Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Donald Trump's Turbulent Day on the Campaign Trail

When Donald Trump boarded his massive private jet yesterday he must have been feeling pretty good. He was still leading the Republican race to the White House.

And police in North Carolina had decided NOT to charge him with inciting violence at one of his rallies. 

But then came the turbulence. And it was all down hill from then on.

Starting with this report on Fox News.

Which although it was later revealed to be the work of these two pranksters....

Must have had Herr Hair Drumpf threatening to waterboard those responsible...

Then just as he was recovering from that low blow, came another even lower one. 

When the ghastly Republican hooker Ann Coulter claimed that Trump got all his racist ideas from her new book. 

“It’s really important, and Donald Trump read it so you can understand everything that’s happening over the next year. It’s where he got that spicy stuff on Mexican rapists,” Coulter said.

And seemed to suggest that he try a new slogan.

We’re just all Uganda!” she said with gusto. 

Which must have had Trump ordering his minions to try to buy up every copy.

While he tried to calm down his enraged wife...

Which couldn't have come at a worse time. 

On the same day this video was making the rounds letting Americans know in no uncertain terms what Trump thinks of women...

And why a sexist pig like him should never be President...

And on the very same day that Rolling Stone magazine published this list of some of his biggest business failures. 

The airline that wouldn't fly, the bankruptcies, the Trump University scandal.

Instead of the hand-picked instructors Trump promised, the seminars were delivered by motivational speakers, often without degrees, and sometimes with criminal records.

The steaks that didn't sell...

We literally sold almost no steaks," Levin said. "If we sold $50,000 of steaks grand total, I'd be surprised."

And of course, all the millions he has lost so far, by calling Mexicans rapists.

And if that wasn't enough to give The Donald indigestion, then came the news that Anonymous is escalating its actions against him to a state of all-out war.

Anonymous wants Donald Trump to be afraid. The hacker collective appears to have declared war on the presidential hopeful, issuing a call to arms to its followers to attack Trump's online properties on April 1 - yes, April Fool's day.

Which should make April Fool's day even more entertaining...

And the best news?

Even the Globe's Con editorial board now agrees, that whether Republicans embrace Trump or try to stop him, they will almost certainly be signing their party's death warrant.   

Whether Mr. Trump wins the nomination or is blocked, a significant part of the party’s voters are going to have reasons to leave the fold. The modern Republican Party has been a strange coalition of social conservatives, working-class whites, Tea Partiers, policy wonks and corporate interests. It is not a natural alliance. And in its current form, it may not last much longer.

Which is of course the best April Fool's joke EVER.

The Republicans created the monster.

Mr. Trump’s personality and rhetoric may be a revolt against the Republican Party, but his platform is more of an evolution of Republican doctrine. A lot of what Mr. Trump promises is an on-steroids version of what the GOP is already peddling. Frankenstein came from a GOP lab.

And he took them all down with him....

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Anonymous said...

Simon as I'm sure you know many others have been compared to Hitler over the years.Lyndon Johnson,Reagan,W.Bush,Harper,Putin and others.
As for Trump and as I wrote yesterday.If he wins he will be more of the same,buisness as usual.And if you even doubt that for a second read the following paragraph.

Clinton and Trump to Address AIPAC’s Annual Policy Conference March 20 - 22 in Washington.
Confirmed speakers include Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, other top Republicans and Democrats along with Netanyahu by satellite from Israel.

David said...

TYT - 03.15.16: Trump Protester, Trump Lies, Sarah Palin, and Chris Matthews

David said...

Trump and Mini-Me