Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Day the MSM Exposed Stephen Harper's Latest Scandal

As you know Stephen Harper has been missing in action from the day he was defeated.

One day he is sighted in Las Vegas, the next day he's in Florida...

But he's hardly ever spotted in the House of Commons.

And now at last somebody in the MSM has noticed his absence.

And exposed his appalling attendance record.

Out of the 14 votes that have taken place since Parliament resumed, Harper has been present for 11 of them. The votes have taken place over nine days, but since the start of the new Parliamentary session, the House has sat for 26 days.

A source within the Conservative Party confirmed that Harper has been in Ottawa for most of those days, but typically only enters the chamber when it’s time to register his vote. The rest of the time, he can usually be found in his office.

And all I can say is it's about time.

Because while I can understand that he wanted to keep a low profile during the Duffy trial....

In case he had to leave town in a hurry.

And while I don't really care what he does in his office all day, in the company of his last remaining friend, the faithful Ray Novak...

That's their business.

It seems to me that if he is still being paid to be an MP, it is the nation's business. His behaviour is scandalous.

And quite frankly I don't trust him with this honour system:

Under the current honour-based system, MPs must file their own monthly attendance record with the Pay and Benefits department, clearly outlining the number of days they were in the House, as well as the number of days they were not.

If an MP fails to punch the clock, they can use one of four excuses: 

Participation in other public or official business
Service in the Canadian Armed Forces
House adjournment.

For obvious reasons.

And since he can't claim any of the above excuses, with the possible exception of mental illness...

Or a psychotic state of extreme bitterness.

Shouldn't his pay be docked?

If the MP misses more than 21 days in a session that can’t be explained by one of these reasons, they will start losing $120 a day from their base salary of $167,400.

And why exactly is Harper sticking around in this shadowy manner, and exposing himself to even more humiliation?

And it seems to me there can be only one answer:

He's sticking around because he wants to keep pulling Rona Ambrose's strings...

And influence the future of the party that he still considers his own.

Which of course makes his behaviour even more scandalous.

Stephen Harper, still showing his contempt for Parliament, and the rules of our democracy.

A Con artist to the end.

Who should resign or be fired...


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    He's a coward Simon, plain and simple. Having to sit and watch PMJT would push him over the edge and running to the nearest closet. The man he tried so hard to make look like a fool backfired so badly that old Harpo turned out to be the biggest fool of all and that gift just keeps on giving.
    Stephen Harper's legacy, tyrant, bully, coward, *$%><*.

    1. hi be honest I really can't explain Harper's bizarre behaviour. Maybe as you say, it's just because he's a coward and can't face the man who defeated him. The one he slandered with his disgusting porno propaganda. But so weird is his behaviour I really have to wonder whether he's had a mental breakdown. And yes his legacy will be a foul one...

  2. I hear he's hiding under his desk, eating Mr. Whiskas out of the can waiting for the party to forgive him.

    1. hi rumleyfips...well as long as he's eating the cat food not the cat I suppose that would be fine. Because he's going to have to hide for a long time, and eat a lot of Mr Whiskas before his party forgives him for leading them to disaster...

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Bilking seniors of their GIS to produce a fake surplus has to be one of his most despicable acts. No wonder he's skulking around in the shadows hiding under his baseball cap. Stealing from poor seniors, the unemployed, and veterans will be his disgusting legacy. I longingly await the day he stops breathing. There will be champagne and balloons. Thanks again Simon really loving the graphics. Pamela.

    1. hi Pamela....yes I agree, depriving poor seniors of a few badly needed dollars to try to pad his fake surplus has to be one of the worst and most cowardly things the Cons ever did. And yes, Harper the beast has so many things to be ashamed of and his legacy will be a foul one. And thank you, I'm glad you liked my humble graphics. Some of the aren't very good because I don't have time or am too tired to do a proper job. But I do enjoy making them...

  4. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Harper always acted like a cocky shit. This is just more of that. He's flaunting the rules and doing what he wants. He hasn't changed. I guess his Twitter thing with Rona didn't work out too well yesterday. Haha. You have to wonder how much longer the cons will tolerate him for. From Manning, seems like they are all for renewal.


    1. hi TS... I wouldn't be surprised if he is spending all his time in his office plotting and granting audiences to those who would support his Reform Con candidates. Because remember, after ten years of total control, his very presence is enough to intimidate some members of his flock. So hopefully he will get the message and get the hell out of Ottawa...

  5. Maybe Harper is spending his spare time posing for his official portrait that will hang In the hallway. I guess he didn't like the last one (reclining nude) 8-)

  6. Does showing up only to vote, then quickly leaving, count as a day on the job? It shouldn't.