Friday, September 02, 2016

Kellie Leitch and the Return of the Barbarian Nightmare

One might be excused for believing that Kellie Leitch would have learned her lesson. 

She herself wanted us to believe that she was sorry for her foul cultural barbarism campaign, and her infamous snitch line.

Or so she blubbered. 

"I've had a lot of time to think about this since the campaign took place and if I could go back in time, which I can't, I would change things," Leitch said. "I would not have made that announcement that day.

But sadly it seems that old habits die hard.

Because now she's back dredging up some old demons, by asking whether we should be screening immigrants and refugees for "anti-Canadian values."

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch wants to know what her supporters think about vetting would-be immigrants and refugees for "anti-Canadian values."

Without ever specifying what is an anti-Canadian value.

The Leitch survey does not spell out what is meant by "anti-Canadian values," nor otherwise declare where Leitch herself stands on the issue.

Neither did her campaign manager Nick Kouvalis, who said Thursday he would not comment on the substance of the survey.

Which is not surprising, because the values of Stephen Harper's depraved Con regime that she served so faithfully and so shamelessly, were not the values of our Canada. 

And Leitch is the last person who should ask a question about those values, since she violated them so barbarously.

You know, I do believe that immigrants should be taught our true Canadian values of tolerance and diversity.

So elections like this one.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives have triumphed in a key by-election after igniting a political firestorm over the province’s sexual-education curriculum.

Would not be won on the backs of bullied gay children, cruelly sacrificed on the altar of ignorance and bigotry.

But I bet Leitch is celebrating that one.

So we have the right to ask, what exactly was she blubbering about four months ago?

If she was really so sorry, why is she still fishing in the same foul pond, or sewer?

Other questions are liable to raise eyebrows as well. One refers to denying citizenship to someone who recants the pledge to the Queen after taking it; another asks about incarcerating terrorists instead of providing "therapy and counselling." 

Why does this sound so familiar?

"Some people say that our politicians and political parties should encourage multiculturalism that celebrates our differences, while other people say that our politicians and political parties should encourage a unifying Canadian identity based on historic Canadian values."

Is Leitch trying to be the new Harper, or is she channelling Donald Trump?

And of course, when is she going to resign? 

As even some Cons are demanding. 

Conservative strategist Chad Rogers called on Leitch to withdraw her candidacy. 

"You don't get to apologize twice for the same mistake," said Rogers, a founding partner at Crestview Strategy.

"This potentially taints the entire party and the entire movement and she has to be made an example of."

For they recognize the damage she could do the Harper Party by dredging up the past... 

And reminding Canadians what a nightmare it was.

And of course we should never forget that long night of the Canadian soul.

Never forget what might have happened if Harper and his monstrous Cons had won.

And work together to make sure that it never happens again...

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  1. i find it perplexing that all these people (leitch, rempel, ambrose, kenny) are willing to strut around naked and bullshit the rest of us about the quality of their garments (is this their idea of pro-Canadian values?). i know not one intelligent person who would do that.

    our well-payed national obstruction party.

    1. hi I've said many times before, the Harper Cons never recognized or respected the precious values of this country. They have no moral compass, they exist in a world of their own, and they couldn't be more disgusting...

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Besides being a horrible bigot she is a person who would do away with the Canadian health care system and also she is a member of the 1%. Reference article in Huffington Post of 01.23.2014 by Amy MacPherson.

    1. hi anon...yes, I didn't have time to squeeze in all her other crimes against Canada. Which include her support the Harper government policy of not providing safe abortions for poor women in developing countries , even though Leitch as a doctor should know they are badly needed. Or her plan to criminalize marijuana, and throw even more Canadians in jail for no good reason. Kellie Leitch, a foul Con, and a loser if ever there was one...

  3. I couldn't believe it when I read this story about Leitch. My disbelief was not based on the fact that I was surprised that she is a bigot and peddler of hate, rather it was based on the fact that, from a purely practical point of view, she saw what happened last time she promoted her racism and hate. The fact that she so quickly returned, like a dog, to her vomit, demonstrates just how far gone she is.

    1. hi Kirby...I must say I was also surprised to see Leitch re-offend, after the way her cultural barbarism bullshit helped sink the Harper government. But then like many Cons she is an ideological fanatic, and even though she is a doctor, hasn't a drop of human empathy in her whole body. That is their biggest problem in my opinion, and probably the best reason to defeat them...

  4. I do not want to accept into my country anyone who believes in Sharia law, forced marriage or death to Gay people period. We have enough home grown nuts, lets not import more.

    1. hi a trump supporter I'm not surprised that you should view bigotry as an external problem, when in fact those anti-Canadian values are already out of control in this country, and have nothing to do with refugees and immigrants...

    2. I prefer Hilary hater to Trump supporter. The only thing I support 100% is his vow to abolish so called free trade.

  5. Anonymous11:54 AM

    This kind of behaviour is why we "Canadians" NEVER have to worry about a ReformCON bigot being PM of our country anytime in the near future. Love watching them dig themselves into the same dark pit that Harper ended up in!!!!! Oh the satisfaction of it all!!!!!! Not the brightest bulb in the CON leadership race. Then again, none of the CONS in the race are very bright. LOL LOL FS

    1. hi FS...I like to think you're right. The Cons keep trying to dig themselves out of the hole Harper left them in, only to repeat the same mistakes, and dig themselves in even deeper. It's insane, it's disgusting, but hopefully their bestialities will keep them out of power for a very long time...

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    As was said on Power & Politics last night, she has another career, maybe she should just go back to practicing medicine full time.

    Being one of the few Harper cons who has achieved anything outside of politics, maybe it's not too surprising that she is also quite damaged.


    1. hi TS....surprisingly enough Leitch has the best funded and best organized campaign of all the Con candidates. Why I have no idea. For as Paul Wells asked the other day on Power and Politics, "Who on earth thinks she can win?"
      But I must admit, because she is a paediatric surgeon, it makes it even harder for me to understand how she could stoop so low...

  7. Good grief! Some Canadians who were born here (such as Leitch) hold anti-Canadian values. What does she propose we do with them? More dog whistle politics from the party with nothing to offer except division and hate.

    1. hi justplanecrazy...yes that's a very good point, Leitch like Trump is trying to portray immigrants and refugees as a threat to our values,when the greatest threat to our values are the Cons themselves...

  8. When the Cons announced their "Barbarian Practices" bullshit, more than a few of my neighbours took down their Vote PC lawn signs. It might have a lot to do with the fact that my neighbours (as well as myself) don't look like "real"* Canadians (ie: not white) and might be considered barbaric on that basis alone.

    * odd considering that the actual REAL Canadians had much darker skin hues than the settlers who gave them booze and small pox.

  9. hi Dan...yes, not only was that barbaric cultural practices bullshit morally offensive, it was the straw that broke the Con's back. So I have no idea why Leitch would double down on that, unless she's desperate to attract some publicity for her failing campaign. But dumb bigots will be dumb bigots, and our mission must be to stand up for our true Canadian values, and hopefully keep the Cons out of power forever...

  10. I am also extremely puzzled and disturbed by how confused Conservatives seem to be about what are Canadian values. MP Cheryl Gallant also weighed in on this topic recently, stating that human rights and multiculturalism are un-Canadian. It seems clear to me that Conservative values and Canadian values are entirely different. I also wrote a blog about it.