Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating Spring and the Light After the Darkness of the Cons

At first glance it might seem like a strange  way to celebrate the arrival of Spring in the Great White North, and the end of the Great Darkness.

By turning out the lights.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined Canadian organizers of Earth Hour in asking Canadians to turn their lights off Saturday night along with millions around the world.

But it was in fact a sign that the light is back.

For Stephen Harper never celebrated Earth Hour, and you can be sure that Rona Ambrose doesn't either.

For she is of course just another Con oil pimp and a shameless planet burner.

And although she claims to be renewing her shattered party, all she seems interested in is finding any excuse to attack Justin Trudeau...

As only a ghastly Harper Con could.

And sadly as only the Con media could, by running this absurd non-story.

Most Canadians care not a whit about a hyphen. Yet for those of us who keep track of such styles—Jay Z, not Jay-Z, ISIS not ISIL—it’s puzzling. I have asked the PMO and the New York Times for clarification as to style change, and who pointed out the hyphen issue to the newspaper. I’ll update if I get any answers.

And making a huge fuss over a missing hyphen, which is really none of their business.

But who like Ambrose and her Cons, would try to convince us that Canada is not back, that nothing has changed, and try to drag us into their own misery.

When in fact as I discovered, so much has changed since Spring last arrived in Canada.

For when I looked up what was happening a year ago, all I could see was The Night of the Living Dead...

Michael Harris was writing about the Con zombies running wild. 

Suddenly we’re back to playing a game once popular in Canadian politics: Spot the Reformer. 

Although it seems like ages since a protester drenched Stockwell Day in two quarts of chocolate milk, the evidence is mounting that Reform and Canadian Alliance zombies have crawled out of their shallow graves and are shambling across the landscape once more.

And how the brain-eater-in-chief was spewing bigotry out of every orifice, and trying to scare us into submission...

As simple as War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery … and Ignorance is Strength. It’s a campaign designed for Idiot Culture. The only question is, are there enough idiots out there to put Harper over the top again?

Ralph Surette was wondering whether Harper would do ANYTHING to try to win the election. 

Stephen Harper is now serving notice that he’s willing to tear the social fabric of the country apart if that’s what it takes to get his party re-elected. That is, if torquing democratic process, the rule of law, election rules, the tax system etc., etc., to make them conform to Harperism isn’t enough, he’ll throw stink bombs in the public place in the expectation that, amid the chaos, he’ll be seen as the strong hand who can straighten things out.

The separatist leader, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, was thanking Great Bigot Leader  for providing him with an issue he could use to try to revive his zombies...

Robert Fife was writing that if Harper wanted to arrest anyone for cultural barbaric practices he should arrest HIMSELF.

And Rick Mercer was suggesting that one way to fight the darkness and the gloom of Harperland might be to strap lights to our heads...

And yes, what a difference a year makes now that the light has returned.

And we do have our Canada back.

Let the Cons and the Con media wallow in their own misery, or their own excrement.

Winter has left the building, and so has the Con regime.

Stephen Harper won't be going to the beach anytime soon...

But we will.

I'm so glad the nightmare is over.

Happy Con-free Spring everybody !!!!

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  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Wow, time travel! Hard to believe where we were a year ago. Many things have changed for the better (thankfully), except con media still kicking and gasping for what is hopefully their last breath. Cannot let those cons rebrand, thank you Simon for the reminder.

    Happy almost spring!

    1. hi TS....I couldn't be happier with the way things are going. I think Justin Trudeau is off to a great start, and the Cons are going nowhere. But I will not be silent while their former leader lurks in the shadows, and others work to rewrite history. And happy spring to you !!!

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    After reading the news with regard to the healthy balance sheets of GREEDY oil companies I am not too sure of the liberal government that I actually voted for. Seems now that Canada is great on the world stage but doing NOTHING for the hard working taxpayers of Canada except have CRA call taxpayers and threaten them, freeze their bank accounts, and generally harass them like the Mafia. Our finance minister is not much better than Oliver. Justin is more like a goodwill ambassador than a leader these days!!!!! As long as Canada looks good to the rest of the world screw the Canadians!!!!! I am so disappointed in who I voted for. Seems my new bumper sticker this spring will be " voted for the same!!!!!!!!! The world loves Justin whilst Canada burns!!!!!! As a bookkeeper I have never seen the actions of CRA so gross and ignorant as they are today!!!!!! No reprieve for the taxpayer, but lots of forgiveness for the real tax frauds!!!!!! Yep more of the same Simon!!!!! Do some research on the CRA and you will be singing a different song on this current government!!!!!! I have had three companies fold this past month due to harassment by CRA!!!!!! Yep I took my blindfold off on this current lying government!!!!! Pretty well the same self serving, ignorant, morally depleted Regime...... Just a pretty to look at leader!!!!!! No promises kept with this government either!!!!! And we wonder why so much is lost to the underground economy. Now I truly support this underground economy since nothing as been done for the hard working taxpayers of Canada since November 2015!!!!! Just lies and more lies. Canada is certainly not back when it comes to the real Canadians. The liberals truly do not give a rats arse about small business!!!!!! FS

    1. Anonymous6:46 PM

      Anon, telling someone what they hope to do is not a promise. CBC is also guilty of making those statements about "He Promised" which PM Trudeau did not. Saying and promising are very different.So get a real life anon and quit making stuff up.

      Cheers, Irene

  3. Happy Equinox 2016 Everyone!
    Especially you, Simon, who could always uncover a laugh for us in that dark time.

    1. hi ninente...thank you, and Happy Equinox to you too !! I'm happy if I was able to make you laugh during the Harper years. I have to admit that now that the Cons have been defeated it's not as easy to motivate myself as it once was. And I may move on and do other things in the future. But I will keep blogging until I can be sure that electoral reform is achieved, so the nightmare we all lived through can never be repeated...

  4. Happy Spring, Simon!

    L'hiver est à eux; le printemps est à nous!

    By the way, I don't like the union-busting, cyberscab-herding, intolerance-feeding PKP any more than you do, but I don't recall you using the term "separatist" about the Scottish Independence Movement.

    1. hi lagatta...thank you and happy Spring to you too !!! As for the separatist word I have never had any problem with it, either in Quebec or Scotland, since I have never used it as a weapon. And certainly never used it like Chretien did: les maudit separatissssssses. ;) I have friends in Quebec on both sides of the Great Divide, and I don't demonize any of them...

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    And a happy spring to you Simon. The fresh smell of freedom is in the air. Free from Harper forever, though the remaining Con Klowns keep me laughing with their asinine claims. If Harper spoke at the UN more than any other PM it was for not because no one was listening. They must have slotted him in on lunch breaks, pee breaks, shopping, naps, etc. so the delegates time was not completely wasted.
    The more they defend Harper, the more they tell Canadians that they, the same old repugnant Harper ReformaCons are the ones that never left.

    1. hi JD...thanks and happy Spring to you too. It's still a little cool to properly celebrate the season, but the light is back, and the smell of freedom is in the air. Which for me is all that counts. And yes you're right, the longer the Ambrose Cons keep acting like Harper had never left, the longer they will go nowhere....

  6. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Is it possible that before Harper moved out of his PM office and Trudeau moved in, Harper got one of his RCMP buddies to plant an electronic device so he could listen in on Trudeau?

    1. hi anon...when it comes to Harper I believe that anything is possible. So if I were him I would hire an independent company to sweep his office for bugs. Although now you've given me another nightmare image. Harper in a closet with a pair of ear phones on... ;)

  7. Anonymous5:05 AM

    PM Harper's UN Speech - Director's Cut

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      You could just as well switch the words "conservative party" with "liberal party" and still be 100% accurate, you know.
      Virtually no difference with the way these two regimes play the game there. Just look at the mcguilty/wynne clones and how they have and are bettering Ontario's economy...see what I mean?
      Just because they are not-harper doesn't mean any of them aren't selling us down the river....STILL!

  8. hi anon...thanks for that link, if I had known about it sooner, I might have been tempted to use it in this post or another one. But I really have to thank you and other commenters for providing me and other readers with such good material. I am both impressed and grateful....