Sunday, March 13, 2016

Justin Trudeau and the Desperate Con Losers

Well Justin Trudeau's fairy tale visit to Washington is over.

And no doubt the entire Trudeau family is resting up after their extraordinary performance...

Including the youngest member who also did his part to win over the Americans.

And so successful was the visit that even the Con friendly L. Ian MacDonald was forced to admit that Trudeau had a very good week. 

Three things were quite clear during Trudeau’s day at the White House and State Department on Thursday. First, he has made a strong personal connection with Barack Obama (they’re calling it a ‘bromance’). Second, the White House spared nothing in the warmth of its welcome. Third, the president made sure the U.S. system engaged for Trudeau and the Canadian delegation in a way it hasn’t since the Mulroney years.

Trudeau has enjoyed two excellent weeks in Vancouver and Washington. And he deserves full marks. He’s shown that he has a sense of occasion. He’s shown that he belongs at this level. And he has now taken ownership of the two biggest files on a PM’s desk.

But don't expect the demoralized members of the Harper Party to celebrate, or even grudgingly acknowledge that tour de force.

Because all that can be heard coming from their shrunken corner of the universe, is a most frightful squealing sound.

The honking sound of Candice Bergen going absolutely hog wild.

In question period, Conservative MP and natural resources critic Candice Bergen said the prime minister, select cabinet ministers, lobbyists, and Liberal donors were "partying it up" in Washington, D.C. in the midst of job crisis in Western Canada.

"The prime minister seems too busy trying to get a pat on the head from President Obama and his anti-oil activists to bother standing up for Canadian jobs," she charged.

As only that Con can. Who clearly believes that Trudeau should have stayed at home, and instead of standing up for our economic interests, and our values, and working on ways to fight climate change. Should restrict himself to taking the blame for Harper's legacy, and promoting the interests of Big Oil.

And of course she's extremely disappointed that like her fallen leader, she was not invited to the state dinner. 

And sadly she's not alone in her bitter delusions. For the Con MP they call Nutty, is also squealing up a storm and accusing the Liberals of porky behaviour.

Tory MP Alex Nuttall also took a shot at the fact that Liberal party bigwigs and donors made the guest list for the state dinner. 

 "When will Liberals start helping all Canadians rather than just those who fatten their coffers and fill their trough?" he wondered.

Even though everybody knows that Cons and troughs were made for each other...

And then there's Jason Kenney, who if you remember accused Justin Trudeau of insulting the Americans during a 60 Minutes interview.

Even though him and his equally depraved fallen leader all but declared war on the Obama White House, went so far to bully an American ambassador.

And even though the Americans, and their President, couldn't have embraced Trudeau more warmly.

And if that wasn't bad enough then there's Tony Clement, who accused Trudeau of taking so many ministers and government officials to Washington he had left Canada unguarded or ungoverned. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking too much of a risk by bringing so many of the key decision makers in his inner circle with him on his trip to Washington, says Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Tony Clement.

Clement said the only time the Conservative government came close to such a large number of key decision makers out of the country at the same time was Harper’s trip to Israel but it pales in comparison to Trudeau’s trip.

When in fact because Team Canada was so big, it was able to mount a massive  lobbying blitz which helped make the trip so successful. 

And since Canada's trade with Israel is insignificant compared to that of our biggest trading partner, the Con trip was the real junket...

But then what else can we expect? When Clement is running for the Con leadership and will do anything to be noticed.

Even if that apparently means running around naked in the snow...

And as even The Sun is forced to admit, the Cons are just sore losers.

When in 2016 will Canadian Conservatives realize the 2015 federal election is over? Newsflash to former Conservative cabinet ministers: Justin Trudeau won and is Prime Minister of Canada until at least 2019.

They are using a shot gun strategy of attacks that at the end of the day makes them irrelevant. In short, they sound like sore losers. And nobody likes a sore loser.

Conservatives need to pick their spots and issues in opposition or the public will tune them out.

Because that is what is happening. Canadians are tuning them out. Their numbers aren't moving. Their donor base is shrinking. Now that they can't harvest bigotry, some of their supporters are apparently sending their money to Donald Trump instead of them.

And the reason the Cons are squealing so loudly is because they're ALL desperate to be noticed. 

That's why they're running ads like this one...

Even if it only makes them look even MORE desperate.

And to make matters worse, it's hard to see how Rona Ambrose can make her party look relevant, or make that sorry gang of losers look more exciting.

Short of trying to emulate her husband who used to be a rodeo bull rider.

And try to kick up the excitement factor a notch...

By riding that grunting beast to victory or oblivion.

But yes, isn't it great to think that in just a week it will finally be Spring? 

The first Con-free Spring this country has had in almost a decade.

And that we are REALLY going to enjoy it, knowing that the Cons can squeal all they like. 

But they are just bad and bitter losers.

And they aren't going anywhere...

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in NL Rawna did a pub crawl this weekend and bought seal skin products while meeting with that other losing conservative former premier Paul Davis.Misery does indeed love Company.

Anonymous said...

"Conservatives need to pick their spots and issues in opposition or the public will tune them out." I've tuned out these sore losers a long time ago. Every desperate attempt to make PMJT look bad makes them look so foolish that I can't help but laugh knowing they're slowly destroying what little credibility they have left. An amusing parallel to these looney tunes is about the guy whose leg is trapped beneath a boulder. Fearing for his life and not thinking things through, he insanely hacks and cuts and chops until the leg has been severed, only to discover that he cut off the wrong leg.

Anonymous said...

Harper Party (love it) loosing credibility by choosing to ignore the reality of the price of oil. As Saudi foreign minister said, they're not cutting back. No room on market for tar and shale. But Harper Party has tradition of ignoring facts.


ps Simon I'm a corgi owner and lover. Really hated to see your illustration of Jason the Queen with two stumpers the other day;)

Dan said...

I'm sure if Tony wants to be noticed he can mention his head in the sand turn as Ontario Health Minister during SARS 04 crisis. Or as pork master general of Huntsville.

Unknown said...

The cons mindless rheoric Simon, just reminds Canadians daily why they threw them out in the first place.

Simon said...

hi anon....yes misery must indeed love company. What a happy sight that must have been. Two losers wandering around in a province that just whupped the Con's asses,Too bad they weren't mistaken for seals. God bless Newfoundland !!! ;)

Simon said...

hi know I have to admit I'm actually stunned by how long it's taking the Cons to accept defeat, and stop denying reality. For although I'm not quite sure who exactly is running that clown show these days, it does seem to me that the same old gang is still basically in charge. Their propaganda is exactly the same as it always was, garish and evil. And Ambrose is still reading the lines that are given to her. I think those lobsters are in the pot, and don't realize that it's getting hotter and hotter... ;)

Simon said...

hi TS...I thought that once they were defeated they might be cured of their oily fever, at least for a while. But no, if anything they're beating that hollow drum or barrel even more frenetically. And are in a state of denial rapidly approaching absolute madness. As for corgis I am a huge dog lover, and all canines are precious to me, so I apologize profusely to you and yours, for including the monstrous Kenney in a photo with those two corgis.
Which reminds me, I read a hilarious story recently about how the Queen feeds her corgis. She has a butler serve the food on silver plates, and has the dogs sit in a circle and wait patiently while she serves one after the other, in order of seniority !!!
I hope you spoil yours the same way, because they do deserve it... ;)

Simon said...

hi Dan...thanks for reminding me of yes another of Clement's ghastly legacies. And yes, I'll never understand why he hasn't yet paid a price for that Great Gazebo in the middle of nowhere scandal. Or for that matter why the voters didn't punish him for his role in gutting the census. And I see that he has a new plank in his platform: defunding the CBC. He may be out of power and a hopeless idiot, but he is still dangerous....

Simon said...

hi Pamela...yes that is the good news. They may be shameless, they may be as irritating as hell. But by acting the same as they always have they are not renewing their party, and they will go absolutely nowhere....

Omar said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I spoil mine with lots of love and kind orderliness. What you describe at Royal corgi dinner time actually makes sense from dog training view. All of mine have to sit and wait for treats. If one isn't ready, others done get anything. The Queen and her sister fed their first corgi, Susan, off of silver when the were children. She recently had a visitor's bags packed and taxi ready at Buckingham Palace after he kicked her corgi. Love this woman! So many wonderful qualities are shown by Royals in their charity work and respect for nature. But I don't think Harper was channeling these qualities in his weird obsession with Royals when he was in power.

Cheers to you Simon

e.a.f. said...

loosing jobs in the west. gee the queen of photo ops, Christy clark and her b.c. lieberals/cons are talking about, they are all that is keeping Canada a float when it comes to job creation. Jobs, job, jobs, she says. She forgets we have the highest child poverty rate in Canada for 14 of 15 years.

The jobs lost in Alberta were thanks to Steve and his Saudi friends. if they stopped pumping all that oil, prices would come up again. Saudi wants us out of the oil buinsess and they're doing a good job. So why dont' the cons go talk to their good Saudi friends.

Its harper and his denial of the Dutch disease which resulted in manufacturing job losses and there won't be a turn around for approx. 2 years.

the best thing Trudeau could do was go to the U.S.A. and see what business he could find and work towards a better soft wood lumber deal. That's important for B.C. and Quebec. Taking a large team demonstrates to the Americans they are important to Canada.

As to con contention there weren't enough left in Canada to run the country. Guess the cons haven't heard of this new invention called a phone and tel conferencing or jets, which can get a P.M. home in very quick order. if the U.S.A could survive assignations of presidents, the Canada can survive our P.M. being out of the country. Of course the cons wouldn't have cared had the visit been a flop instead of a huge success. No one cares that much what the cons have to say about any of it. Most people were happy to see the Trudeaus in Ottawa and the fun everyone seemed to be having.

Trudeau's cabinet is smart. Even if one or two were left in Canada, they still are smarter than the whole of the Con cabinet, when it existed.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Tony Clement make an appearance in....

Oppa Harper Style - Air Farce