been kid gloves 24 seven.

    1. Anonymous9:39 PM

      Sure Steve. That must be why the NY Times has been running article after article on the front page over the fold about the Clinton Foundation. None of the the articles uncover any wrongdoing, but are full of innuendo about "potential conflicts of interest" when no actual conflicts were found.

      Times readers were so outraged by the paper's attempts to make Clinton seem as bad as Trump that they complained about the constant barrage of false equivalence. The new public editor's attempt to exonerate the paper was met with almost unanimous ridicule. Just read the comments below here:

    2. hi Steve...I don't thin the media has been biased against trump. I think for a long time the U.S. networks gave him a free ride because his entertainment value was good for their ratings. I also think they are guilty of false equivalency, treating both candidates the same, when Trump is clearly different. And whatever sins Clinton may have committed are peccadilloes compared to all the things Trump has done...

  6. Anonymous12:45 PM

    The WALL should be built out of the skulls of the Lugenpresse.

    1. hi anon... I had to google Lugenpresse to see what you were talking about. And I think this article says it all.
      And you should be ashamed of yourself for using a Nazi word, when so many Canadians sacrificed their lives to defeat them.
      But it is of course yet another reason Trump must be defeated...

  7. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Never a Trump fan but it would appear that the Dems are getting desperate with today's polls showing that Trump is virtually tied or ahead in all national polls and almost all swing states.

    Now Obama says that it would be a "personal insult" to him if Black Americans do not vote for Hillary:

    What will the MSM, and Hillary supporters say if Trump or his surrogate were to say that it would be a personal insult if white Americans did not vote for him? :)

    And Obama's plea follows Hillary unwisely labelling some 35M of Trump supporters as "basket of deplorables".

    Really, both camps are now resorting to what appears to be racially divisive tactics to win. Yet the Dems more than the vile Trumpsters are claiming the moral high ground. Most sad.

    1. Trumps supporters are deplorable. Ignorant, racist ignoramuses. Whereas Hillary's supporters are just brainwashed, deluded shills.

    2. hi anon...well of course the Democrats are worried, but I find it normal for Obama to tell Black Americans it would be a personal insult to him if they don't vote for Hillary. What else is he supposed to say when Trump has attacked him for years in such a disgraceful way? And while Clinton may have been unwise to label Trump supporters as "deplorables" instead of simply attacking the Angry Orange, many of his supporters have more than earned that label. And unfortunately in America race is still a big and very divisive issue. Thank goodness we live in Canada...