Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Has Preston Manning Finally Lost His Marbles?

For years Preston Manning has been able to maintain a thin veneer of respectability. 

By posing as the slightly dotty elder statesman of the Reform rednecks of Alberta.

But ever since his Harperite cult was defeated in the last election, that image has started to fray along the edges.

Three weeks ago he accused Justin Trudeau of fuelling Western alienation.

And now he's gone one outrageous step further.

Now he's accusing Justin Trudeau of being an American stooge.

Mr. President: 

Once you meet Justin Trudeau personally, I’m sure you will agree with our assessment that this is the best Canadian prime minister the United States has ever had. In many respects he epitomizes the “it’s all about me” generation and its self-expression and promotion via social media. So let’s like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter – and while we’re at it, why not a selfie? 

By catering for a day or two to Mr. Trudeau’s desire for personal attention and aggrandizement, we can safely ignore conceding anything of substance on Canada-U.S. issues and more easily and cheaply advance our own interests in those areas.

Or a Canadian traitor.

Which of course couldn't be more disgusting, or more insane.

It’s in Canada’s interests to tie energy development and environmental protection together. They should be telling us that they will co-operate with us on more positive action to reduce GHG emissions only if we will increase our energy imports from Canadian sources.

For does Manning seriously believe that we should tell the Americans that we will only reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if they agree to allow us to pour even more dirty oil fumes into the atmosphere?

And if so has he finally lost his marbles? 

For who is he to call any Canadian leader an American?

When he was the one who brought the wacky politics of America to Canada. By riding into Ottawa with his Reform posse of religious fanatics, misogynists, homophobes, and racists.

And setting about trying to destroy our government and our Canadian values, while selling us out to the big American oil companies, and cheerfully torching the planet, in the name of Greater Alberta.

Whose interests he has ALWAYS placed before the interests of the rest of Canada.

Even before he suckled his little monster Stephen Harper to fruition...

And delivered unto us the worst and least Canadian Prime Minister this country has ever known.

But then of course Manning is desperate. The Harper Cons have been defeated. His beloved Alberta is in the hands of the NDP. Big Oil is on its knees. 

The hated Son of Trudeau just keeps getting more and more popular.

At his recent Manning Institute conference attendance was waaaaay down. And he's got to do something, ANYTHING, to try to boost attendance at his School for Cons.

For what is he supposed to tell his hapless pupils?

That the future belongs to Big Oil? Or that it's all Justin Trudeau's fault? 

I could go on, but my main point is let’s continue to exploit this new political development in Canada to the maximum advantage of the United States. To repeat, Justin Trudeau is the best Canadian prime minister the United States has ever had.

Or that his school can get them a job?

Good luck with that one.

But here's the thing. You can either be an elder statesman or you can be a rabid partisan, oozing hate with every word, as he does in that disgusting article, which really belongs in Ezra Levant's Rebel.

But you can't be both.

Preston Manning has finally blown his cover, and finally lost his marbles.

And in the game of human decency.

He should be sent back to the small Alberta town where he belongs...

That old Con snake oil salesman been around for too long.

He's done enough damage to this country.

And his day is finally over...

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  1. Trump in a slight disguise without the ablity.

    1. hi Steve...I don't know if he's a Trump, because he's usually much more subdued. But he is a fanatical religious fanatic who is always stealthily plotting the takeover of this country from the municipal to the federal level...

  2. Anonymous10:34 AM

    In many respects [Trudeau] epitomizes the “it’s all about me” generation...

    Wait, that's now a bad thing?! I thought Presto and his Reformacons had spent a generation peddling Maggie Thatcher's "you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families." Does this mean he's tossed out his bedside copy of Atlas Shrugged?

    1. hi anon...good point. And I hate those like Manning who are always going on about the me generation, when it's actually a very social generation that expresses itself with the technology of our times. And what really bothers Manning is that they helped defeat his Cons. And in the U.S. at least isn't afraid to favour socialism over naked capitalism...

    2. I would be more impressed with the Libs' embrace of social media if it was more of a two-way communication. Perhaps it's because I've posted some critical things on JT's and others' FB pages but these days I'm unable to comment when scores of fawning acolytes have done. And, when I've emailed them with some pointed questions I got nothing for a reply but found myself on their mailing list. Not impresed. Meanwhile, Sanders is heads and shoulders above JT and he's come out clearly against the TPP, something Justin hasn't done yet.

  3. Manning really does seem to have gone a bit irrational. Has he been dining with Rona Ambrose a bit too often? Still, he is sitting somewhere in a currently NDP province watching Trudeau and the Liberal Government wiping out all the Harper as Notley deals with the damage of the Cons in Alberta. It has to really grate. I rather see him a bit like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of OZ as she melted away bewailing the lost of her lovely wicked world. Not mind you that I think Manning is evil like Harper is but there is some political agreement in policy there.

    I also wonder if there is not just a smidgeon of jealousy there? He never had the opportunity to shine on the international stage. Trudeau seems to have done well at Davros, make a decent impact at Paris---some countries seemed to be welcoming the return of Canada to climate action like the Prodical Son after the dark years of Harper---and now he is a star in the USA.

    1. hi jrkrideau...yes he has been clearly shaken to his very foundation by the state of the Cons these days. The idea that a Trudeau and the equally hated Liberal party is back in power, and that the NDP is running his beloved Alberta, has clearly driven him over the edge. And while agree Manning is not as evil as Harper, his Manning foundation is a threat, and his attempts to stir up trouble in the West does make him dangerous...

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I read the article early this morning and cant believe how whacked in the head these loser ReformaCons are getting Simon. The comment section was mostly outrage at Manning's petty, sour grapes and that the G&M would actually print such garbage in the first place.
    Prestone I think, was trying to be funny and derogative all at the same time. Well it is funny Prestone, but not in the way you think. The more success and popularity PMJT attains, the more Prestone and his ReformaCons become unhinged and the more stupid and pathetic they look. It's like they're slowly floating above earth's atmosphere and one by one, their heads swell, then explode.

    1. hi JD...yes it is weird stuff isn't it? I'm actually shocked that Manning should be reacting in such a petty manner. I also didn't like the way he managed to attack Trudeau and a whole generation of young Canadians. It's not very classy, and I thought he was better than that. But as I said in my post, like the other Cons he is desperate, he has dedicated his life to the total Con domination of Canada, and as him and his Manning Centre look more and more irrelevant, he is clearly starting to panic. But as you point out, the more unhinged the Cons become, the less the chance that they will ever be returned to power...

  5. Interesting you mention Manning's article belonging in the Rebel. Ezra hates Manning and has denigrated him on several occasions through his site. He's seen as a traitor to the cause.

    1. hi aka Joe...yes I knew that. Ezra is at odds with Manning for having the temerity to favour some kind of carbon tax. But what I meant when I said Manning's article belonged in the Rebel, is because it too specializes in cheap and sneering putdowns of Trudeau...

  6. Mr Mannings distaste for the younger generation and their values (as perceived by him) also comes across loud and clear. Message received Mr Manning.

    1. hi Just Another HR Lady....I'm glad you feel that way, because it was that obvious distaste or contempt for younger Canadians that bothered me the most. For I thought it was cheap and beneath him. But as you say, message received...

  7. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Just say it:
    Manning has gone 'Full Trump' he's all in.

    1. hi anon....no I can't quite say that Manning has gone full Trump. Because Trump is in a class of his own. And for Manning to match his act he'd have to jump around on stage with a poisonous snake in his arms, like some of those preachers in the United States. Manning is scary enough, but that would be terrifying... ;)

  8. e.a.f.10:46 PM

    Manning would have been no one if his father hadn't been who he was. Its all gone, so poor old manning must feel rejected. His article, oh, my god, how funny is that.

    His white outfit covered in blood does make him look a tad like the b.c. pig farmer Picton though who killed 49 women. Perhaps there are similarities there. They're both crazy.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes Manning is a chip off the old block, and I regret that his Zombie costume was so bloody. I know I have a more buttoned down zombie picture somewhere, but I was just too tired to try to find it...

  9. C'mon, Simon, cut Prestone a break. That's what happens (you'll discover) when a guy reaches a certain age and the prostate begins acting up. Have to get up four times a night to piss is enough to make a guy pretty fucking wingy. That's how they wind up in their rockers on the front porch yelling at the future to get the fuck off their lawn.

    1. hi Mound...if it was just a matter of age, I might excuse him, and definitely show him more respect. But I was just shocked by his sneering tone, and the way he seemed to generalize about a whole generation. I don't believe in that. Every person of any age should be judged on their own merits...

  10. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Preston and his father and their political party destroyed Alberta's future with their faith in the pure free enterprise system. Betrayed by those corporations who are still trying to rob Canada blind too. Those corporations want a half billion from the feds to clean up inactive oil and gas wells.

  11. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Manning is just aging with no grace.