Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Donald Trump Gets Back in the Wrestling Ring

A few days ago, I pointed out that Donald Trump learned most of his political skills in the wrestling ring.

That's why everything is bigger than life, or YUUUUGE.

That's why every villain is an ethnic stereotype, that's why he talks like does.

Well now he's back in the ring again.

And he's going after Ted Cruz !!!!!

And even threatening his wife!!!!

For allegedly questioning whether Trump's wife Melania, is qualified for the job of First Lady...

And although Cruz claims that poster had nothing to with him, and came from some kind of anti-Trump Super PAC aimed at Mormons.

Only in America eh?

This could get ugly...

For not only is Cruz furious, you can be sure that so is Melania...

And of course Cruz and his wife Heidi must be desperately plotting their next move...

So the Republican race to the White House could soon end up looking like something like this...

With the Grand Old Party tearing itself apart in a mud pit.

Or in the pit of despair.

Which of course is really great news.

Not just because it means the Republicans are probably going to be destroyed in the November election.

But also because we won't have to turn away any progressives fleeing a Trump or Cruz America,

By being nasty to them as Ellen DeGeneres suggests we might have to be...

So our reputation will be saved. 

On the other hand since the refugees will now almost certainly be Republicans fleeing the Democrats.

And they are sure to try seeking refuge in Canada, since seeking refuge in Mexico is not an option.

For obvious reasons...

We really are going to have to get serious and build that wall.

For the last thing we need is Trump himself seeking refuge in Canada...

And running for the leadership of the Harper Party.

For as we all know, they've got enough useless Cons going after that job already...

And they already have their own mini Trump. Bellowing away furiously just like the larger one.

Golly, isn't it great?

The Cons of North America are looking more like clowns every day.

All are getting ready to tear themselves to pieces.

And all are heading for oblivion...

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  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Like Ellen says in video, they need to get out and vote. Not too complicated.


    1. hi TS...I don't think progressives are going to have any trouble getting out the vote. I saw a TV report on CNN the other days that showed how legal hispanic migrants are registering to vote for the first time, and I predict a record turnout on election day...

  2. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Cruz, if you read the 'merikan laws, actually isn't eligible to be preznit by virtue of his Canadian birth.
    oberguppenfuhrer drumpf, on the other hand, is ineligible just because of the mass diagnoses of some obviously truly expert psychiatrists who have declared him a very dangerous, narcissistic psychopath, so there is your rethuglican preznitial field in a nutshell. The u.s. really has lost its fucking mind, en masse, and so, YES!!! LEAVE US THE FUCK OUT OF THAT!!!

    1. hi anon....please try not to remind us that Cruz was born in Calgary. For all things considered he's even worse than Trump, a rabid religious fanatic who would turn the U.S. into a theocracy, and take even less time than Trump to start a nuclear war. So yes, start building that wall, and a nuclear shelter in your basement...

  3. Just about now, Ted Cruz must be thinking, "With friends like these..."

    I remember the ""Is this a Prime Minister?" attack ad pictures of Jean Chrétien that, if they didn't get Chrétien a lot of votes must have cost the Tories a lot of voters.

    Of course, who knows how right-wing American Republicans think---if they do.

    Oh yes, something more suited perhaps to the preceding post but anyway, on the CBC programme Q: "...unlike Trump, he [Ford] was actually human".

    1. hi jrkrideau...I simply can't believe how low the Republicans have fallen. They're not even wrestling in a mud pit, they're swimming around in a sewer. But of course, as grotesque as that sight might be, it can only help the Democrats. And I'm still holding to my prediction that when the election finally arrives, they will crush what's left of the Republicans...

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    This kind of self serving, morally depleted behaviour makes me happy that I do not believe in any "fictional guy in the sky"!!!!!! At least I will not have to spend eternity with these arses!!!!!! If there is a "hell" at least I will not have to worry about running into these godly evangelical liars!!!!!! I so pity my American friends!!!!!!!!! Pathetic human behaviour at its finest!!!!!!! Any religion is just a pathetic reason for humans to kill humans!!!!!!!!!! FS

    1. hi FS...yes, the way the religious slaughter each other, or blow themselves up, is truly frightening. And thank goodness I'm an atheist. I think it was Mencken who once said that religion is the greatest fomenter of hatred the world has ever known. And boy was he right...

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I'm sure Melania looks wonderful in any color house.

    1. One of the worlds highest paid whores !! And in Canada it's colour.

    2. hey guys...go easy on Melania. It's not her fault she's married to Trump. And besides she's armed... ;)

  6. The GOP primary is showing Mike Judge's film Idiocracy was a prophecy.

    Drumpf = The white version of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho (and probably not as successful.)

  7. hi Dan...I must admit I'd never heard of that movie. But now I've watched the YouTube trailer I see what you mean, and I'm definitely going to have to watch it.... ;)

  8. Mein Drumpf