Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rewriting Stephen Harper's Con History of Canada

One of the things I hated the most about Stephen Harper's years in power, was the way he tried to rewrite the history of Canada.

By making it all about the monarchy and war, and erasing all mention of the peaceful values that helped make us the country we are.

So I'm glad to see that the Liberal government is also planning to destroy that part of his foul legacy.

By rewriting that Con history of Canada.

Every new government wants to do two things with history — make it and rewrite it. The new Liberal government in Ottawa finds itself in a position to do both, soon. The rewriting is already underway, on at least three fronts. 

A lot of it revolves around redrafting the Conservatives’ efforts to put their own stamp on history during their decade in power. Prime minister Stephen Harper’s government, as we’ll recall, paid special attention to rebranding Canada in bluer hues.

And I'm especially glad that Jason Kenney's citizenship guide is getting the full treatment.

Immigration Minister John McCallum has served notice that the citizenship guide, the same one totally redrafted by the previous Conservative government, is getting another rewrite.

Because who can forget how Kenney's first version erased any mention of  the struggle for gay rights? 

Canada's immigration minister is apparently denying any role in the removal of references to gay rights from a citizenship study guide released last fall. Asked Wednesday why he blocked any information about same-sex marriage and charter rights protecting sexual orientation, Jason Kenney said: "I did not do such a thing. No, no, you are wrong." 

The minister then disappeared into the Conservative caucus room in the Centre Block of Parliament Hill.

Or how Kenney denied it, and then ran for cover.

And who can forget that groteque Con's revised version?

Which was again top heavy with the history of the monarchy.

So Kenney could presumably please the Queen and/or boost his own profile...

As well as being stuffed with references to the War of 1812.

As McCallum said in a recent CBC interview, the current one puts a bit too much emphasis on military history and the War of 1812 in particular.

So Stephen Harper could militarize our history further...

By posing as a Great Patriot Leader.

Even though our country is a product of our genius for peaceful compromise. Harper was no patriot, just a pathetic warmonger waging war on our Canadian values.

And that guide that does not represent who we really are, and should have been scrapped long ago.

As should the Con plans for Canada's 150th birthday which if you remember were  also intended to brainwash us into believing the same nonsense...

You know, In his dystopian novel 1984, George Orwell had his Big Brother say this:

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

But we defeated our Big Brother, and we will control our future.

By taking our country and its history back.

And erasing Harper's monstrous legacy...

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rumleyfips said...

Harper's revisionist War of 1812 left out two groups whose contribution was critical to Britain's victory ( there was no Canada in 1812 Steve ). First nation allies defeated more numerous American forces more than once. Quebecois Voltegeurs marched from the Eastern townships to the Niagara region, providing much needed help to British regulars. No dog whistle agenda here eh?

David said...

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
-- George Santayana

David said...

99. "It [War of 1812] was the beginning of a long and proud military history in Canada--55 years before we became a country."

David said...

If Harper had won another majority, not only would the "barbaric cultural practices" tip line be operating, this new version of our national anthem would have been enacted:

Note: To get the right timing and pronunciation, sing "va-tive" like you sing "na-tive" (long A sound)

O Kanada! Our Con-ser-va-tive land!
C-51 love under Stephen’s command
With glowing hearts we hear him talk
He’s careful not to speak
From far and wide, O Kanada,
Great Closet Leader’s not weak.
Stephen keep our land, strong and proud and free!
O Kanada, we will bow down to Steve;
O Kanada, we pray he’ll never leave.

Anonymous said...

Well, David....
I found this easy to dance to and the lyrics were definitely droll.
I give it a 85%.

Anonymous said...

I like your cartoons Simon, but as far as your vision of what is good for Canada is concerned, just give the LIberals a couple 3 years to change your mind.

Simon said...

hi rumleyfip....Harper turned that 1812 propaganda into a vehicle to militarize our history, and as a sneaky way to give vent to his anti-American/Obama feelings over the refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline. I'm all for recognizing our military history, but all we got from the Cons was an absurd caricature....

Simon said...

hi David...thanks for all those links. I specially enjoyed the active history one and this quote:

“Political and military leaders constantly used the clich├ęs of warfare to justify bloodshed and rampage. Words like honour…liberty…independence…freedom were dragged out to rally the troops, most of whom, struggling to save their skins, knew them to be empty.”

And of course this one:

The celebration of the War of 1812 will cost Ottawa $28 million – enough to operate its recently eliminated Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory for eighteen years. But the New Warrior government has its priorities, among them underlining the importance of yet another milestone in the history of barbarity.

I am very proud of my grandfathers' contribution to the war against the Nazis. But I have absolutely no time for hollow war mongering....

Simon said...

Hi're lucky the Cons weren't elected or you would be singing that one in a jail cell. Calling Great Closet Leader Steve, and by so doing showing him no respect would have earned you at least five years of slave labour in the Tar Ponds.
And for printing your comments I would be there too... ;)

Simon said...

hi you may or may not know, I prefer to define myself as a progressive rather than a supporter of any party. I actually voted for Olivia Chow, although I though that Adam Vaughan was also a good candidate. And all I have ever sought to do is get progressives from all parties to join together into a movement for real change. I am further to the left than all our parties, so I have to put some water in my wine, and expect others to do the same. Emphasize the positive, try to build a common ground, and never forget that the right-wing enemy is out there trying to destroy us ALL. So maybe I will be disappointed, but right now Justin Trudeau is appealing to our better angels, and after the Harper years I want us all to celebrate that...

P.S. but thank you for liking my little cartoons. As humble as they might be. *Sob* They are all part of my secret plan to cheer up progressives... ;)

David said...

One change I would make is:

Steve keep our land, strong and proud and free!

instead of:

Stephen keep our land, strong and proud and free!

(The words God and Steve both have one syllable, and Steve's hard core base thought of him as a demigod!)

Unknown said...

Wow, great post.