Monday, March 21, 2016

Rona Ambrose and the Con's Ghastly Deficit Game

As you know Rona Ambrose is the interim leader of the Cons, and she claims that it's now a totally new/nouveau party.

But sadly for Rona she inherited the remnants of the freakish gang that ran Stephen Harper's PMO.

And since as we also know she's not too bright, they're now running her. 

And still attacking Justin Trudeau in the same ghastly manner their depraved leader did.

But since they're not too bright either, they've been taking a page out of Harper's disastrous election campaign.

By running a contest to try to guess the deficit. 

How high can it go? Now you can guess! The Liberals table their 2016/2017 budget on March 22. Whoever guesses the closest number will win a Conservative Party prize pack!

Even though you'd think they wouldn't want to remind Canadians of Harper's desperate game show host imitation.

Or remind them that the Cons ran deficits every single year they were in power.

Or for that matter reveal the sad state of their party by offering the winner this pathetic prize package:

One (1) winner will receive the following prize package: One Conservative Party of Canada t-shirt, One Conservative Party of Canada hat, One Conservative Party of Canada lapel pin, One Conservative Party of Canada coffee mug, and One Conservative Party of Canada water bottle.

Especially since the hat is still being used by Stephen Harper...

Who wears it pulled down over his eyes, so nobody can recognize him as the Con artist who claimed he was a real economist.

I mean if they need to collect personal information, so they can hit their suckers up for money, which they desperately need to pay off THEIR massive deficit.

You'd think they could at least throw in Joe Oliver's umbrella...

The last Con Finance Minister, who like his incompetent leader, also didn't know what he was doing.

Because that would truly show how low they have fallen.

Which as you can see is just about as low as you can go...

And the good news? 

Despite all their attacks on Justin Trudeau's economic plans, or his trips abroad, or his family. Or all their other scummy propaganda.

The Liberal government is STILL incredibly popular.

Days before the Trudeau government releases its first budget, our latest poll finds that support for the federal government remains strong across the country. A majority approve of the federal government’s performance, the Liberals hold a 15-point lead over the Conservatives in ballot support, and a large majority of Canadians consider Mr. Trudeau’s trip to Washington to have been a success. 

And as for the leader who the Cons tried to brainwash us into believing wasn't ready...

Well, he's not doing too badly either.

While Rona Ambrose on the other hand is still spinning her wheels.

Or her wheel...

And the Cons aren't going anywhere.

And the best news?

Of all the ads her little monsters keep running, this is still the one they run the most...

Because they know that the day we reform our electoral system, it's GAME OVER.

So we know what we have to do. Focus like a laser on making electoral reform a reality.

And finish off those ghastly Con losers once and for all...

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  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    I'm not sure I'd drink from a Conservative Party of Canada coffee mug. You never know who's p!ssed in it!

    1. hi anon....yes, well may I suggest you also avoid the Conservative Party of Canada water bottle, for goodness knows how many could have used it... ;)

  2. Watch Tom Clark's smackdown of Drona Ambrose (Jan. 24/16):

    Ambrose was also asked by Clark to account for her party’s change of tune on several high-profile issues like the inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women, government transparency over the arms deal with Saudi Arabia and the so-called barbaric cultural practices tip-line – which Ambrose has vocally opposed even after supporting it under former Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

    Ambrose said she thinks it’s “ludicrous” to assume the Conservatives are changing their tune on important issues whenever it suits them, and that her job as Opposition leader is now to hold the government to account.


    1. hi David...thanks for the link, and good for Tom Clark:

      Tom Clark --- I’m sorry to interrupt, but because I do have to ask this. This is not just on one or two issues, this is on a whole range of issues that you said, at the time when you were in government, were very principled positioned that you took, everything from getting rid of the long-form census, now you’re in favour of it coming back. The deal with Saudi Arabia, the arms deal, you didn’t want to say anything about it then, but now you want complete transparency. So a lot of people might saying wait a minute, I don’t get this. How could you have had those strongly held positions on principle six months ago and now those principles don’t exist anymore?

      Rona Ambrose--- That’s not—I just don’t believe that to be the case at all Tom. I think that’s a ludicrous argument to make.

      Rona Ambrose, the Con clown, making even idiots look smart...

  3. And during Question Period today (March 21), Con MP Denis Lebel had the audacity to stand up and say (once again) that the Harper government left the Liberals a surplus! Lebel is just blowing smoke, and is only using selective data.

    1. hi David...yes, those Con clowns haven't changed a bit. They're still repeating their Big Lies, and still trying to brainwash us into believing them...

  4. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Funny how every rule in the book was broken while they ruled but now it's just not right. The level of hypocrisy is astounding. Are
    they so stupid that they think we'll fall for this bullshit or are they just trying to hang onto their yokel base? The only deficit they should worry about is their own, morally depleted and zero integrity.
    Simon, it looks like you found the perfect job that Rona could actually do without screwing up, "turn the lighted cubes then stand back and look (ahem) pretty".

    1. hi JD....yes, hypocrisy is them. People tell me they're just trying to hang on to their rabid base. But I think that they just lack a moral compass so they just can't help themselves. So while I can't even lie about who ate the last custard tart in the fridge, and hope to get away with it. They lie about everything, and think they'll never be caught. But then our prisons are full of criminals who thought the same thing, and it's too bad the Cons can't end up in the same place....

  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    That list of prizes probably cost less than $5 to make.Hardly worth the time and energy to submit a figure.
    I'm surprised Rona didn't throw in a few pics of herself.

    1. hi anon....well I don't know if a few pics of Rona Ambrose would have made that prize package more valuable. I somehow doubt it. But on the other hand, I'm sure a subscription to Ezra Levant's "Premium Content" would have been a real hit... ;)

  6. Ironic (and hypocritical) that Rona and the rest of the Reformacons say it's wrong to go into large deficit, yet have no problem saying they want big bucks in the new budget to go to Alberta because of the low price of oil!

    From 2015:

    1. hi David...if I hear a Con mention the word "deficit" again I think I'll scream. When they were the Deficit Cons, and the oil industry is already subsidized to the the tune of almost three BILLIOn dollars, but still they want more....

  7. e.a.f.5:00 PM

    I'm surprised there are any "freaks" left to run Rona in Ottawa. I thought Christy Clark, in B.C. had hired them all. We are now seeing similar commercials in B.C, to what Harper ran in his days/months, etc. leading up to the election. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

    She gets to live in the house reserved for the leader of the opposition, so I'm sure she is having a nice time. Rona needs to understand, most Canadians aren't listening to her or the Cons anymore.

    The budget will create a financial deficit, but may also create a social surplus.

    1. hi e.a.f...there are fewer ex-PMO freaks than there were before. Many of them are now begging in the street, or working for Christy Clark. But they seem to have kept the worst of them, for it's still the same ghastly stuff...

  8. Anonymous6:52 AM

    You think we've seen deficits yet?
    Wait until the TPP effects start hitting our country/economy! We're going to pay for that with our country's life's blood!
    These bumbling assholes we just voted out are going to look like choirboys compared to what the liberocons have just done to Canada.
    Same old shit....different day (only maybe far worse!).
    Also, remember C51 and who's NOT sending that to the trash bin where it always belonged! Our "new" "liberal" gubmint at work...already!

    1. To Anonymous: The Trudeau government has accomplished more in 4.5 months than Harper did. What positive, constructive changes did Harper make in the first 4.5 months of his 2006 Con government?

  9. Justin Trudeau: "Record low levels of interest rates right now mean that this is an opportunity to invest in our future. Confident, optimistic economies are willing to invest in their future, in their children's future. For 10 years, the previous government did nothing but shave away and cut instead of investing in the kind of tomorrow that Canadians need. This is the budget that Canadians have been asking for through the last election campaign. This is what we are delivering to grow the economy and help the middle class."

  10. A 30 billion deficit for 2016-2017 amounts to only 1.5% of Canada's GNP.

  11. It is doubtful the TPP will ever get to play. The Americans aren't going to vote for it. Clinton has already spoken out against it. She had no choice give Trump kept talking about bringing jobs back to America. (now that may all be lies, but it put Clinton in a position, where she had no choice). So if the Americans don't "ACTIVATE" THE tpp, it is doubtful Canada will.