Saturday, September 17, 2016

Brad Trost, Jason Kenney, and the Homophobic Cons

Press Progress

It seems I might have been a bit too hasty when I labelled the Harper Party, the Trump Party.

For while Kellie Leitch and Tony Clement are doing their pathetic best to foster that impression...

And I'm sure both those losers will eventually succeed in labelling it the Trump Party in the eyes of most Canadians.

It's important to remember that the Harper Party has always been, and still is, Canada's Homophobic Party.

For what else can explain that one of its leadership candidates, the ghastly religious fanatic Brad Trost, is attacking gay marriage?

As fellow leadership hopefuls Kellie Leitch and Tony Clement steer the Conservative leadership race in weird directions, Trost's campaign has launched an ad blitz against the rights and freedoms of over one hundred thousand gay and lesbian Canadians who are already married.

Eleven years after it was approved by Parliament, after so many gay people have got married.

And so many others dream of doing so some day...

Why would the Harper Party still be going after gay Canadians in the year 2016?

And what is it with those two fingers?

When to salute Brad Trost, or any other Con, you only need one.

And isn't this so true?

But then why should we be surprised?

When Trost has always been a rabid opponent of both LGBT and women's rights. He could only exist or swim in the sewer of the  Harper Trump Homophobic Party.

And he learned all he knows from bouncing up and down on the knees of the religious fanatic and anti-gay bigot Jason Kenney...

Who designated him to be his chosen successor after he left for Alberta.

Where he is presently going after bullied gay kids.

Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jason Kenney is accusing Alberta's education minister of "lobbing rhetorical bombs" at schools resistant to the LGBTQ policies outlined in Bill 10.

By demanding that the Alberta government compromise with religious schools who would discriminate against LGBT kids, even though those schools are subsidized by taxpayers.

As only that cowardly porker could...

But then Kenney always took his orders from God AND Stephen Harper.

Who as I have pointed out many times, was also a stealthy anti-gay bigot...

And although Harper did finally ride or run off into the sunset with his golden boy Ray Novak...

He left his grubby paw prints all over the Cons.

And whether you call it the Harper party or the Trump party, it will always be the Bigot Party.

Which sadly for the Cons, effectively means that Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister for a long long time...

For he is the choice of the new generation, that hates bigots with a passion.

They are the future. 

They will help bury the Homophobic Party once and for all.

And while we work for that happy day, please save one swollen finger, for Brad Trost and Jason Kenney...


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    It's amazing how the homophobic, "family values" Harper Party had so many middle-aged, never-married people in positions of power - Baird, Kenny, Anders, Novak, Wright, Poilievre, Byrne... It seems Harper wasn't the only one with a thing for closets.

    1. hi anon...yes, Harper id have quite a bachelor's club around him. An although the official explanations that he wanted people around him who would not be distracted by family matters, so they could focus entirely on servicing him, and changing Canada beyond recognition. But I think it's because he doesn't enjoy the company of women, and doesn't respect them enough. Just one more thing to remember while writing the story of the Harper Legacy...

  2. Tory leadership hopeful Brad Trost says he wouldn't repeal same-sex marriage law

    He has just drawn criticism from across the political spectrum for endorsing a controversial same-sex marriage ad. But if Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost were to win the federal Conservative Party leadership race next year, he says he has no plans to change the law that allows same-sex marriage in Canada.

    The outspoken, socially conservative backbencher, who announced his intentions to run for Tory leadership during the summer, said he recognizes that the political ship on gay marriage sailed long ago. If elected in 2017 however, he said he would push forward a policy agenda that includes other controversial positions, like oilsands expansion and anti-abortion values.

    "I’m comfortable with where I stand," he told National Observer in an exclusive interview. "I’m comfortable with the views I’ve had... By and large, almost across the board, every area philosophically that I’m arguing for is already part of the Conservative platform.”


    1. Hi David...well I'm glad Brad Trost is clinging to a straw of political reality., as a good hayseed should. But making opposition to same-sex marriage the biggest plank in campaign, even though he wouldn't do anything about it, strikes me as intellectually dishonest, and in my eyes makes him look even more disgusting...