Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rona Ambrose Accuses the Liberals of Waging Class Warfare

Well move over Margaret Wente, we have a new Canadian Marie Antoinette.

A new champion of the suffering bourgeoisie now known as the one percent.

Who wants everyone to know that being rich isn't easy.

That she's not crazy or desperate
And that Justin Trudeau is waging class warfare !!!!

The Conservatives are accusing the Liberals of engaging in class warfare. “I think this class warfare thing that the Liberals are doing is really not healthy for our society,” interim leader Rona Ambrose told CBC radio’s “The House” on Saturday.

Ambrose was responding to the Liberals’ focus on raising middle-class incomes, which, the budget stated, have barely risen over the past 40 years while income inequality has skyrocketed, especially for the 0.01 per cent who earn the most. The Liberals say their goal is to build more “inclusive growth.”

Yes, believe it or not, she's accusing him of trying to divide the country.

To Ambrose’s eyes, the government is more focused on sowing divisions. “It’s highly ideological and highly political,” she said.

And of being an absolute beast, or commie, for not giving the one per cent a break, even though they too are SUFFERING !!!!!

Over the past 10 years, 95 per cent of income earners in Canada have actually seen their incomes grow, while the top 1 per cent have not seen any growth, she told the public broadcaster.

And we're supposed to feel sorry for them...

And really what more can anyone say about those Cons?

Or for that matter say about Rona Ambrose.

Who would pose as the Queen of the New/Nouveau Cons.

While looking and sounding as callous as Cleopatra...

Gawd. No wonder Jason Kenney wants to be leader. 

He'd probably look good in all that gold-lamé.

But Rona Ambrose doesn't know what she's doing.

And the Cons aren't going anywhere...

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  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    He/she, whatever Rawna may be...... Is not too bright!!!!! He/she seems OK with lining his/her pockets with our hard earned tax dollars for defending the "rich" that seems to like to hide their earnings offshore to avoid paying so taxes. He/she did not squabble about the sweetheart deal these morally depleted tax dodgers got from Hitler Harper!!!!!! I do not have an once of sympathy for these 1%!!!!! Maybe now Karma is coming back to bite their friggin sorry arses!!!!! What an embarrassment he/she is to Canada!,,,,,, if he/she would stop constantly putting his/her foot in mouth that neck may shrink to a normal human size neck!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Wow, now there's a bigoted load of homophobic nonsense.

    2. hi Rona is definitely a woman, it's Jason Kenney we're not too sure about. I mean after so many years of chastity I'm sure he isn't quite sure either...

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Rona should be allowed to run for the permanent leadership, for obvious reasons.

    Better yet Steve should just declare Rona his heir apparent for the duration of her parliamentary career. No need for a leadership campaign.

    More nuts in the Tory party than a giant can of Planters mixed assortment.

    1. hi anon...fortunately she has ruled out changing the rules to allow her to run. For Kenney or Kevin O'Leary would be much more entertaining, and would sink the Cons even quicker than Rona....

  3. The Tories waged class warfare too. For the 1%.

    All the Tory tax cuts were primarily for the 1-5%. I remember that whole $200 tax cut I got from PM McWantsToBombALot in 08. That feeling of euphoria lasted a whole 3 seconds and 5 months later the CCRA sent me a letter demanding it back. Woo tax cut!

    As an economic stimulus tax cuts are worthless. The money is too small for the middle class to sustain spending and the uppers just pocket it.

    1. hi Dan...well of course they did, that's what makes Ambrose's claim that the Liberals are waging class warfare even more outrageous. You know I've been following her mediocre career for years, and that claim has to be one of her dumbest. But of course it can and will be used against her...

  4. Anonymous11:16 PM

    What a load of bull! The federal tax system is based on marginal rates where everyone pays the same amount of tax for the same amount of money earned.The scale moves in approximately $45K increments with the first 45 taxed at 15% the next at 22% the next at 26% and so on. The liberals reduced the marginal rate from 22 to 20.5% for earned income between 45,000 and $90,000. Everyone, including the 1% got this tax reduction which amounts to approximately $675 on the full increment.The accusations of "class warfare" is related to the increase in marginal tax rate on income over $200,000 which went from 29 to 33%. Once the provincial tax discrepancies, hidden taxes and corporate benefits are added this type of change is easily lost in statistical noise.Cry me a river.

    1. hi RT...yes it's all hot air. The deficit Cons accusing the Liberals of running a deficit that they helped create, it couldn't be more absurd or more hypocritical. But the Trudeau government isn't giving them much or a target to shoot at, so they're going to back to their deficit obsession. And since Canadians are not on their side, and the Cons are not prepared to tell us what cuts they would make, they're beating a dead horse...

  5. e.a.f.2:27 AM

    the dress looks better on Wente, but it sure made me laugh to see Rona in it. Those poor 1%ers. They've had a rough time of it and its a good thing they have Rona fighting on their behalf.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes I agree. I have a few more Marie Antoinette dresses in my photo cupboard, and next time Rona will get her own. Although since she seems to favour black leather outfits, I'm going to have to look for them in Jason Kenney's closet.... ;)

  6. If Drona thinks Trudeau is trying to divide the country, then what does she think Harper was doing over the past 9 years--uniting the country? LOL! Like the boutique tax credit that rich families could claim for enrolling their kids in sports

  7. e.a.f.1:18 AM

    black leather suits for Jason, my heart be still. a new dress for Rona, I'm loking forward to that, perhaps something in red lace........

    The tax credits for things like sports only work if you have the money first to enroll your child in sports. Many families in Canada simply don't have the money to front that. The tax credit also gave preferance to urban families. many in rural areas live to far out to get their kids to sports.

  8. Anonymous9:50 PM

    In the real-life class war, Liberal and Conservative politicians are on the same side, against the working class, the unemployed and the poor. The Liberal budget comforts the comfortable and does nothing for people who aren't privileged or well connected.