Saturday, September 03, 2016

Kellie Leitch and the Anti-Canadian Cons

In my last post I looked at how Kellie Leitch was discovered discreetly cooking up a new/nouveau batch of her foul cultural barbarism brew.

By stirring up the idea that immigrants and refugees should be screened for "anti-Canadian values." 

Even though Leitch wouldn't know a Canadian value if it flew up like a bat and bit her on the nose.

But if you thought she was sorry for having been caught in the act of trying to bubble up bigotry again, and might blubber like she did a few months ago.

You'd be wrong.

Because that was just an act, she's not sorry, and she's doubly doubling down and defending her barbaric idea.

Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is defending a contentious survey question from her campaign team that asked supporters what they think about vetting would-be immigrants and refugees for "anti-Canadian values."

Posing as a great defender of human rights, which coming from a faithful follower of Stephen Harper's Con cult is laughable.

And promising, or threatening, more of the same.

"Canadians can expect to hear more, not less from me, on this topic in the coming months," Leitch wrote in an emailed statement.

As only she could...

But then why should we be surprised ?

When Leitch lost her moral compass years a long time ago, if she ever had one.

And big Nick Kouvalis, Rob Ford's former campaign manager, the one they used to call the "Ford Whisperer," is her campaign manager...

And there is no limit to how low old Nick will go to try to get Leitch to stand out from this gang of losers...

Where the only Con leadership candidate to criticize Leitch was Michael Chong, who called it what it is: dog-whistle politics. 

“This suggestion, that some immigrants are ‘anti-Canadian’, does not represent our Conservative Party or our Canada. In order to win in 2019 we need to build a modern and inclusive Conservative Party that focuses squarely on pocket book issues that matter to Canadians, and not on issues that pit one Canadian against another.”

While all the other leadership candidates remained silent.

Even though Leitch's proposal is not only morally repugnant, it makes absolutely no sense to try to portray anti-Canadian values as an external threat, when they are already here, and all around us.

For there was Leitch the other day being celebrated by Wildrose leader Brian Jean.

Before he went on to disgrace himself further, by making a joke out of physically beating Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Wildrose leader Brian Jean has apologized for what he calls an "inappropriate attempt" at humour, when he told a public meeting it was against the law to "beat" Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

Even though the decent Notley is already being threatened in the most violent  manner...

Like no other politician in this country except Justin Trudeau...

And while violent hatred swirls around us to an extent never seen before in Canada.

The ghastly Con bigot Cheryl Gallant crawls around on all fours claiming that diversity and human rights are un-Canadian and threaten children.

In a blog post quietly published on the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP's website over the summer, Gallant takes aim at "political correctness," which she claims is responsible for "hideous crimes."

Gallant complains that "Canadian values" have been "abandoned" and says a "fear of being called a racist" is now "preventing the identification of perpetrators of hideous crimes" – sounding alarm bells about "immigrants grooming adolescent girls for sexual exploitation" as well as the "harvest of body parts."

As only that crazy Con hog could.

While in Edmonton a black actor, Jesse Lipscombe, walks down a street only to be targeted by racial slurs.

In the most cowardly manner.

And since immigrants and refugees learn about Canadian values from the people in their new country, how do we expect them to learn anything when so many Canadians regularly violate them?

And we don't have an immigrant or refugee problem, we've got a Con problem.

But then as I have said before, that's just another example of Stephen Harper's foul legacy.

The monster who fanned the flames of bigotry for crass political purposes...

And almost set his own country on fire.

But at least we did defeat him, and we know what we must do.

Fight those anti-Canadian values wherever they rear their ugly heads.

Tell people like Kellie Leitch to take a hike, or better still resign.

And make sure her and her racist Cons, who would poison this country again, never ever return to power...

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  1. Well said, Simon. I propose we construct a special deportation status for the likes of Leitch and Gallant. Let us send them and their unCanadian values to the political hinterlands from which, it is to be hoped, they can never return.

    1. hi Lorne...thank you, and I agree. Let's condemn Leitch, Gallant, and company for their anti-Canadian values, and send them to some bleak wasteland where they can't be seen to disgrace this country, or hurt anybody else...

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Are Cons like Leitch really stupid enough to believe that a screening test would solve anything or do they simply believe that the electorate are that stupid?
    If screening tests were effective we could simply have a screening test for all forms of criminal behavior including Con mayhem.Unfortunately as we all know it isn't that simple so you need more police,judges, lawyers and jails to enforce the pledges.But wait; the system is already overloaded so the next nail in the Con platform is to simplify the criminal system by scrapping human rights,implement private jails and automatic sentences administered by the police and hand picked crony judges.A simple solution but first we need more tests and supporting laws to ensure the system is fully overloaded and completely ineffective.
    It would seem a simpler saner solution would be to spend the money to encourage a more inclusive society with organized psychological and material support for all types of abuse victims.Muslims certainly don't have the market cornered on abuse. Leitch knows that but ineffectual pledges are just a small step backwards in time to the era where there was a ruling class that administered swift "justice" and everyone else either did their bidding or were peasants.No wonder they hate Trudeau and anyone else that is trying to heal society rather than fracture it to the point where a ruling class and expedient "justice" is the norm.

    1. hi RT...excellent comment. And no I don't think Leitch believes screening tests for immigrants and refugees is the solution, especially since we already have educational material that helps our new citizens understand the values of the country that will be their new home. It's just another Con attempt to make refugees and immigrants seem like a threat to our values, when as I said in my post the Cons are the real threat and the ones that need to be educated...

  3. There are anti Canadian values. I would put DNA lottery winner Kevin O leary in this list. Anyone who wants Canada to be more American is a anti Canadian. I am all for the PQ laws that eliminate relgion from the public sphere. Do what you want in private, but in public wear your religion privately.

    1. hi Steve...well I'm an atheist, so I have very little time for religion. But I will respect the religious as long as they respect my Canadian values...

  4. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Thankfully, but sadly, most of this bigotry is contained within the borders of Alberta. Seems the only time these CONS can get any airtime is if they travel to Alberta to spew their hatred. Brian Jean, yep, a real leader, not!!!!! good thing that there are enough good people in Alberta to support Rachel and override the bigots in that province. Does not say much for Edmonton when
    People cannot even walk down the streets without being called names!!!!! pathetic..... FS

    1. hi FS...look there are bigots all over Canada, but unfortunately the election of Rachel Notley in Alberta seems to have brought out the beast in some Albertans. The decent people of that province are better than that, and hopefully they will put the bigots in their place...

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Leitch is just a sublime example of the collective madness that still festers under the surface of what is known as Harperism. As the leadership process continues other examples of such psychopathology are bound to emerge from those grasping for the reins of what is now known as the Conservative Party of Canada.

    1. hi anon...yes I agree. Leitch is the perfect representative of the Harperite cult. A rigid ideologue without a shred of decency or a drop of empathy. But as I always say, the good news is that as long as those kind of people make up the Harper Party, they won't return to power for a very long time...

  6. Anonymous2:53 PM

    I wonder how Kelly Leitch acquired her medical degree. I certainly would not go to her for any medical advice.

    1. Hey just because she may be a mad, racist, Con, politician does not mean she is not an excellent doctor.

      Look at Ben what's his name, Carson? in the American election Fantastic surgeon, just a bit spacey on grain storage in Egypt.

    2. hi anon...well I'm sure Leitch is a reasonable doctor, but she lacks the qualities that would make her a great doctor, like caring and empathy. And of course as a politician she's an absolute disaster...

    3. hi jrkrideau...ha ha good one. I don't know if you ever saw the TV special that has Carson giving a tour of his home. But it was a classic. The house is a glittering albeit it tacky monument to himself, one fit for a Pharaoh. And how people like Carson and Leitch become doctors is something I'll never understand...

  7. Conservative leadership candidate Michael Chong released a statement Friday afternoon criticizing his opponent Kellie Leitch over her campaign’s exploration of a “Canadian values” screen for immigrants and refugees

    Does anyone realize just how nasty a“Canadian values” screen for immigrants and refugees could become.

    Riots in Toronto when we discover almost all immigrants from francophone Africa support the Habs. Despair in Calgary as the Flames realize that almost all Syrian refugees are supporting the Oilers.

    My god, we might be facing the worst crisis since the conscription crisis of 1917!

    Or in translation: The woman is a bigoted, racist idiot.

    1. hi jrkrideau...I see you're in good form. But you're right, it would be a nasty business. I can see the need to educate refugees and immigrants, about the values of their new country. But screening them in their country of origin seems absurd. And having Cons screen anybody for those values, would be an exercise in insanity...

  8. Forgive me for going off topic here Simon, but I was curious whether you were aware of the drama unfolding in Alberta surrounding Bill 10 and the refusal of a couple of schools to submit guidelines for assisting LGBTQ students. I know you don't normally delve in to provincial issues but I was just interested in whether you were aware of it or not. Cheers.

    1. hi Way Way Up....thanks for tipping me off about that story. As you know I absolutely despise bullying, and the start of school can be an enormously stressful time for many children, who fear what awaits them at the hands of bullies. So I will try to write something about it. And thanks again, you're a really good person...

    2. Apparently Kenney has now weighed into things and is urging the Education Minister to work out a compromise. I can't believe I used "Kenney" and compromise" in the same sentence. What a goof....because in his small mind, I can have full rights as a straight guy but gays are expected to derive theirs through "compromise." Ha, not on my watch.

  9. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Simon, you gave Michael Chong too much credit. :)

    He did not call it "dog whistle politics" outright. In fact he was quoting, and he made it clear that he was just quoting, Harper's former director of policy:

    Chong did say that he did not agree with it though. And Rona Ambrose also said she disagreed with it today.