Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Latest Porky Adventure of the Con Clown Cheryl Gallant

If by chance you've never heard of the Con MP Cheryl Gallant, this is all you need to know:

She's a religious fanatic, and a brutish anti-gay bigot. She told wounded soldiers suffering from PTSD that any stigma was in their heads. She has compared abortion to a terrorist beheading. 

She called Atlantic Canadians who earn their living on the sea ninnies, for depending on the Coast Guard to rescue them. She calls environmentalists plant eaters. And she regularly compares the Liberals to the Nazis.

So she is a Con hog, and nobody should really be surprised by her latest porky adventure. 

The slaying of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo while he stood guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa galvanized the country, but now a Conservative MP is using his death to peddle Easter hams in a bizarre fundraising campaign.

Even though her attempt to link refugees and migrants to terrorists couldn't be more disgusting.

The email is an assault on Liberal immigration policies, but it also includes a picture of Cirillo in military dress with the caption, "A Hero Forever In Our Hearts." The text links the fast-tracking of Canadian citizenship for refugees and migrants to the reversal of a bill that revoked citizenship for dual citizens convicted of terrorist acts.

This couldn't couldn't be more vulgar or classless.

At the bottom of the email a red "Order Now" button leads to an Easter fundraising campaign where donors are told they will be rewarded with a ham, though the website cautions the ham is only available to residents of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke.

And it must surely make people wonder whether Rona Ambrose can control ANYONE  in her Con caucus...

For as we know Michelle Rempel is totally out of control.

And so is Jason Kenney... 

Who has been acting like a hog in heat, and doesn't listen to anything Rona says. Because all he wants to do is destroy Justin Trudeau, for humiliating him beyond recognition.

You know in an article in yesterday's Globe, Bruce Anderson suggests that the Cons should tap into hope not anger if they hope to win again. 

When you read the commentary of many conservatives today, there’s a common theme – a disbelief that people are happy, a conviction that they should be angry, a sense that “sunny ways” is a concoction of the Liberals and the hated mainstream media.

The idea that to sell a good idea you must create an enemy and vilify them is far from the cleverest idea the conservatives ever had. It’s one of the worst. It’s their kryptonite. When conservative partisans mock optimism, they are making fun of eight in 10 voters. It’s bad math.

But I'm sorry happy to say that they are Harper Cons, so they will never change.

Because they just can't help themselves.

A Con hog is a Con hog is a Con hog...

And for that reason they must never be allowed to win again.

We will use their negativity and their evil against them.

Or munch on a ham sandwich.

While we watch them destroy themselves....

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  1. I can't put myself in the head space where I would even consider voting for something like Cheryl Gallant.

    1. hi thwap....I know it's unbelievable that some Canadians would vote for a bigot like that one. I actually used Google maps to figure out where her riding is. So I can make sure that if I'm ever driving through that riding after dark, and my car breaks down. I leave the car and run for my life... ;)

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Thanks for reminding me how despicable Cheryl is Simon. How that witch got voted back in is beyond me. I'd like to say what she can do with her ham but I don't want to offend anyone so please feel free to use your imagination.

    1. hi're welcome. I haven't written about Gallant for years, but I see she hasn't changed a bit. She really is a coarse human being, and one of the best examples why the Harper party will never change....

  3. The dismay and anger is psychological projection of the Reformacon headspace onto the Canadian Public which hasn't stuck with them and that makes the Reformacons angrier and more dismayed. They still really can't believe that THEY lost... to JUSTIN TRUDEAU. The same guy they vilified/dehumanized as a loser, a wimp, a spoiled kid, etc.

    And the toughest part for them will be to admit that they were wrong and underestimated him. The smarter ones (usually of the PC stripe) will, but the base and it seems the brain trust of the Reformacons never will. It's not in their makeup. If their great leader can't how can the minions?

    We go back to that boxing match almost 3 years ago. They said pretty much same things during the election they said about him before the fight. Everything Brazeau and Trudeau did that night was pretty much what the Cons and Liberals did for the election including the fact that Trudeau outlasted them and pounded them into defeat.

    I agree with you Simon. Most if not all the current Reformacon gang isn't ever going to tap into hope. It's like teaching an unrepentant angry asshole like Cheryl Gallant to not be an unrepentant angry asshole.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM

      Very good description of the Reformacons' PTSED(Post Traumatic Election Stupidity Disorder). You cant fix stupid and an asshole most likely will always be an asshole.

    2. hi Dan...yes, good comment. The brutish Cons tried to degrade Justin Trudeau for so long they just can't accept that he beat them. And I agree with you, that boxing match did turn out to be prophetic. I'll never forget how Ezra Levant who was doing the play by play was practically quivering with excitement, wondering aloud whether "shiny pony" would need an ambulance or a hearse. And the look on his face when Justin pounded Brazeau to smithereens, was absolutely priceless...

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Did you catch the "interview" with Gallant?

    “Can you tell me what happened at all? Do you apologize for that? Do you stand by it?” I asked.

    “When I have the answers, I’ll give them to you,” she said.

    “Where would the answers come from if not… from you?” I tried again.

    Droner, of course, blamed Gallant's ad on "staff." So much for "the new Conservatives"!

    1. hi anon...yes I saw it yesterday evening, and enjoyed that story so much I just had to write a post about it. Her failure to apologize, and her attempts to flee were both disgusting and hilarious...

  5. That Gallant continues to get herself elected speaks volumes about the good volk who reside in that part of the Ottawa Valley. Avoid it like the plague and hide your children.

    1. hi Omar...yes. like I mentioned above, I would never drive through her riding after dark, especially if there was a full moon. The volk in that valley should be shunned or scorned by all decent Canadians....

  6. e.a.f.11:41 PM

    living on the wet west coast I awoke to this news via CBC. had a good laugh and was reminded with players like that the Cons won't be forming a government anytime soon. Thank you Ms. Gallant for reminding all Canadians once again why the Cons ought not to come to power in a long time.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes I think that the ghastly Gallant has finally found a useful role in life. Reminding people who the Cons really are, and why we must do what we must to make sure they never gain power again...

  7. Slightly off-topic but it does show how well Gallant is. Don't these idiots ever think to check facts before inserting foot in mouth?
    "In Ontario we have inland seas, the Great Lakes, and it would never occur to any of us, even up in the Ottawa River, to count on the Coast Guard to come and help us," the Citizen reported Gallant as saying.

    So that crashboat with the red paint in the Portsmouth Yachet Harbour in Kingston really is not the Canadian Coast Guard? You could have fooled me.