Friday, March 11, 2016

Rick Mercer on Donald Trump and Kevin O'Leary

Well as you know Donald Trump is edging ever closer to the Republican nomination.

So it is at least theoretically possible that he could be the next President.

And since as you also know, Kevin O'Leary is thinking of running for leader of the Harper party.

And he would be our Trump.

There is at least one chance in million that he too could end up as our Canadian American Fuhrer. 

So Rick Mercer would like to make it clear, and I mean CLEAR.

What he thinks about BOTH of them...

And all I can say is that while I probably wouldn't go to that extreme to get away from Trump and O'Leary. I'd rather send them to Mars. 

And have them live on their own excrement or bullshit.

I probably would move to a cave in Patagonia to give myself a fighting chance of surviving the inevitable economic collapse and/or nuclear war.

And nothing could be clearer that if sanity is to prevail, both of those strutting blowhards must be kept as far away from power as possible...

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